The Deity: Auspicious Glory

The Deity: Auspicious Glory

by M. A. Esan

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The complexities of humanity as pertaining to the reality of his wants and basic needs may sum up his reactions to the thirst for survival; his characters are predetermined by the prior arrangements of these similar but distinct entities in array with his conceptional perspective of knowledge. What if the things we regard and so easily condemn to be carnal are spiritual re-enactments to stage equilibrium in our recondite nature of existence? The quest for power, strife, jealousy, hate, all pre-programmed in a time before knowing; after all, light and darkness exist co-dependently. The book describes the adventure of a man who is caught between the contemptuous colossal struggles of a demiurge to attaining sovereignty. As a vessel of light to the Empyrean and one to be sacrificed to unlock the hidden grace of Chaos, the faith of mankind confronts the threat of falling into the bosom of a new God.

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ISBN-13: 9781499087017
Publisher: Xlibris UK
Publication date: 06/27/2014
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 458
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The Deity: Auspicious Glory 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
That was awesome! I love the plot, and who cares if the chapter was short! At least it was a chapter, right?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Make chapter eight! Now!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was undoubtable. <p> A storm was coming. <p> That's why all the birds were flying away. <p> The rough waves in the distance got closer by the minute. They must be over 30 feet high. The evil, darkened excuse for clouds opened up and spilled out streaks of whiteish bolts of lightning, the ocean flashing with color for less than a split second. Thunder brewed and cracked in the distance, as if the storm's fury were about to spill out at any second. <p> And it was. <p> Every Klepto and Invie in the Steam has grown up knowing that whenever I make an appearence, things aren't good. Again, I only show my dirty, scratched face when they need my help. Do they need it now? Or wil my appearence just set them in a state of panic? Hopefully Kayden, the oldest and smartest of them all, with come up with a plan. The Steamies undoubtedly saw the storm. Even the Invies stepped outside, put their goggles off their eyes and onto their forehead like how my style is, and gaped in awe as they saw the scene. <br> *Please, Kayden, step forward and say something. Invite the Kleptos into the factory till the storm passes. Board up the gapes in the cement walls.* And Kayden did just that. <br> "Everyone! Inside!" He yelled through the rising wind. "Get inside! NOW!" By this point, the storm was only miles away. The howling wind was raging, tearing anything it could from the ground. I found myself hanging on tightly to my dear friend Wilson as I watched the Steamies hustle into the factory. The Invies began to board up any entrences. And they were all safe. Just in time, too. The storm was minutes away from landing right ontop of the island. Wilson began to groan, and I realized he was being harshly uprooted. My home. My tree. My only friend in life. I hopped onto the roof of the factory and, flattening myself to the ground so /I/ wouldn't get blown off to the distance, I watched Wilson join the other uprooted palm trees until they vanished in a storm of sand. I felt myself beig slid off the roof, and rain came suddenly and it was a downpour. *Good thing they're all safe,* I thought, feeling my goggles being torn off my face. Then reality struck me so hard, I almost released my iron grip on the roof. How could I ever be so mindless? So utterly stupid? I was so busy worrying about the Kleptos and Invies... I'm still out in the storm, with no shelter. <p> (Short, I know! I was hurried.) -Reflections&#9830