The Everything Parent's Guide To Childhood Illnesses: Expert Advice That Dispels Myths and Helps Parents Recognize Symptoms and Understand Treatments

The Everything Parent's Guide To Childhood Illnesses: Expert Advice That Dispels Myths and Helps Parents Recognize Symptoms and Understand Treatments

by Leslie Young, Vincent Iannelli

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ISBN-13: 9781605502755
Publisher: Adams Media
Publication date: 03/13/2007
Series: Everything®
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 304
File size: 459 KB

About the Author

Dr. Leslie Young is a UCLA-trained pediatric specialist with a busy practice, seeing thousands of children a year. He is also the moderator of an online community of more than 12,000 members, and is creating both a Web site and an e-newsletter for parents. He is currently working at Kaiser Permanente in southern California. He lives in Long Beach, CA, with his wife and is an avid runner and weight lifter.

Dr. Vincent Iannelli is the author of The Everything Father's First Year Book and the technical reviewer of The Everything Get Your Baby to Sleep Book. A board-certified pediatrician and a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, he is also an associate professor of pediatrics at UT Southwestern Medical Center. After completing his residency at the Children's Hospital in Dallas, Texas, Dr. Iannelli opened his own private practice. He has nine years of clinical experience taking care of kids with common childhood illnesses. He lives in Hearth, TX.

Table of Contents

Top ten Myths about Your Child's Health, Debunked     XII
Introduction     XIII
How to Find a Good Pediatrician     1
The Perfect Match     1
Where to Look     5
Age and Sex     8
Consider the Location     10
Availability Is Essential     10
Baby Issues     13
Exposure to the Elements     13
Those Baby Blues     16
Skin and Rashes     18
The Bellybutton     24
Spitting Up     25
Dealing with Croup     26
The Colic Dilemma     27
What Is Colic?     27
Danger Signs     29
Food Allergies Are Not to Blame     31
Is It Acid Reflux?     33
The True Cause of Colic     33
Comforting Measures     34
Growth and Development     37
Growing Concerns     37
Developmental Milestones     40
Behavioral Problems     42
A Matter of Speaking     43
Bedwetting     45
The Fever Fear     49
What Is a Fever?     49
Fever in the Right Perspective     53
Feverand Complications     55
When to Worry about a Fever     58
Common Causes of Fever     60
Comforting a Fever     62
The Common Cold     67
Colds and the Weather     67
The True Cause of Colds     68
Notorious Green Mucus     69
Milk and Mucus     70
Cold Remedies for Infants     71
The Antibiotic Myth     72
Ear Infections     75
Introducing the Ear     75
The Origin of Ear Infection     78
Signs of Infection     80
Prevention Is the Key     83
The Role of Antibiotics     85
The Role of Surgery     87
Digestive Troubles     91
Baby Spit-Ups     91
Projectile Vomiting     94
Bloody Stools     95
The Stomach Virus     97
Managing Diarrhea     100
Chronic Recurrent Abdominal Pain     104
Tackling Constipation     107
The Shot Heard Round the World     113
How Do Vaccines Work?     113
Getting Sick from Shots     115
Vaccines Your Child Needs     117
Mercurial Science      121
Common Vaccine Reactions     123
The Link to Autism     124
Rash Decision     129
Eczema     129
Chickenpox     134
Scabies     136
Burning Questions     139
Warts     141
Pimples     144
Treating Scrapes and Cuts     147
Steps of Healing     147
Infection Versus Healing     150
Hydrogen Peroxide Abuse     151
Ugly Scars     153
When the Dog Bites     155
When the Bee Stings     158
Childhood Obesity     163
Definition of Childhood Obesity     163
The Worst Offenders     166
Childhood Diabetes     170
The Danger of Dieting     174
Smart Food Choices     177
A Healthy Lifestyle     180
Mental Health     183
What Is ADHD?     183
Causes of ADHD     186
Treatment Options     187
The Rise of Autism     191
Children with Depression     193
Anxiety Disorders in Children     194
Attack of the Asthma     197
Is It Asthma?      197
Types of Asthma     200
What Causes Asthma?     202
Asthma Triggers     204
Coping with Asthma     206
An Ounce of Prevention     211
All about Allergies     213
What Are Allergies?     213
More Allergic than Ever     216
Food Allergies     217
Pet Allergies     220
Allergy Testing     222
Allergy Treatments     224
Vitamins and Supplements     229
Vital Amines     229
Redundant Supplementation     232
Appetite Stimulants     234
Iron Will     235
Addressing Anemia     237
Strong Teeth     240
Bones and Joints     243
Accident Waiting     243
Developmental Hip Dysplasia     246
In and Out     248
Nursemaid's Elbow     249
Growing Pains     251
The Importance of Good Sleep     253
Normal Sleep Cycles     253
Sleeping Like a Baby     256
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)     259
Nightmares and Night Terrors     262
Insomnia      264
Infection Control Runs Amuck     267
Of Lice and Men     267
Radioactive Green Mucus     269
Pink Eye and You     270
Clean Hands     273
Public Toilets     275
Glossary     277
Authoritative Internet Resources     281
Index     284

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