The Everything Pirates Book: A Swashbuckling History of Adventure on the High Seas

The Everything Pirates Book: A Swashbuckling History of Adventure on the High Seas

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The Everything Pirates Book: A Swashbuckling History of Adventure on the High Seas by Barb Karg, Arjean Spaite

From the corsairs of the Barbary Coast to Blackbeard to Jean Lafitte, pirates have been a part of every culture for centuries. Sometimes terrifying but always colorful characters, their history is as rich with controversy as it is with gold doubloons. The Everything Pirate Book is full of fascinating and little-known facts.

Did you know that: Around 75 B.C., Julius Caesar was captured and ransomed by Cilician pirates. After he was released, it is said that he immediately hunted down his captors and killed them; Scottish seafarers and pirates were often nicknamed "red legs" because they wore kilts year round, and their bare legs were often wind- or sunburned; The image of the classic pirate, with flowing clothes, pegleg, eyepatch, parrot on his shoulder, and treasure map in his hand is primarily a result of Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island. With each passing decade, the legends surrounding pirates have grown to epic proportion, right down to their peglegs and buried treasure. The Everything Pirate Book will take you on a pirate tour from ancient times to their Golden Age to the modern-day search for buried treasure and reveals the truth behind the Hollywood hype.

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ISBN-13: 9781605502694
Publisher: Adams Media
Publication date: 04/12/2007
Series: Everything
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 993,927
File size: 650 KB

Table of Contents

Top Ten Things You'll Learn about Pirates     x
Introduction     xi
Ahoy Mateys!     1
What Is a Pirate?     2
Buccaneers, Privateers, and Corsairs     2
Attack of the Scallywags     4
Becoming a Pirate     5
The Pirate Realm     5
Call of the Mermaid     6
Come Sail Away     7
Raging Rogues     8
The First Pirates     9
Ancient Plunderers     10
Mediterranean Marauders     10
Who Were the Sea Peoples?     12
Greek Seamanship     14
Grecian Maritime Power     15
Easy Prey     17
Hellfire and Brimstone     19
Piracy under Roman Rule     20
Pompey the Great     22
Viking Voracity     22
Savage Style     25
Medieval Piracy     27
The Victual Brothers     29
Barbarians at the Gate     31
The Barbary Coast     32
The Corsairs     32
Renegade Pirates     33
Europe under Siege     35
The Barbarossa Brothers     38
Barbary Wars     39
Divide and Conquer     40
The Spanish Main     41
The Reign of Spain     42
Native Riches     43
New World Territories     45
The Spanish Galleons     45
The Huguenots     47
Master and Commander     49
Hell Hath No Fury     50
For Queen and Country     51
Uniting Two Kingdoms     52
Birth of a Queen     53
Elizabethan Elite     53
Rise of a Master Slaver     55
Drake's Gold     56
The Tumultous Walter Raleigh     59
Elizabeth's Sea Dogs     60
Saving Grace and Face     62
Dutch Devils     63
Passing the Buck     64
The Buccaneers     65
Setting the Stage: Piracy in the New World     66
Caribbean Spanish Colonies     67
The Buccaneers of Tortuga     70
Brethren of the Coast     72
Flail of the Spaniards     72
Exquemelin: The Buccaneer Chronicler     74
Henry Morgan     77
Don't Call Him Pirate     78
Portobello or Bust     79
The Demise of the Oxford      81
Pirate Central     82
The Taking of Panama     85
A Drink Before Dying     87
The Hardship of Pirating     88
A Day in the Life     91
Smooth Sailing     92
Order in the Court     96
Aye, Captain     97
Honor among Thieves     101
The Articles of Bartholomew Roberts     102
Pirate Punishment     104
Taking a Bow     108
Setting Sail     109
Fast and Furious     110
Galleons and Warships     110
Merchant Vessels and Slavers     112
Anatomy of a Pirate Ship     112
Tools of the Trade     114
The Jolly Roger     115
The Element of Surprise     117
Fire Power     118
Pirates of the Carribean     121
The Golden Age     122
Black Sam Bellamy     124
Charles Vane     125
Stede Bonnet     128
The Trickster     129
Terror of Black Bart     130
Red Legs Greaves     132
Black-hearted Demons     135
Blackbeard     137
Fear and Loathing on the High Seas     138
Murder and Mayhem     140
A Gentlemanly Friendship     140
Downsizing     141
Begging Your Pardon     142
Blow the Man Down     143
Immortalization of a Raging Rogue     144
Head's Up     145
Notorious Pirates     147
The World According to Dampier     148
Christopher Myngs     149
Woodes Rogers: Beginning of the End     150
George Lowther     151
The Tale of William Kidd     152
Edward England's Fancy     153
The Life and Times of Henry Every     154
Jean Lafitte: The King of Barataria     155
A Walk on the Wild Side     157
Fame, Fortune, and Fatality     159
From Rags to Riches     160
Career Pirates     162
Cruel and Unusual     168
Outrageous Behavior     171
Method and Madness     173
What Comes Around Goes Around     173
The Pirate Queens     175
Women on the High Seas     176
Royal Rogues     177
Amazing Grace     178
Calico Jack's Legendary Women      180
Dragon Ladies     185
Wily Wenches and Private Ladies     186
Dens of Iniquity     189
Kingdoms of Piracy     191
Devilment and Debauchery     192
Turtle Island     192
The Wickedest City in the World     193
Notorious Hideaways     196
Madagascar and Libertalia     200
For the Love of Louisiana     202
Flagrant or Fabulous?     203
Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle o' Rum     205
The Stereotypical Pirate     206
Pirate Eccentricities     209
Wine, Wenches, and Song     211
Polly Wanna Cracker?     214
Walking the Plank     215
Pirate Phraseology     215
Literary and Celluloid Pirates     219
Famous Pirate Literature     220
Jolly Good Tale     222
The Celluloid Pirate     223
Have Sword, Will Travel     223
The Classic Rogue     224
Singing and Swinging Seafarers     228
A Cinematic Treasure Trove     229
"X" Marks the Spot     231
Modern-day Treasure Hunting     232
Black Sam's Whydah Gally      232
Atocha, Maravilla, and Conception     235
The 1715 Fleet     239
The Money Pit of Oak Island     240
City under the Sea     242
Hunt for the Queen Anne's Revenge     243
Legends of the Fallen     244
Pirate Fact or Fiction     245
Dead Men Make Good Tales     246
Gunpowder Gertie     246
Half-Arse     248
Ocean Born Mary     250
Kidd's Secret Stash     252
The Cobhams: A Piratical Marriage     255
Epilogue: Modern-day Piracy     267
Worldwide Epidemic     258
Vietnamese Terror     260
Maritime Law     260
Yacht Piracy     261
New Victims, Old Tactics     262
Strait to Hell     265
History, Horror, and Homage     266
Glossary     267
Famous Pirates     272
Piratespeak     275
Recommended Reading     277
Index     279

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