The Evolution of Tiger Management: Korean Companies in Global Competition

The Evolution of Tiger Management: Korean Companies in Global Competition

by Martin Hemmert

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Throughout the last several decades, Korean companies have become strong global competitors in a wide range of manufacturing industries. How did they achieve this exceptional performance? The Evolution of Tiger Management uncovers the secret of their success through a comprehensive analysis of Korean-style management.  It explains how it has developed, why it works so well, what non-Koreans can learn from it, and what Korean companies need to do to stay competitive in the future.

This book is an extended and significantly updated new edition of Tiger Management: Korean companies on world markets (Routledge, 2012). It tells the remarkable stories of how Korean firms, seemingly coming from nowhere, have successfully challenged their Western and Japanese competitors globally. A new chapter highlights the rise of Korean venture firms and start-ups. Next, the essence of Tiger Management is analyzed by showing that it consists of an effective combination of business strategy, leadership, and human resource management practices. Finally, the evolution and future of Tiger Management is discussed by showing how Korean companies have adapted to changes at home and abroad, and how non-Korean companies can adopt Tiger Management. A new final chapter discusses the way forward for Korean companies.

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Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 10/19/2017
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About the Author

Martin Hemmert is Professor of International Business at Korea University in Seoul. His research focuses on comparative management systems, innovation systems and technology alliances in East Asia. He has published seven books and more than 30 articles in international peer reviewed journals.

Table of Contents


Part I: Introduction

1. Tiger Management: The growth and competitiveness

of Korean Firms

Part II: The Rise of Korean Companies and Tiger Management

2. The seeds of Tiger Management: foundations of Korean capitalism

3. Emerging Tigers: the early growth stages

4. Globalizing Tigers: Korean companies entering the world markets

5. Struggling Tigers: The Asian financial crisis

6. Revitalized Tigers: Korean companies in the twenty-first century

7. New Tigers: Korean venture firms and start-ups

Part III: Cornerstones of Tiger Management

8. Tiger strategy: how Korean companies compete

9. Tiger leadership: how Korean executives lead their companies

10. Recruiting, training and rewarding Tiger employees: Korean style

human resource management

Part IV: The Evolution and Future of Tiger Management

11. Tiger Management in the world: meeting the challenge of globalization

12. Dynamic Korea: domestic challenges for Tiger Management

13. Adopting Tiger Management: lessons for non-Korean companies

14. Advancing Tiger Management: the way forward for Korean companies

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