The Failure of Anarchism

The Failure of Anarchism

by Keith Preston
The Failure of Anarchism

The Failure of Anarchism

by Keith Preston


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In the late 19th and early 20th century, anarchism was the most feared revolutionary movement in the world. However, by the late 20th century anarchism was eclipsed by the rise of the modern totalitarian states, world wars, and the emergence of technocratic managerial economies. Meanwhile, anarchists have failed to provide alternatives to this dominant form of political economy.

In this work, the anarchist theoretician Keith Preston places the blame for these failures on the shoulders of his fellow anarchists. He criticizes the contemporary anarchist movement for having degenerated into a fashionable youth culture that has lost the ferocity of historic anarchism. Instead, present day anarchists are more likely to serve as the lackeys of political correctness than the vanguard of revolution.

Preston discusses the possibility of new directions for modern anarchists. These include the formation of strategic alliances for the purpose of overthrowing states, ruling classes, and empires by means of the visionary concept of pan-secessionism. He recognizes that anti-state revolutionaries will eventually need to achieve victory through “fourth generation warfare” i.e. an insurgency on the model of groups like Hezbollah or the Peoples War Group.

Further, Preston argues that the social base of anarchism should not be fanciful intellectuals or privileged-class university students. Instead, the foundation of revolutionary struggle should be the “lumpenproletariat” of the permanently unemployed, the dispossessed, the prisoner, the prostitute, and the homeless. Preston subsequently surveys a plethora of trends that provide a basis for anarchist optimism.

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Table of Contents

Introduction : Anarchism or Anarcho-Social Democracy? 1
Anarchism vs. Right-Wing Anti-Statism 9
Shachtman, Marcuse and Bakunin 17
The Fruits of Anarchist "Anti-Racism" 21
Race, Culture and Immigration 31
Goodbye, Ultra-Leftism; Hello, Pan-Secessionism 41
The New Anarchist Movement is Growing 47
Is Market Anarchism Eclipsing Marxist-Anarchism? 51
Why I am an Anarcho-Pluralist, Part I 53
Why I Am an Anarcho-Pluralist, Part II 63
Why the Radical Left Should Consider Secession 71
Pan-Anarchism: Its Basics and Its Relationship to Others 75
The Rise and Fall of the Shining Path 79
Rightism without Jingoism, Leftism without Political Correctness83
Organizing the Urban Lumpenproletariat 87
The Case for a Coalition against Consensual Crimes 97
The Rise of the Grey Tribe 101
Anarchists, Secessionists, and the Grey Tribe 107
On Building the Revolutionary Party 111
Building the Pan-Secessionist Meta-Party 125
Anarchism and Conspiracy Populism 135
Everything I Predicted Has More or Less Become True 139
Presidential Race and the Limitations of Liberal Democracy149
Crossroads 2016 : Where Do We Go From Here? 153
National-Anarchism and the American Idea 169
Alternative to the American Empire of the New World Order 205
When the American Empire Falls: 211
After the Revolution 215
The Case for the City-State System 223
Law and Anarchism 229
The Politics of Keith Preston 241
An Interview with Keith Preston 245
The Cat is Out of the Bag 253
The Coming Golden Age of Anarchism 257

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