The Fall and Rise of Women: How women can change the world

The Fall and Rise of Women: How women can change the world

by Winfried Sedhoff


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Dr Winfried Sedhoff’s The Fall and Rise of Women tells the story of women the world over, struggling to find fulfilling, balanced, and lastingly satisfying lives. Unrealistic expectations are thrust upon them to be mothers, workers, parents, and carers all at once. Being all things to all people has left women battling to know who they are, and what it’s like to be their true selves.

The book charts the downfall and denigration of women leading to dysfunctional families. Beyond the family unit, communities fragment and fall apart; leading to wars, extremes of wealth and poverty, mass starvation, and destruction of the natural world on an unprecedented scale.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Dr Sedhoff shows that in some cultures – such as the Cherokee and Iroquois Nations of the United States – to be a woman was to be revered, as nature intended. Ancient wisdoms, and the ways of nature, can help us find a path for a society that is struggling to find its way.

This book’s message is overwhelmingly positive and life affirming. As a woman you can enhance your tolerance, compassion, caring, and wisdom. You can master your pains and fears so future generations not only avoid such unnecessary hardships, but become more authentic, and live more fulfilling lives, and ultimately transform the world.

As you read this book you will learn:

  • why you are often treated so poorly simply for being a woman, and what you can do to change that
  • how to master and resolve your emotional pains and fears through communication with the source of your intuition, your Inner Self
  • how to build friendships with other women and be supported
  • how to make your relationship closer, more meaningful, satisfying and stable, by better meeting the friendship needs of your partner, and vice versa
  • how to create balance in your life
  • how to calm your mind, and improve your mental health
  • how to increase your wisdom, tolerance, and compassion
  • ways to enhance your spirituality, and connect with nature
  • the sources of peace, strength and focus
  • how to connect with your authentic self
  • how to be a better parent, or carer.

The light that can transform a dark world lies deep within women, waiting to be uncovered and raised once more.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780994609106
Publisher: Dr Winfried Sedhoff Medical
Publication date: 05/19/2016
Pages: 316
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.66(d)

About the Author

Dr Winfried Sedhoff is a physician with a special interest in mental health. Born in Germany he grew up in the small southern New South Wales country city of Albury, Australia. He graduated medicine from the University of New South Wales in 1987.
In his early twenties and barely two years after graduating, having endured many years of intermittent depression - especially at high school and university - Winfried suffered a life threatening personal crisis. Forsaking all he believed, including a promising specialized medical career, he spent twelve months in self-imposed isolation in a small rental unit in Sydney and began an internal quest to find himself, and a sense of unquestionable truth. His success has allowed him to create a life that has been both personally satisfying and feels his own. He no longer suffers depression. Over twenty years later his personal realisations form the foundation of models and ideas that are successfully helping both patients and depression, anxiety, and develop a true and honest sense of authentic self.
Winfried continues to shares his practical models and insights with trainee and experienced physicians alike. Many have found the user-friendly approaches beneficial both for their clients and in their personal lives. He lives in Brisbane, Australia.

Table of Contents

How woman was cast from paradise
Chapter 1: Introduction to the Balance of Self Model
Chapter 2: The inevitable downfall
Chapter 3: The influence of chronic threat
Chapter 4: Settling as farmers
Introduction to seven steps
Step 1: Respect
Chapter 5: Respect yourself
Chapter 6: Respect other women
Chapter 7: Respect authentic men
Step 2: Grow friendship
Chapter 8: Types of friendships
Chapter 9: Friendships with women
Chapter 10: Friendships with men
Chapter 11: Friendships with family and community
Step 3: Listen to you
Chapter 12: Communicate with the Inner Self
Chapter 13: Questions to resolve emotional pains
Chapter 14: Questions to resolve fears
Chapter 15: Questions to help with future choices
Chapter 16: Questions to understand Essence of Woman
Step 4: Be attractive
Chapter 17: Enhance your Personal Self
Chapter 18: Make self time
Chapter 19: Increase contact with Land
Chapter 20: Take back choices
Chapter 21: Increase self-worth and self-respect
Chapter 22: Treat yourself as a best friend
Chapter 23: Increase Personal Self in children
Step 5: Be sex-wise
Chapter 24: Sex and basic human needs
Chapter 25: Sexual desire mismatch
Chapter 26: Overcome sexual desire mismatch
Chapter 27: Mismatch solutions
Chapter 28: Sex to raise the Essence of Woman
Step 6: Get actively involved
Chapter 29: Types of education
Chapter 30: Socially recognised education
Chapter 31: Personal education
Chapter 32: Active involvement
Step 7: Enhance your spirituality
Chapter 33: Stories
Chapter 34: The great danger of the spiritual
Chapter 35: Connect with the spirit
Chapter 36: Create stories of spirits true to your heart
Create a more secure world
Chapter 37: How the seven steps reduce chronic threat
Chapter 38: Realistic hope
Appendix 1
A balance for parents
Appendix 2
Further reading
About the Author

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