The Finesse Factor: How to Build Exceptional Leaders in STEM Organizations

The Finesse Factor: How to Build Exceptional Leaders in STEM Organizations

by Ryan Lahti

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ISBN-13: 9780999746714
Publisher: OrgLeader, LLC
Publication date: 02/28/2019
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 208
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About the Author

Dr. Ryan Lahti is the founder and managing principal of OrgLeader, a California-based firm that optimizes the performance of organizations driven by science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) as well as the leaders who run them. He combines business experience in over twenty industries with a background in leadership assessment/development, executive coaching, talent management, and organizational effectiveness. Due to an early fascination with how organizations and the people who lead them operate, Dr. Lahti has spent the last three decades figuring out ways to make companies and their leaders more successful. Prior to founding OrgLeader in 2006, Dr. Lahti worked for global consulting firms including Ernst&Young and Hay Group. He also served in corporate positions with Gap Inc., Westin Hotels&Resorts, and Invitrogen where he oversaw leadership and organizational development. As a trusted advisor to senior management, Dr. Lahti's experience and empathetic candor has enabled him to help a variety of Fortune 500 and midsize companies, including IBM, Bank of America, State Farm, Apple, Toyota, and Beckman Coulter. Outside of the office, he has taught executive MBA and MBA courses on leadership, team dynamics, and organizational behavior. In "The Finesse Factor: How to Build Exceptional Leaders in STEM Organizations" as well as the business articles he authors, Dr. Lahti draws on his decades of practical experience and industry-tested approaches to provide user-friendly insight. He is a contributor to Forbes as well as a member of the Forbes Coaches Council. He writes articles on leadership, executive team, talent management, and organizational effectiveness issues. Dr. Lahti holds a BA in psychology/business administration from UCLA, an MA in industrial/organizational psychology from California State University Long Beach, and a PhD in psychology/organizational science from the University of North Texas. When he's not working, you're likely to find him exploring the outdoors. Visit or for more information.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Why You Should Read This Book

~A Description of STEM Organizations

~What Is Finesse?

~Leadership and the Finesse Heptagon

~The Structure and Use of This Book

I. The Finesse Essentials

1. Essential One: Leverage Self-Awareness

-Enhancing Self-Awareness

-Adjusting Based on the Mirror

2. Essential Two: Read the Situation and the Stakeholders

-The Empathy Dichotomy Error and the Anti-Finesse Trifecta

-Shifting to a Broader Scope

3. Essential Three: Anticipate the Impact

-Impact Obstacles

-Manipulation versus the Right Reasons

-Motivating Performance

-Agile Persuasion

-Establishing Accountability

4. Essential Four: Convey a Measured Presence

-Appearance Matters

-Communication Style

-Composure, Candor, and Conviction

5. Essential Five: Differ with the Issue Not the Party

-Conflict Clarified

-Disagreement, Intensity, and Productivity—the Intensity-Productivity Curve

6. Essential Six: Be a Mirror to Help People Adjust

-The Minimalist Approach

-Stephanie versus Brent

7. Essential Seven: Get Things Done through Others

-Warning Signs and Obstacles

-Early and Effective Delegation

II. The Proven Method

8. How to Build the Seven Essentials of Finesse

-The KEPAT Framework

-The Proficiency Progression

-Critical Elements to Consider

-Essential One: Leverage Self-Awareness

-Essential Two: Read the Situation and the Stakeholders

-Essential Three: Anticipate the Impact

-Essential Four: Convey a Measured Presence

-Essential Five: Differ with the Issue Not the Party

-Essential Six: Be a Mirror to Help People Adjust

-Essential Seven: Get Things Done through Others

Postscript: Call to Action

Appendices: Tools for Building Finesse

~Appendix A: Finesse Assessment

~Appendix B: Leadership Action Plan

~Appendix C: Feedback Provider Guidelines


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