The Gay State: The Quest for an Independent Gay Nation-State and What It Means to Conservatives and the World's Religions

The Gay State: The Quest for an Independent Gay Nation-State and What It Means to Conservatives and the World's Religions

by Garrett Graham


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ISBN-13: 9781450209922
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 05/04/2010
Edition description: Revised
Pages: 284
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Garrett Graham is an international activist who promotes gay nationalism, independence, and equality. An author/university lecturer and elected
President of Free, Independent Gay State (FIGS), he travels extensively. He lives with his husband, Mike,
and their three Boston Terriers in Manhattan, Fire
Island, and Key West.

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The Quest for an Independent Gay Nation-State and What it Means to Conservatives and the World's Religions
By Garrett Graham

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2010 Garrett Graham
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4502-0992-2

Chapter One

The Initial Concept of The Gay State.

Dear Gay Patriots and our non-Gay Allies:

You hold in your hands the world's first truly global Gay Manifesto. It is the call to arms of our people from every nation on the planet. Read it and come together. And know that we have the power to live our lives free from the murder, abuse and executions, free from life of imprisonment, ruined lives and financial ruin, free from seeing our loved ones hacked to death and set on fire and the absolute, utter despair that the Straight majority imposes upon us. It doesn't have to be this way - no longer must we wear their chains - get their boots off our necks and it's time for us to take our freedom. In solidarity for our Gay brothers and sisters everywhere, Garrett Graham

* * *

I am always amazed and enormously frustrated when I ponder how six billion people currently occupy Earth, often crammed into urban cores, punctuated with unimaginable poverty and squalor. The overwhelming majority find day-to-day life to be a struggle, often filled with more misery than joy. So why, I wonder, do nations of the world seek out and punish Homosexuals when they should be focusing on their grinding poverty, massive starvation rates, and abysmal Gross Domestic Product? For Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, and Transgender people, they are merely guests in the lands of their birth. Their hosts seem to tolerate their presence at best and root them out for extermination at worst. I won't attempt to educate the reader in all aspects of the global denigration of Homosexuals and will instead trust the reader knows that this exists, to whatever degree we can discuss at a later time. A brief summary by nation will appear in a later chapter.

The more outspoken Gays who have taken to marches are the ones who have fought for, earned, or feel entitled to their rights to speak freely. The specter of having one's "freedom" snatched away at any time is, for many of us, uncomfortable to ponder for too long. In the United States, for instance, some Gay rights are granted in limited geographic areas, and then within a short period of time, the straight majority usually becomes aroused for whatever reason, and our rights are then taken away-repealed by the non-Gay majority. Some say we depend for sustenance on the nations who are our hosts, and if we had no hosts to support us, we should die of our decadence and deviancy or starve from our collective inefficiencies. Do you, reader, believe this? More to the point, do you accept it as a truth? This is a point that shows how unjust accusations may weaken our self-image and our self-knowledge. The oppressed always believe the worst about themselves.

Global economics, for instance, is based on consumption of goods, now more than ever. Global interdependence is nearly complete. Every day of the year, there are new products being introduced throughout the world. The quality of life for peoples, without regard of their sexuality, has vastly improved. We need not wake from a long slumber, like Rip van Winkle, to realize that the world is considerably altered by the production of new commodities and services. Consider the average life spans of those still among us and possibly reading these pages; in so short a time frame, amazing technological progress has been made, ushering daily life habits that someone from just one century ago might not even recognize. So much have things changed, yet remained the same. Who amongst us, however, would not forsake all of the technological marvels to save the life of a loved one? Who amongst us would not want to live a life of freedom, to love our cherished partner fully? Our "hosts," it turns out, may allow us to exist, but they don't allow us to prosper too much. We can be consumers and we can be laborers, we can even be professionals and celebrities, but we cannot be who we are. We cannot love our Gay partner or our Gay culture. The exception being only a handful of countries where Gays endure their own various forms of inequality, are the best off amongst us. And in nations where our hosts do not put us to death or imprison us for our Gay love, they often prefer that we hide it. To them, our Gay love is distasteful and should not be on display for others to see. If a heterosexual couple were to hold hands at a restaurant over a candlelit dinner, it would be approved of. If a Gay couple were to behave in the same way, they would be accused of "flaunting" their "lifestyle." We are in the final conclusion tolerated, but not allowed to be fully human.

If Gays were to assemble as a group, would they not have the skills to feed and house themselves? Do they not have the grit to do the dirty work required in fashioning a community? Don't we, as a group, have the flair for commerce, the imagination to create and innovate? Can't we manage to pull together even the most lackadaisical among us to establish a well-oiled machine? Don't we collectively offer all that is needed to run an amazing machine and still have excess parts in our collective inventory? The global majority, the non-Gays, see us as unfit or unwilling to perform manual labor of any import. We're believed to be too weak of mind to be strong of body. No, we should not require another nation to live on. We do not need to feed off of our hosts like a bacteria. We do not depend on the circulation of old commodities because we are inventors and innovators, and together we will produce new ones.

The world as we know it is inhabited by a great many ignorant people. Later I will list groups that would be opposed to our very being. But you already have a list very close to your heart of those who have most endeavored to hold you down. Many on that list are among the most backward-thinking who absurdly exaggerate the traits of some of us. They wish to make us out to be many things beneath their standing. And I will not indulge such ridiculousness by attempting here to refute each and every verbal arrow they have slung at us. Doing so would only continue to perpetuate our self-belief that we are somehow less than the heterosexuals that for centuries and millennia have kept their boots on our necks.

Everything rational and everything sentimental that can possibly be said in defense of their ignorance has been said already. If a speaker's audience is incapable of comprehending him, one may as well be a preacher in an empty hall. And if one's audience is broad and high-minded enough to have grasped all that is to be said, then the sermon is unnecessary and redundant. I believe in the ascent of man to higher and yet higher grades of civilization, but I consider this ascent to be desperately, miserably slow. Were we to wait until average humanity had become as charitably inclined as to embrace our participation within their cultures, we should wait beyond our day, beyond the days of our children, of our grandchildren, and of our great-grandchildren. But the world's spirit comes to our aid in another way.

These last decades have given the world a wonderful renaissance by means of its technical achievements, but at the same time its miraculous improvements have not been employed in the service of humanity. Distance has ceased to be an insurmountable obstacle, yet we complain of insufficient space. Yet for all of this "advancement," the misery of the Gays is an anachronism-not because there was a period of enlightenment one hundred years ago, for that enlightenment reached in reality only the choicest locales. Beyond the fashionable neighborhoods of DuPont Circle and Chelsea, the average life for a closeted Gay person remains abysmally small, repressed, and lonely.

I believe the cell phone camera was not invented for the purpose of increasing the multi-functionality of the cell phone industry, but for capturing injustices around the world that could shine light on those dark places. I believe that electricity was not invented for the purpose of illuminating the private clubs and houses of worship of those who repress us, but rather for the purpose of throwing light on some of the dark problems of humanity. One of these problems, and not the least of them, is the Gay question. In solving it we are working not only for ourselves, but also for the many other over-burdened and oppressed beings.

Yes, post-"Will and Grace" where Gay people are brought into our homes by the means of television, even if only to make us laugh (and mostly at Gays, not with them,) the Gay question still exists. It would be foolish to deny it. It is a remnant of Biblical times, which civilized nations do not even yet seem able to shake off. Only a few nations on earth have even attempted to show a generous desire by way of emancipating us. Be clear, as you may be surprised, that in most under developed nations, in some of the more advanced European nations, and, in fact, even in huge pockets of the United States, we remain second class citizens at best. Yes, the Gay questions exist wherever Gays live in perceptible numbers. Where it does not exist is where the suppression of Gays is so dominantly overwhelming, that few brave souls declare to the world who they really are.

There is no country on earth where we do not exist. The governmental leaders who proclaim they have no Homosexuals within their borders are under the mistaken belief that they have either deported or executed them all. But we are able when necessary to blend in with non-Gay Heterosexuals, so it is unlikely that all of our brothers and sisters were rounded up so that none of us have survived. And lastly, of course, is the undeniable fact that Heterosexuals simply keep making more of us. By biological and genetic facts of life, millions more of us populate the planet every year. As long as the non-Gays keep breeding, our numbers will continue to grow.

Migration patterns have shown that we tend to move to those places where we are not (or less) persecuted. And by virtue of being there, our presence produces persecution. This is the case in every country, and will remain so, even in those highly civilized nations - for instance, the Netherlands - until the Gay question finds a solution on a political basis. So even in the Netherlands, long considered the most benevolent of global hosts to the Gay community, is now undergoing a striking and unsettling explosion in anti-Gay violence and increasing persecution. We again are faced with the reminder that our safety and the value and worth placed on our being are in the hands of others. Now two Gay men that hold hands in Amsterdam or share a quick kiss on the cheek in the very heart of Rembrandtplein face the specter of violence against them. Gays, in this, the most Gay-liberated and accepting nation on earth, now cannot stop or control the brutal and savage Gay-bashings that play out at the hands of religious fundamentalists in the most Gay of all Gay-friendly cities on the planet.

I believe I understand anti-Gayism, which is really a condition that can be initiated from the earliest stages of infancy. While the actions perpetrated by the young can be the simplest forms of hatred, the movement can be surprisingly complex when carried out by adults. I consider it from a Gay standpoint, yet without fear or hatred. I believe that I can see what elements there are in it of socio-economic standings, common trade jealousy, of brutal sport, of inherited and intensely indoctrinated prejudice, of religious intolerance of varying extremes, and also of pretended self-defense. I think the Gay question is no more a social than religious one, notwithstanding that it sometimes takes these and other forms. It is a national question, which can only be solved by making it a political world question to be discussed and settled by the civilized nations of the world in joint counsel.

We are a people - one people.

We have honestly endeavored, in nearly all instances and by all accounts, mostly everywhere, to merge ourselves in the social life of surrounding communities and to preserve the faith of all of those who suffered before us. But we are not permitted to do so. In vain we are loyal patriots to our birth nations, our loyalty in some places running to extremes; in vain do we make the same sacrifices of life and property as our fellow citizens; in vain do we strive to increase the fame of our native birth lands in science and art, or her wealth by trade and commerce. In countries where we have lived for centuries, we are still denied the same rights as newly arrived immigrants. The majority may decide, at the whim of their choosing, who among us are the strangers, the inferiors and less-thans; for this, as indeed every point which arises in the relations between nations, is a question of might. In the world as it now is, and for an indefinite period will probably remain, might precedes right. Military might over-rules moral righteousness. It is useless, therefore, for us to be loyal patriots, as were the Huguenots who were forced to emigrate, or the Jews of Europe and the Orient, who sought a land to settle in peace and acceptance. If we as Gays, could only be left in peace ...

But I think we shall forever suffer at the hands of the Heterosexual majority, and we will not be left in peace. Oppression and persecution cannot exterminate us. Of the thousands of tribes over the history of Man, few have survived such struggles and sufferings as we have gone through. The oppression of our people has been so thorough, and the efforts to divide us have successfully kept us from rising. Our oppressors have exterminated the weakest among us, and to our detriment, that has not made us stronger. Our lack of unity has played into their hands. New and more Gays have continually joined our ranks, but it's not as if through Darwinian measures we have grown resistant to their attacks. And so, decade after decade, we have merely continued to survive in many corners of the globe. Of course as most readers know, in the Western nations this was not the case. For much of the Gay community, our prosperity in material possessions increased along with the general population.

I am embarrassed to say many of our fellow Gays who advanced intellectually and materially entirely lost the feeling of belonging to an oppressed people relegated to second or third class status. Wherever our political or material well-being has lasted for any length of time, we have assimilated with our surroundings. For many, this meant laughing along with our oppressors when the Gay culture and movement are attacked. This is not something we should discredit our brethren for doing. Their efforts to "get along" helped ensure the degree of comfort and affluence they had personally attained, and toward that goal there is no criticism. Most of us cannot name a politician where we live who has gone out on a limb to support us in attaining any Gay-centered political power. Outside of a few Gay enclaves, politicians see no value in allying with our causes. Doing so is tantamount to political suicide in much of the world.


Excerpted from THE GAY STATE by Garrett Graham Copyright © 2010 by Garrett Graham. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


The Preface....................9
Foreword: Origins of The Gay State and an Introduction to Garrett Graham....................19
Chapter One The Initial Concept of The Gay State....................33
Chapter Two The Global Gay Question (Some say "Problem")....................49
Chapter Three The Homotannia Land Company....................69
Chapter Four Gay Groups of Every Color, Both Local and Afar, We Have Earned Our Stripes....................93
Inter-Mission The World's Most Powerful and Creative Gays and the Greatest Gays in History and Today....................107
Chapter Five The Society of Gays and The Gay State....................135
Chapter Six International Laws and Discrimination Against Homosexuals After 3,000 Years of "Progress"....................169
Chapter Seven The Conclusion of The Gay State And How We Move Forward....................235
Chapter Eight Suggested Sources, Furthering The Gay State Movement....................243
Petition for a Gay State....................259
Request for Asylum and Citizenship in The Gay State....................265
Virtues, Sins and Philosophical Steps to Good Citizenship....................267

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