The Geology of Washington and Beyond: From Laurentia to Cascadia

The Geology of Washington and Beyond: From Laurentia to Cascadia

by Eric Swenson Cheney (Editor)


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The 20 chapters of The Geology of Washington and Beyond—an outgrowth of a geologic symposium—present the substantial advances in recent research on the geologic history of Washington State. The 32 contributors used new conceptual developments such as sequence stratigraphy, identification and matching of terranes, and neotechtonics, as well as breakthroughs in technology such as lidar mapping, paleomagnetism, and new methods of radiometric dating, to examine the fascinating geology of Washington State and beyond. Also included is geologic mapping in areas previously known only by reconnaissance. This book will influence resource management decisions, as well as disaster and land-use planning in the region. The introductory chapters make the book accessible for undergraduate courses in geology and to the general public.

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ISBN-13: 9780295995274
Publisher: University of Washington Press
Publication date: 12/01/2015
Pages: 350
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About the Author

Eric Cheney is professor emeritus of earth and space sciences at the University of Washington.

Table of Contents

Scope of This Volume / Eric S. Cheney

Section One | Introduction
1. Physiographic Provinces of Washington State / Alan R. Gillespie
2. Important Geologic Concepts / Eric S. Cheney
3. Overview of the Geology of Washington / Eric S. Cheney

Section Two | Laurentia
4. Overview of Laurentian Rocks in the Pacific Northwest / Eric S. Cheney and P. Ted Doughty
5. Correlation of Unconformity-Bounded Sequences of the Neoproterozoic Windermere Supergroup in Idaho, Washington, and Southern British Columbia / Karen Lund and Eric S. Cheney
6. Regional Fold and Thrust Belts in Northeastern Washington and Adjacent British Columbia / Eric S. Cheney and Gerald A. Zieg
7. Mesoproterozoic and Cambrian Geology of the Northeastern Columbia Plateau of Washington: A View from the Steptoes / Linda B. McCollum, Michael B. McCollum, and Michael M. Hamilton
8. Geology of the Priest River Metamorphic Complex and Adjacent Paleozoic Strata South of the Spokane River Valley, Washington / P. Ted Doughty, Andrew M. Buddington, Eric S. Cheney, and Robert E. Derkey

Section Three | Terranes
9. Overview of the Terranes of Washington / Eric S. Cheney and John T. Figge
10. Tectonic Evolution of the Southern Coast– Cascade Oregon, Northwestern Washington and Southwestern British Columbia / James W. H. Monger and Edwin H. Brown
11. Geology of the North Cascades: Summary and Enigmas / Rowland W. Tabor and Ralph A. Haugerud
12. Synthesis of Geochemical Data for Mafic Rocks in the Crystalline Core of the North Cascades and Potential Correlatives: Tectonic Implications / Ellen P. Metzger, Robert B. Miller, Gregory D. Harper, and James H. Macdonald Jr.

Section Four | Cover Sequences
13. Overview of the Cenozoic Unconformity- Bounded Sequences of Washington / Eric S. Cheney
14. The Columbia River Flood Basalts / Peter R. Hooper, Victor E. Camp, Stephen P. Reidel, and Martin E. Ross
15. The Neogene Eggcrate of the Pacific Northwest / Eric S. Cheney

Section Five | Quaternary
16. Overview of the Quaternary Period in Washington State / Alan R. Gillespie
17. Late Wisconsin Cordilleran Ice Sheet and Colossal Floods in Northeast Washington and North Idaho / Richard B. Waitt, Roy M. Breckenridge, Eugene P. Kiver, and Dale F. Stradling
18. Late Quaternary Glaciation of the Puget Lowland, North Cascade Range, and Columbia Plateau, Washington / Don J. Easterbrook
19. Quaternary Geology of Northwestern King County and Southwestern Snohomish County, Washington / David H. McCormack and Kathy Goetz Troost
20. Living, Working, Dying at Mount St. Helens, 1980– 2006 / Richard B. Waitt, Daniel B. Dzurisin, and Steve P. Schilling

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