The Great Bunny Escape

The Great Bunny Escape


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When a friend’s pet bunny escapes into the World of Make-Believe, Daisy and Posey have to track him down in this ninth Daisy Dreamer chapter book!

Have you ever heard the phrase “quick like a bunny?” People say it all the time about me. It means that I am fast. But I just met something that’s even faster than me. And guess what? It’s a cute and fluffy bunny! I am bunny-sitting for my friend, Lily. Bunny-sitting means I am caring for her bunny—not sitting on it. Obviously. Watching a bunny is easy, unless you have an imaginary friend named Posey who draws doors to the World of Make-Believe and leaves them open. Because Lily’s pet is quick like a bunny, and it loves to run through open doors.

With easy-to-read language and illustrations on almost every page, the Daisy Dreamer chapter books are perfect for emerging readers.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781534426559
Publisher: Little Simon
Publication date: 02/05/2019
Series: Daisy Dreamer Series , #9
Pages: 128
Sales rank: 257,179
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 7.10(h) x 0.50(d)
Age Range: 5 - 9 Years

About the Author

Holly Anna has always had a wild imagination. When she was little, she used to doodle drawings that would transport herself and her friends to a wonderful world of make believe. Now she visits other worlds through writing. Holly lives in San Jose, California, with her family. They have four cats: Rocket J. Squirrel, Le Mew, The Honest John Wookenchops a.k.a. “Wookie”, and Noel.

Genevieve Santos is an illustrator born, raised, and living in San Jose, California, and sole proprietor of a small stationery company, Le Petit Elefant. Wanderlust got the best of her so she’s traveled to thirty-one countries before turning thirty, sometimes backpacking, sometimes by camper van, sometimes on her own, but always with a sketchbook. Her love for animation started at a young age, and is what drives her to draw the slightest observations. She also has an insatiable weakness for ice cream.

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The Great Bunny Escape


The school bell rings, and my best friends, Lily and Jasmine, and I make a mad dash for the playground. It’s recess! Our favorite time of the day. Obviously.

We hit the blacktop and run straight to the Hideout—our top secret hiding spot under the slide.

It’s the best place for telling secrets because it keeps all the snoopy-snoops like Gabby Gaburp and Carol Rattinger out.

Today Lily has a huge secret. I can tell because she always twirls her hair around her finger when she’s hiding something. And she’s been twirling her hair ALL. DAY. LONG.

“Spill, Lil!” I say as soon as we’re safe inside the Hideout.

“Let’s make extra sure the coast is clear first,” Lily says. So Jasmine double-checks the entry to make sure Carol and Gabby aren’t spying on us. You can never be too careful when it comes to those two girls. They want to know everything about everyone.

“All clear!” Jasmine calls.

“Okay,” Lily begins. “You may have already guessed I have a secret to tell, and I also have a favor to ask.”

That sounds like a double-dog secret! I think, scootching closer to her side. And I am double-dog interested.

“First the secret,” Lily says. She pauses to build the suspense. Then she spills. “I’m going on a cruise!” And we all squeal at the same time.

“My whole family is going,” Lily continues. “And there’s going to be a pool, a water slide, a movie theater, and dance parties every night!”

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