The Great Tribulation!: A Biblical Study of the 70th Week of Daniel

The Great Tribulation!: A Biblical Study of the 70th Week of Daniel

by Richard L. Guthrie


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The end times contain many exciting events we are all familiar with and think we fully understand. The appearance and domination of the Antichrist throughout the world. The rise and global domination of the "Revised Roman Empire," resulting in a One World Government. The Mark of the Beast that makes trade impossible anywhere on the Earth. The universal devastation wrecked by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The appearance of the spiritual harlot of Mystery Babylon, and the end time false religion. However, consider the following:

• What if the Antichrist will not become the universal or worldwide leader?

• What if the Mark of the Beast is regional, rather than global?

• What if there is no "Revised Roman Empire"?

• What if the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have already been loosed?

• What if Mystery Babylon could never be the Roman Catholic Church?

• Who did Jesus identify as the Mystery Babylon of Revelation?

• What if the Twelfth Imam, the Islamic Messiah, is slain in the rebuilt Jewish Temple?

• Why is it impossible to know the identity of the Antichrist until certain events unfold?

• Why are the dates of the Rapture and that of the Second Coming both "unknowable"?

• Who is left to enter into the Millennial Kingdom if there's a Post-Tribulational Rapture?

• Why are the identities of the two end-time prophets "unknowable"?

• What country is poised to play a major role within these end-time events?

In a detailed and thorough analysis of Scripture, The Great Tribulation! explores these and many more questions related to the end-time events in a step-by-step approach. Using a literal interpretation of Scripture, this eschatological study is unsurpassed in detail for the knowledgeable Bible student and yet remains basic and straightforward for the novice.

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Publication date: 12/12/2014
Pages: 478
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