Guardian: A Riveting Western Suspense

Guardian: A Riveting Western Suspense

by Terri Reed

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When a fellow FBI agent is kidnapped and a protected witness vanishes, Leo Gallagher will stop at nothing to find them both. So when he discovers a link between the case and a single mother in Wyoming, Leo and his trusty K-9 partner rush to question Alicia Duncan. Could she be the key to locating the missing persons? Not if a killer has anything to say about it. Someone is determined to keep Alicia from talking, so Leo and his chocolate Lab must keep her and her little boy safe on their family ranch. With danger lurking around every corner, Leo must work overtime to not lose another person who's important to him.

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ISBN-13: 9781488019050
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 04/01/2017
Series: Classified K-9 Unit , #1
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 41,152
File size: 516 KB

About the Author

Award winning, multipublished author Terri Reed discovered the wonderful world of fiction at an early age and declared she would one day write a book. Now she's fulfilling that dream by writing for Love Inspired. She is a member of both Romance Writers of America and American Christian Fiction Writers. You can visit her online at or email her at or leave comments on or

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The Guardian 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 21 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I don't remember the last time I couldn't put a book down. It would be an awesome movie! And clean on top of it. Well done guys!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this story because it concerns an event in the Bible, specifically in the book of Revelation that most people probably just skip right over and keep reading (kind of like the Prayer of Jabez). I like stories that delve into those little-realized mysteries and give them the exploration that they deserve. I feel that the authors could have gone a bit deeper into the characters and into Anna's slowly growing faith. Their motivations are genuine and not exaggerated as some over-done stories play out, but I came away feeling as if I wanted more. I never felt as if Anna fully grasped the importance of the mission she's been given, although she never wavers in her determination to see it through. Jason's motivations are clear, as are the supporting characters, but Anna is the protagonist of this tale. Her motivations and development of her faith need to be clearest, and to me, that goal wasn't quite achieved. This is a very good story and I would recommend it to Christian book study groups (there are even helpful discussion questions at the end).
arkieclown More than 1 year ago
GUARDIAN by Terri Reed is the first book in the Classified K-9 Unit series. It’s the story of Alicia Duncan, a young widow living in Settler’s Valley, Wyoming with her Dad. After her husband was killed and finding out that her husband, who she thought loved her, had deceived and cheated on her, all she wants is to get her life back together and focus on her 3 year old son, Charlie. There is no way she will let a man into her life to hurt her again. When she witnesses a murderer dumping a woman’s body in the lake, she is determined to find justice for the woman and closure for the victim’s family. FBI agent Leo Gallagher is working on the Dupree syndicate crime spree with his K9 partner True, a Chocolate Lab, when his fellow partner, Jake Morrow is kidnapped with his K9 partner Buddy, a Belgian Malinois, left behind injured. Once again, he feels like he’s a failure. He couldn’t cover his partner’s back any more than he could save his sister. It was only by the grace of God that he came upon Ben Smith all those years ago as a youngster on the run – from his situation and his memories. It was his taking him to Crescent Ranch and giving him the chance of a good life that eventually led him to law enforcement. Because of his past, he stays professional and doesn’t allow anyone or anything to become personal – even if he has become very tight with the people he works with in the K9 unit. That’s why he MUST find Jake! When the crime Alicia observes and Leo’s search for Jake cause their paths to cross, they hope that solving one will help with the other. Leo is willing to stake his life to protect Alicia and Charlie who he is unmistakably growing fonder of with each passing day. No he must keep focus. His job is to protect them and keep them safe. That he will do with all his ability because he has no right to a normal life – not after what all that has happened. Alicia sees that Leo is a man of his word, has a tender heart towards Charlie and even the admiration of her very judgmental Dad could he be more than her protector doing his job? What is with that overpowering feeling and sparks when they are close or touch? Can Leo and Alicia each come to terms with the past and lay it at God’s feet to have a chance at a future? Can Leo protect her from her stalker before she herself becomes one of his victims? Terry Reed has delivered an amazing start to what I’m sure is an awesome series. I love the way she has you going back and forth between a sweet, but complicated romance to the fast turning pages of “Oh my!” excitement. She definitely has a talent to keep you cheering on the good guys, both two legged and four legged, and hoping on hope for a happily ever after all the while weaving a thread of faith throughout the story. Highly recommend this book to anyone that loves a great Christian, well written book that will satisfy your desire for danger, suspense, romance AND K9’s. GUARDIAN can definitely be read as a standalone book. However, there’s still the question of will Reginald & Angus Dupree get prosecuted for their crimes and where is Jake. I know I will be searching out the other books in this series to find out as well as the stories of the other K9 officers we were introduced to in this first book.
InspirationalAngel531 More than 1 year ago
Title: Guardian Classified K-9 Unit Book 1 Author: Terri Reed Publisher: Love Inspired Suspense Published: 4-4-2017 Pages: 224 Genre: Mystery, Thrillers & Suspense Sub-Genre: Contemporary Romance; Police Procedurals; Inspirational ISBN: 9780373456987 ASIN: B01L79B6D2 Reviewed For NetGalley and Harlequin Reviewer: DelAnne Rating: 4.75 Stars PROTECTING THE SINGLE MOM When a fellow FBI agent is kidnapped and a protected witness vanishes, Leo Gallagher will stop at nothing to find them both. So when he discovers a link between the case and a single mother in Wyoming, Leo and his trusty K-9 partner rush to question Alicia Duncan. Could she be the key to locating the missing persons? Not if a killer has anything to say about it. Someone is determined to keep Alicia from talking, so Leo and his chocolate Lab must keep her and her little boy safe on their family ranch. With danger lurking around every corner, Leo must work overtime to not lose another person who's important to him. If you enjoy suspenseful romance, with dogs and children thrown in for good measure then this is on story you do not want to miss. It is superbly written with characters that feel real and you would want to know. This gripping story will keep you on the edge of your seat as you turn the pages ever faster, wanting to see what will happen next. This is a series that will incorporate that talents of numerous author and allow you a taste of their styles. The first of the series "Guardian" takes off and fills every expectation of the reader. I look forward to reading the other books in the series soon. My rating of "Guardian Classified K-9 Unit Book 1" is 4.75 out of 5 stars.
TrixiO More than 1 year ago
K-9's and chaos seem to go hand-in-hand in this thrilling new start to a continuity series! So how do you get two people together when one of them is determined to stay as far away from an FBI agent as possible? And that hero happens to be the said FBI agent? Throw them in a situation when they have no choice but to work together to bring down a criminal mastermind, of course! Alicia Duncan; teacher, widow and mother of a young boy, has little trust of any kind of agent after her deceased husband's deceit and lies. Moving back to the family ranch to help her father, she accidentally witnesses a horrific crime where the killer spots her & is determined to eliminate “loose ends”. When K-9 officer Leo Gallagher is assigned to connect the dots between two crimes, he immediately goes into protector mode. With the help of his four-footed partner True, thus begins a tumultuous relationship between these two. Having no-one else to trust or turn to when the stakes are raised, Alicia is determined to keep her heart under wraps and her family safe! As with other novels I've read by this author, she starts off with a bang and just keeps ramping up the danger to keep the reader invested! I found myself turning pages faster as the story progressed and asking questions like “how does the killer keep slipping under the radar”? Add a little boy to the mix and things definitely get interesting and even more chilling! Gasping for each breath, my pulse pounding and heart-rate off the charts, I read this well into the night. I also loved that both characters were believers and relied on God to protect them and get them through tense situations. It was a natural flow throughout the story. One line that stuck out to me is when Alicia was contemplating her faith: “She didn't know how people suffered tragedy or horror without faith. She continually clung to the knowledge that God existed and that He loved her. Without that, life seemed so bleak”. I'm definitely looking forward to the other stories in this continuity series! There's an underlying mystery yet to be solved that I have to know how it ends. * I received a complimentary copy of this from the author. I was not required to leave a favorable review and all opinions expressed here are strictly my own. *
BooksAndSpoons More than 1 year ago
The new K-9 Love Inspired multi-author series takes off with intense, danger-filled story riddled with life-threatening events, deadly collateral damage, and keen teamwork from the FBI unit and local law enforcement. Mix in a whirlwind romance, puppies, and a cute little boy and you have the makings of a winner tale. The Prologue in the story set the stage for the series, with one of their own hurt and missing in action, kidnapped by the escaping criminals, the rest of the FBI's K-9 team is willing to do anything to save him and bring the ones responsible to the justice. I love the K-9 stories for many reasons, one of them being the loyal partnership between the dogs and their handlers. Those units have a unique harmony and understanding between them, that I admire immensely, and enjoy reading about. The danger and threat towards Alicia Duncan, and possibly to her son, is constant and escalating. The steps taken to secure her and her family were logical and believable. I loved that modern technology was used as part of the story, somehow bringing it up a notch, and giving it a fresh feel. The clues come along take them one step forwards and two steps back. But the unit is not about to give up, the determination to get the killer lurking around strengthen the closer he gets to Alicia and Leo. Leo Gallagher is a stellar hero. He is likable, honest, and honorable. His faith in God is his guiding light and overcoming his childhood and the challenges he faced as a young child were admirable, a small miracle in itself that he was the man he is today. The only down faults are his stubbornness and control-freak nature that makes him take blame in every situation, even when there's no blame to go around. Alicia Duncan is a teacher, mother, and a young widow of a police officer, who witnesses a crime. With unhappy marriage behind her, she is not open to a relationship, yet the attraction she feels towards Leo is palpable and transparent. She is fierce, tough, smart, and loving, nearly as stubborn as Leo, but able to make compromises. She is willing to stand for the victims of the heinous crimes and brave enough to help the law enforcement to identify the culprit she saw in action. She leans on her faith in God, and gladly share it with people around her. I liked the chemistry between Leo and Alicia. Even though their emotions and attraction deepen fast and take root I felt their feelings to each other were believable and convincing. Alicia's little boy, Charlie, made them an instant family unit, where love, care, and protective feelings were evident. A riveting and perilous start for the series, that showcased the abilities and the unity of the FBI's K-9 team, mixed with sweet and adorable love-at-first-sight romance that made me sigh and smile. The mystery of their kidnapped teammate is not solved, but this story had a satisfying ending, leaving me eagerly waiting for the next installment of the series. ~ Four Spoons
Amigagal More than 1 year ago
Excellent first book in a new series! The author begins it with a FBI agent being kidnapped and that looks like it will be the continued "arc" throughout the rest of the series. I can't imagine something worse for a FBI unit than one of their members being kidnapped by a ruthless mob. They KNOW what an FBI agent will be put through, most likely...worse than just a regular person. So, the FBI agent who feels responsible, Leo Gallagher, will stop at nothing to find the kidnapped agent. The search leads to Wyoming and a single mom who happens to see a man dropping a dead woman overboard into a river! I can't even imagine how horrifying that would be! Alicia is actually there on the river, fishing with her little boy! When the killer sees her, she grabs her son and runs for her life! From then on, she has to stay in the custody of Leo and the FBI as they try to keep her & family alive from these ruthless killers. The action was non-stop and the relationships were very realistic. I enjoyed getting to know some of the other agents that I'm sure we'll be seeing more in the other books. Alicia and her little boy, Charlie were great! I'm already anxiously waiting for the next book to come out! This is going to be a great series!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Kasia1021 More than 1 year ago
I won this on Goodreads. This book hooked me going into the story line and refused to let me go until the very last page was read. Full of mystery, intrigue, and characters that seem real, it's one adventure I won't forget. It starts off about a scroll that was given to John the Baptist from God and he's entrusted to take care of it and pass it down thru the generations until the return of Christ. Fast-forward to today where you meet Anna Riley, direct descendant of John the Baptist, who soon finds herself in charge of protecting the scroll and trying to unlock its secrets. Throw in a corrupt Cardinal from the Vatican, hired assassins, a Baptist Missionary teaching French to school children, a team of members to protect the Guardian of the Scroll, the Guardian herself (Anna), and yes, even Satan himself, and one is in for a thrilling ride.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Jenny_Geek More than 1 year ago
This book reminded me strongly of The DaVinci Code, except I actually enjoyed this book. A lot. I loved the "historical" aspect of this entire story. John the Disciple is given a scroll (rather, he pukes it up) from God and has to protect it. It thus passes down John the Disciple's descendants and they spend their lives guarding the scroll. Anna is next in line to protect the scroll (although she doesn't know it at first). She finds out a lot about the reality of her world as she delves deeper into the role of protecting the scroll. The story was chock full of action and I found myself becoming anxious while reading it because I was afraid for the characters. A few parts of the story I had to keep my mouth shut because I wanted to yell, "Don't you know they're coming!? RUN!" But I figured that probably would sound weird because I read this on an airplane. The only part of the story I didn't care for was the parts where it got preachy about being saved. However, I feel this is due in fact because I am not religious whatsoever. However, those parts were part of the author's story and it did make sense to have it in there. I just felt like the preachiness was a bit long. That said, I would DEFINITELY recommend this book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Blooming-with-Books More than 1 year ago
THE GUARDIAN By Robbie Cheuvront with Erik Reed When the Apostle John received the Revelation from God 2,000 years ago he also received a scroll that he and his descendants have been guarding ever since. It is into this world that Anna Riley, the newest Guardian and Jason Lang, her protector have been drawn. It is a world of treachery and danger that could cost them their very lives and the lives of those closest to them. But to secure the scroll and the secret it hides they must first discover the clues and riddles left for them by Anna's grandfather. In a race against time and the human disciples of Lucifer they must cross oceans and continents to prevent Lucifer from gaining control of the Papal seat of power. But the journey Anna is on is also a journey of the soul. What does she believe in and where does she place her faith? Who is Anna Riley? As Jason and others aid her in her quest they also open her eyes to the plan and purpose God has for each of us. We must all play our part in His plan. It is only when we put our total trust and faith in Him and die to the world that we realize our full potential. Over the centuries many have attempted to steal the scroll in their quest for power and dominion, but Anna and Jason discover the truth. The scroll has no power in and of itself. The true power lies in the words, the truth given by Jesus to the Apostle John. "To him that has ears, let him hear" Anna and Jason's quest leads them back to the beginning. Before sin began there was God's perfect created world and it is to this place that the truth of the scroll takes them. Can they reach their final destination before it is too late? The Guardian is an exciting page turner with a valuable lesson in faith. Where will your faith take you in your life journey? At the end of the book are discussion questions to help you examine your own life. Publisher provided Advanced Digital copy for review purposes.
rhonda1111RL More than 1 year ago
It was a roller coaster of a book. Going from one country to another being chased by bad guys. It even got me crying in a couple of places. It starts with John in Patmos Island Prison 60 years after the Crucifixion. When he got a scroll with a revelation on it that he had to hide from the world. Then it goes New Orleans present day mardi gras Anna is with friends but she doesn't want to drink to excess like her friends so she is going to walk by herself to hotel. She sees a boy in ally and he calls her by name and tell her to go home now. Where she needs to talk to her grandfather who is in hospital. She knows her grandparents have been dead for years. But her father had lied to her. When she gets to the hospital her grandfather had just died Father Vincent is their he is making plans to ship her grandfather to rome. He convinces her to accept a ride home in a private plane that is hers now. He tells her that her grandfather has had a duty to protect the scroll and solve it. That she is direct decented from John for 2000 years her family has protected its where abouts. That only 4 people know where and what she will be doing and one of them is the Pope. Anna has a hard time believing him but she had met the boy who knew so much about her. She wants to talk to her parents and see why they have lied to her for all these years. While talking to her parents she makes up her mind to find the scroll and finsh her grandfathers work. Turns out she is now rich and she is led on to many different countries to find the scroll and the key to unlock it. Thier is a group with Satan at lead that wants the scroll for the power it will give them. One is a Cardinall who is over another group of ones who dont observe thier beliefs and want power. They even go so far as plan to murder the Pope and put one of their own in charge. Anna has 3 people with her plane at all times that she can trust if she justs see one or two she not get on. She is also given 4 passports with different names on them to help keep her safe. Thier are murders following where ever she goes trying to get the scroll everyone around her is at great risk but they know Its for a rightous cause. Jason becomes her Protector who is supposed to keep her safe and help her find the answers she needs. The angel Micheal even makes appearance to them. It is well written plot with a different ending. Did not want to put the book down till I had finshed reading it. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review. Highly recommend if you want action.
Heart2Heart More than 1 year ago
We all know about profound artifacts that humans have possessed at some point in the Bible. There has been the Ten Commandments given to Moses by God, the staff of Moses which allowed him to part the waters of the Red Sea and of course the famous Ark of the Covenant which was kept in the Holy of Holies where it is said the Mercy Seat of God dwelt. The most amazing thing is that none of them have ever been recovered. Now one more piece of the Bible archive is about to be searched for, the scroll of John, the disciple of Jesus who wrote the book of Revelation. For centuries, descendants of John have been entrusted to care and keep the scroll from the enemies of God that would seek to recover it and rule over the world. Now the only person left as Anna Riley, who has recently discovered by an encounter with an angel what her mission is in helping to locate the missing scroll. Armed with a team of people who have sworn to protect her at the cost of their own lives, she alone with one God has appointed as her Guardian, Jason Lang, will now use what they have at their disposal to find the scroll and guard it with their lives. Along the way, they will have angelic help to keep the armies of Satan from finding it first. In the novel, The Guardian by Robbie Cheuvront and Erik Reed, we are taken on a journey like Indiana Jones, and recovering the mysteries of the book of Revelation to locate the lost scroll of John. The only thing these two people will have on their side is their faith in God alone which will guide them through the darkness as well as protect them from the enemies of the underworld. I received this book compliments Barbour Publishing and NetGalley for my honest review. I loved it. You get to see a battle on two fronts between good versus evil in both the seen and unseen realms. This is believable and have often wondered about some interesting questions that the book brings up and makes me wonder if it does really all exist just outside of where we have been searching. Great faith builder and asks the question just how far are you willing to go for your faith in Christ? I highly give this book a 5 out of 5 stars for exceptional historical fiction with a biblical twist.
DSaff More than 1 year ago
Anna Riley is a young woman celebrating Mardi Gras when her life suddenly changes. A little boy meets her on her way back to the hotel and gives her information that makes her fly immediately to Pittsburgh. From that moment on, Anna's life moves quickly as she becomes the Guardian of the scroll God gave to John on Patmos. She needs to find the scroll and decifer it, finishing the work of her grandfather. With the help of Father Vin, Jason Lang, Nick, Hale, and Marie, Anna jets around the world in search of the scroll. But, as usual, there is a team of evil doers anxious to thwart her attempts. Who is the little boy Anna met and what role does he play in the story? Will Cardinals Wickham and McCoy find a way to gain the power in Rome? Will Anna and Jason find the way to make it through the losses that come through their search? Are you on the winning side of this battle? This information and much more is held within the pages of this fast-paced, well-written novel! This book was "unputdownable" for me! From the moment I started reading, I was on the journey with Anna. I felt her successes and her losses. The story is well written and the characters seem real. The Epilogue was a thrilling point of expectation and promise for me! I recommend this to all readers. Groups will find discussion questions at the end with many other points of discussion throughout the book. Thank you to Net Galley for the copy I read on my Nook. This is a book I will buy and give as gifts.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love this series