The Healthy Pregnancy Journal: A Weekly Guide for Reflecting on Your Pregnancy and Preparing Your Heart, Body, and Mind for Motherhood

The Healthy Pregnancy Journal: A Weekly Guide for Reflecting on Your Pregnancy and Preparing Your Heart, Body, and Mind for Motherhood


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A week-by-week guide and beautiful keepsake for a mother’s pregnancy journey, from America’s favorite childcare and attachment-parenting experts

Pregnancy is a time of tremendous change. As you carry new life into the world, you undergo an initiation into an entirely new way of being. The massive changes you experience—to your body, your lifestyle, even your relationship with yourself—will be both joyful and challenging.

The Healthy Pregnancy Journal will help you navigate the beautiful chaos of your journey into motherhood with a safe space to reflect and prepare, work through all you’re experiencing, and stay on track for a healthy pregnancy.

Highlights include: Creative and inspiring journaling prompts about everything from food cravings and dreams to fears and feelings of uncertainty
• Helpful guidance on all things pregnancy-related—nutrition and exercise, stress relief, birthing methods, breastfeeding, self-care, and more
• Open space to record your hopes and dreams in a way that resonates with you—photos, love letters to your baby, drawings, quotes, or even magazine clippings
• "Pro Pregnancy Tips"—sex and intimacy, recipes, community, sleep, even getting off the couch when you feel huge, and more
• Weekly information around the development of your baby to help you more deeply connect with what’s happening in your body
• Chronicling the birth of your baby—including vital statistics, pictures, your birth story, and your own sweet words to the newest love in your life
The Healthy Pregnancy Journal, by Martha Sears, RN, and her daughter, Hayden Sears, MA, of the Sears family parenting legacy, is the perfect complement to The Healthy Pregnancy Book, co-written by Martha and her husband, Dr. William Sears—parenting experts and bestselling authors of over 25 books.

"The sweet spot of pregnancy gives way, oh so quickly, to the whole new world of motherhood. We look forward to guiding you on this momentous and spectacular journey." —Martha and Hayden Sears

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ISBN-13: 9781683642473
Publisher: Sounds True, Incorporated
Publication date: 05/07/2019
Pages: 216
Sales rank: 757,121
Product dimensions: 7.40(w) x 8.70(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Martha Sears
Martha Sears, RN, is a registered nurse, former childbirth educator, La Leche League leader, and lactation consultant. With renowned pediatrician, William Sears, MD, Martha is the coauthor of more than 25 parenting books, drawing on her experience with their eight children (including Stephen, who has Down syndrome and Lauren, their adopted daughter). She contributes to the content of and is noted for her advice on how to handle the most common problems facing today’s mothers with their changing lifestyles. Martha lives in Southern California and is blessed to spend tons of time with her 15 (for now) grandchildren. She enjoys reading, gardening, sailing, and ballroom dancing with her husband of 53 years.
Hayden Sears
Hayden Sears, MA, mother of three, is a certified health and nutrition coach who loves helping families and individuals on their journey toward better health. The oldest daughter of Dr. William and Martha Sears, she has worked with the Sears Family Pediatrics medical practice for over 15 years as Wellness Coordinator. She also contributes to the content of; has been a guest on TV shows and news stations sharing nutrition tips, healthy meal options, and the benefits of babywearing; and is excited to co-host the Dr. Sears Family Podcast. Hayden owns a Juice Plus+ virtual franchise and travels all over the world speaking about how to keep ourselves and our families healthy. She received her MA from Azusa Pacific University and resides in Southern California. Having homeschooled for 10 years, she now volunteers at her kids’ schools and enjoys dancing, performing arts, and yoga.

Table of Contents

Introduction Your Journey into Motherhood 1

How to Use This Journal 3

Healthy Pregnancy Dos and Don'ts 5

Your Healthy Pregnancy Goals 11

Month 1 Take a Deep Breath 13

Week 1 Who Am I? 18

Week 2 My Community 20

Week 3 Getting Pregnant 22

Week 4 Becoming a Mom 24

Month 2 Feeling Pregnant 31

Week 5 My Little Secret 38

Week 6 My Changing Body … and Life 40

Week 7 My Hopes and Fears 42

Week 8 Creating Space 44

Month 3 Almost Showing 51

Week 9 What Makes Me Happy 56

Week 10 Envisioning Birth … and What's to Come 58

Week 11 Getting the Right Care for Me 60

Week 12 Keeping Up My Relationships 62

Month 4 Feeling Better 69

Week 13 Growing along with Baby 74

Week 14 Bonding with Baby 76

Week 15 Learning about Childbirth 78

Week 16 Planning My Maternity Leave 80

Month 5 Obviously Pregnant 87

Week 17 Learning about Baby 92

Week 18 My Community of Mothers 94

Week 19 Taking Care of Me 96

Week 20 Healthy Habits 98

Month 6 Feeling Baby Move 105

Week 21 Intimacy While Pregnant 110

Week 22 Aches, Pains, and Baby Moves 112

Week 23 What Mothering Means to Me 114

Week 24 New Family Rituals 116

Month 7 Bigger and Loving It 123

Week 25 Planning for Birth 128

Week 26 All the Feelings 130

Week 27 Sleep, Precious Sleep 132

Week 28 Baby-Shower Time 134

Month 8 Almost There 141

Week 29 Nesting Mode 146

Week 30 My Favorite Things 148

Week 31 Beautiful, Pregnant Me 150

Week 32 What Nursing Means to Me 152

Month 9 This Is (Almost) It 159

Week 33 Baby's Womb Personality 164

Week 34 Bringing Baby Home 166

Week 35 Contingency Plans 168

Week 36 Final Birth Preparations 170

Month 10 This Is It 177

Week 37 Reflecting on Relationships 182

Week 38 Being in This Body 184

Week 39 Me, Becoming a Mother 186

Week 40 The Final Countdown 188

My Baby 192

My Birth Story 194

Resources 197

Pregnancy, Birch, and Labor




About the Authors 203

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