The Hermeneutical Spirit: Theological Interpretation and Scriptural Imagination for the 21st Century

The Hermeneutical Spirit: Theological Interpretation and Scriptural Imagination for the 21st Century

by Amos Yong


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ISBN-13: 9781532604898
Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishers
Publication date: 11/06/2017
Pages: 340
Sales rank: 1,207,064
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About the Author

Amos Yong is Professor of Theology & Mission and Director of the Center for Missiological Research at Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California.

Table of Contents

Preface xi

Acknowledgments xv

Introduction 1

Theological Interpretation of Scripture: Setting the Stage 1

Overview and Status Quaestionis: TIS and the Rule of Faith 2

Contemporary Trajectories: Trinitarian Interpretation and the Spirit 4

Pentecostal Hermeneutics: TIS and the Apostolic Way 8

Prospects for TIS after Pentecost? An Autobiographical Retrospect 11

Pentecost, the Spirit, and Scriptural Interpretation: Mapping the Argument 14

Theological Hermeneutics: Pentecostal Perspectives 14

Theological Anthropology: Luke, the Spirit, and the Human 17

Pneumatological Soteriology: Pentecost and Salvation 19

Theological-Scriptural Interpretation: Apostolic Hermeneutics 21

Part I Theological Hermeneutics: Perspectives after Pentecost

1 The Science, Sighs, and Signs of Interpretation: An Asian American Post-Pentecost-al Hermeneutics in a Multi-, Inter-, and Transcultural World 27

Multi-, Inter-, and Transcultural Hermeneutics? 28

Asian American Pentecostal Questions and Trajectories 32

Interpretative Science, Sighs, and Signs: Toward a Pentecostal Her meneutic 35

The Science of Interpretation: A Post-Pentecost-al Paradigm 35

The Sighs of Interpretation: A Modern Pentecostal Assist 38

The Signs of Interpretation: A Pneumatological Construal 40

2 Understanding and Living the Apostolic Way: Orality and Scriptural Faithfulness in Conversation with African Pentecostalism 43

Oral Cultures and the Bible: Pentecostal Hermeneutics in African Perspective 45

Oral Cultures: Theoretical and African Framings 45

Pentecostal Orality and the Scriptural Imagination: An African Phenomenology 50

Biblical Orality and African Pentecostal Hermeneutics 53

Apostolic Faith as Aural Praxis and Confession: Toward a 21st Century Pentecostal Paradigm 57

3 Reflecting and Confessing in the Spirit: Called to Transformational Theologizing 63

Surprised by the Spirit: When the Living God Shows Up 64

Pentecostalized by the Spirit: The Trinitarian Missio Dei as Normative Telos 67

Reflecting in the Spirit: From Apostolic Theologizing to Christian Confession 71

Part II Theological Anthropology and the Spirit: The Lukan Imagination I

4 Many Tongues, Many Senses: Pentecost, the Body Politic, and the Redemption of Dis/Ability 79

Disability Studies and Pentecostal Studies: Roadblocks at the Inter section 80

What Has (Dr.) Luke to Say? Pentecostal Resources for Rethinking Disability 83

Many Tongues, Many Senses: The Multiple Modalities of Spirit-Inspired Witness 88

Pentecostal Contributions to Theology of Disability and Disability Studies? 95

5 Sons and Daughters, Young and Old: Toward a Pentecostal Theology of the Family 99

Theology of the Family: Current Explorations 100

The Spirit Poured Out on All Flesh: The Eschatological Family 104

"Children of the Promise": Lukan Intimations for Theology of the Family 109

Transitions: Toward a Pentecostal Theology of the Family 115

6 Children and the Promise of the Spirit: Pneumatology and the Quest for Child Theology 119

Pentecostalism, Pneumatology, and Theology of Children: Whence and Whither? 122

Child Theologies in Lukan and Eschatological Perspective 127

Children and the Coming Kingdom: Aspects of a Third Article Theology 133

Transitions 138

Part III Pneumatological Soteriology: The Lukan Imagination II

7 The Social Psychology of Sin: A Pentecostal Perspective 141

Sin: Interdisciplinary Formulations 143

Sin in Empirical Perspective 143

Theologies of Sin: Scientifically Informed Understandings 146

Traditional Pentecostal Views of Sin 149

Sin: A Pentecostal Interpretation 151

Sin-In, through, and after Pentecost 152

An Implicit Lukan Theology of Sin 155

Toward a Pentecostal and Scientific Theology of Sin 159

8 Jubilee, Pentecost and Liberation: The Preferential Option of the Poor on the Apostolic Way 162

The Preferential Option for the Poor: Global and Evangelical Developments 163

The Preferential Option of the Poor: Liberationist Routes in Global Pentecostalism 168

Divine Preferences and Options? Apostolic Liberation Today 173

9 Apostolic Evangelism in the Postcolony: Opportunities and Challenges 179

Toward a Pentecostal Theology of Evangelism 180

Toward a Lukan Theology of Evangelism 185

Toward an Apostolic and Pneumatological Theology of Evangelism for the 21st Century 189

Part IV Theological-Scriptural Interpretation in the Spirit: Apostolic Pathways

10 The Light Shines in the Darkness: Johannine Dualism and the Challenge of Christian Theology of Religions Today 197

Light and Darkness in John: Aspects of a Classical Christian Theology of Religions 199

John and the Jews: Reconsidering Implications for Theology of Religions 201

The Light Shines in the Darkness: John's Prologue and Sectarianism at Qumran 207

At Dawn and at Dusk: Ambivalence regarding a Johannine Theology of Religions 213

Pressing the Question: Performing Johannine Theology in the Inter religious Encounter 218

11 Running the (Special) Race: New (Pauline) Perspectives on Disability and Theology of Sport 222

Contemporary Culture, Sport, and Disability 223

Running the Race: St. Paul as Disability Theologian of Sport? 228

Running the Special Race: Pauline Proposals for Theology of Sport 233

12 Reading Scripture and Nature: Pentecostal Hermeneutics and Their Implications for the Contemporary Evangelical Theology and Science Conversation 237

This is That! Pentecostal Biblical Hermeneutics-A Case Study 239

That is This! A Pneumatological Hermeneutics of the Creation Narratives? 244

The Books of Scripture and of Nature: Toward a Hermeneutics of Science 249

Conclusion-Theological Interpretation of Scripture after Pentecost: Trinitarian Hermeneutics for the 21st Century 257

The Hermeneutical Spirit 258

The Hermeneutical Spirit 261

Trinitarian and Teleological Interpretation of Scripture for the Third Millennium Global Context 263

References 267

Subject Index 309

Scripture Index 318

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