The Law of Balance: Thrive by Balancing Your Inner Masculine and Feminine

The Law of Balance: Thrive by Balancing Your Inner Masculine and Feminine

by Loraine Magda


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ISBN-13: 9781504362092
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 08/25/2016
Pages: 236
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.54(d)

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The Law of Balance

Thrive by Balancing Your Inner Masculine and Feminine

By Loraine Magda

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2016 Loraine Magda
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-6209-2


The Treehouse

As a child I would have preferred being a boy.

So much easier and more comfortable, I thought. The whole world geared up for you.

This is how I felt ... until I discovered two things.

One - what feminine energy really is. Two – being in a particular body is not the problem. I could thrive in my own right and have the best of both worlds - if I chose. Anyone can. There is just one requirement: balancing the inner masculine and feminine.

But what does it mean to balance the inner masculine and feminine, and what are the benefits? My more than 40-year-long fascination with this topic has unfolded into this book. As it is becoming an increasingly hot topic in today's world, I felt called to share my discoveries.

I am happy to be a woman, one who is in touch with both sides of herself. This means enormous freedom. Being in touch with my masculine and feminine energies, I can simply dial them up or down in any situation, as needed. What freedom!

In recent history the idea of inner balance has been bandied about for the past few decades in progressive cultures. But as I discovered, knowing about it and living it are not the same thing.

Paulo, whose story appears later in the book, says:

I think there's a huge need ... I think a lot of us are engaging with the idea of balancing our masculine and feminine energies. I don't know if we've yet got to a point where we have easy-to-use, everyday models that people can take on, to know how to become more balanced. It's all out there academically and in theory, but how does one bring it into practical application?

That is what this book seeks to uncover.

As the topic of gender takes us to some of our most cherished and deeply-held ideas and assumptions, my suggestion is to take what works, and leave the rest. My desire is to share these discoveries so that you can benefit in your own ways.

This is my gift of love to the world. Its purpose is to assist those interested in balancing their masculine and feminine energies, and opening up to delightful new levels of abundance.

What is meant by masculine and feminine energies? Chapter 2 provides an in-depth explanation including the choice of the terminology, but here is a basic outline.

Masculine energies are outward-focused, active and differentiating tendencies such as being action-oriented, achievement-oriented, analytical, logical, focused, individualistic and assertive. These energies support us to put our stamp on the world.

Feminine energies are inward-focused, receptive and integrating tendencies such as the enjoyment of "just being", being relationship- oriented, intuitive, kind, empathic, seeing the big picture and going with the flow. These energies support us to create a rich and peaceful inner life and loving relationships.

These represent psycho-spiritual potentialities available to everyone - regardless of gender.

Can we be balanced?

For some, the idea of inner balance may be a confusing concept, and yet it has been encouraged by great minds since antiquity. How can I be in a male or female body and yet integrate my masculine and feminine energies?

This book will show it is possible.

Biology plays a role and creates differences between the sexes. But to what extent? Mark, an award-winning author and coach, believes we get to a point in our personal development where it is possible to "wear the cloak of your gender lightly."

The body is something to be enjoyed and experienced. But does it define you? My experience has shown that even while in a body we can be whole human beings. We are free to be much more, if we choose, than our biology suggests. While biology is a factor, our thinking plays a much larger role in who we become.

How did I arrive at this perspective, you might wonder?

For me it started with a treehouse.

Treehouse story

As a friendly and lively, but somewhat shy five-year old, I have just joined Kindergarten. Being the first day or two, I am still finding my way around. Having spent the morning baking "cookies" from play dough, I am now keen to play outside among the trees and sunshine. Eager to explore the playground during break-time I spot a treehouse with a ladder leading up and a pole for sliding down.

How cool! I think to myself.

I make a beeline for the treehouse. Having climbed the ladder onto the wooden landing, I slide down the adjoining pole much the way fire-fighters do.

Wheee! What a feeling!

After completing two such whirling descents a boy stomps up to me, hands firmly planted on his hips, and declares: "Girls don't do that!"

And with that, he stomps off again.

Unpacking the event

This interlude stopped me in my tracks. I had heard this kind of message before, about what girls (or boys) are and are not supposed to be or do. We know this as social conditioning. This one got my attention. Something was niggling me about this situation, something I couldn't quite put my finger on.

I felt highly conflicted: I wanted to fit in and be liked – just like everyone else. I also wanted to be free to choose my own pursuits.

As I glanced around the playground, indeed only one other girl was trying out the pole slide – and rather tentatively at that. Clearly I was the "different one."

Faced with the dilemma of what to make of all this, suddenly these words popped into my mind:

"God made me this way."

The words hit home with a powerful resonance.

Of course! God must have made me this way ... created and endorsed my body for all its strength and athleticism or else I could not have had this particular one. Then the niggly bit came to light. Physically, emotionally and in every other way I was more than capable of doing the very thing that society (via this little boy) was trying to deny me because of its own idea of what my biological sex means.

Girls were supposed to be quiet, homely and to watch the boys climb up and down treehouses. Apparently they weren't supposed to do this themselves.

Yet, why would I deny my own abilities when they led to such enjoyment?

Then I realized it came down to a choice: I could be true to myself and risk the wrath of society or I could avoid rocking the boat but buy in to limiting ideas of who I am.

I decided to be true to myself as much as I possibly could. I would not always succeed - the lure of belonging, of wanting to fit in can be powerful - but it would be my mantra from that moment on.

Three insights

In retrospect, the treehouse episode resulted in three insights:

• I have inner masculine and feminine qualities. As Taoism indicates we all have yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) qualities.

• Society conditions and encourages us to be one or the other based on our biological sex.

• Being balanced is more fun, more effective and more beneficial.

To be in touch with my masculine side – my adventurous, assertive and sporty side brought different kinds of satisfaction and fulfilment than my feminine side did. Both were wonderful.

My feminine side - the part of me that enjoyed art, reading, music, visiting with friends or playing with my dog brought its own benefits.

I wanted to have it all, or at least have access to it all so I could enjoy a full, rich experience of life.

Being balanced when you're five years old is one thing; maintaining it through adolescence and into adulthood is another story. My journey to balance, with its twists and turns, rebelliousness and insights, is described in chapter 3.

Entering a new era

It is no coincidence that the topic of balancing the inner masculine and feminine is increasingly important in today's world. Beneath the noise and activity of modern-day living, something extraordinary is happening: a new era is being born.

Penelope, a 31-year-old business entrepreneur, whose story appears later, says:

I feel there is a consciousness shift. People are changing; their mentality, their energy. When I go back to London, I see it. A lot of my friends have shifted. A large portion of it has to do with the way we understand and manage ourselves. I mean just look at business. Everyone's wanting to go green.

Nan Akasha, a business entrepreneur, coach and spiritual teacher, says (3):

I think for a lot of people right now the economy is shifting. The way that we used to do things – relate, make money, what fulfils us – everything has shifted and everyone is seeking something new.

A revolution is taking place in the hearts and minds of millions.

The exciting part is that unlike the past two eras which were polarized – first toward the feminine (matriarchy) and then the masculine (patriarchy) - the new era is different. It represents a balance of masculine and feminine energies. This is the next step in the rise of our collective consciousness.

In his book Power, Freedom and Grace, renowned spiritual teacher and alternative medicine advocate, Deepak Chopra (4) says:

In cosmic consciousness ... we begin to see that everything is a balance between feminine and masculine energies and anytime there is more of one than the other, we are out of balance. Right now, we need to reawaken the feminine because the dominance of the masculine has led to belligerence, arrogance, and aggression, the very problems we see in the world right now.

Our shift into the new era is a move away from the imbalance of the previous era. I believe the new era begins to arise naturally once we have exhausted the learning that comes from imbalance and its excesses. Being on the cusp of a new era means we have reached a tipping point.

In her book Healing the Soul of America Marianne Williamson (5) describes an aspect of the new era:

In the century now dawning, spirituality, visionary consciousness, and the ability to build and mend human relationships will be more important for the fate and safety of this nation than our capacity to forcefully subdue an enemy.

These spiritual leaders are saying the same thing: the new era requires moving away from the decidedly masculine worldview characteristic of the patriarchal era and restoring and raising the feminine in order to achieve a balance.

However, the emphasis on the feminine and letting go of the excesses of the masculine does not translate into: "feminine is good", "masculine is bad."

Both have the same potential for good or the lack thereof. The shift entails restoring the feminine to her rightful place as an equal, co-creative partner alongside the masculine. It is not about creating a new kind of imbalance.

Why is balance so essential to the new era? The synergies between masculine and feminine energies working in harmony will take us to new levels of life. By offering each other a healthy system of checks and balances, whatever is created from a place of balance can only be beneficial and provide for the greater good. This is the Law of Balance.

The benefit comes from taking the best of both and avoiding excesses of either.

We are already moving in this direction.

We now have better sharing of household and parental duties between working parents (though still not always equal); greater awareness around health and wellness; natural and alternative medicines; organic foods; cruelty-free products; animal welfare; conscious parenting; conscious business; sustainable living and green technology.

A call to balance

How does the new era affect each of us personally?

All of us are called to cultivate the inner balance of masculine and feminine that will give rise to, and reflect, the new era.

To usher in the era of balance, we first need to create it in ourselves.

While the idea of balancing the masculine and feminine energies may be daunting to some, this is an exciting time to be in because it represents a step closer to our true, spiritual nature.

According to Taoist philosophy, yin and yang are fundamental energies underpinning the entire universe and its workings. These complementary opposites, operating seamlessly in a dynamic and harmonious state of balance, reflect the nature of the Tao, or Source. They also reflect our own true nature.

To operate in harmony with the Tao, we are called to bring these two complementary opposites into a dynamic state of balance within ourselves.

Many Eastern and Western religions state that we are created in the image of God/Source/Spirit. Eastern spiritual traditions define our ultimate purpose as Self-realization, embodying our true nature as "Spirit in the flesh" and expressing our greatest potential – as God consciousness or unity consciousness - while in the body. What is important to realize is that this entails cultivating the same inner balance and harmony between masculine and feminine that occurs in Source. Since this potential exists at the deepest levels of our being, our job is to real-ize this, to make it real.

I believe integrating the inner masculine and feminine in a dynamic and harmonious state of balance is a significant milestone on the journey to Self-realization, yet is seldom spoken of in this context. This book aims to reveal the importance of inner balance on this particular journey that is the destiny of every soul in creation.

The end of false dichotomies

Could this be the end of the battle of the sexes?

How can it not be? Inner balance is the foundation for peace, harmony and collaboration between the sexes. It is accepting and embracing the masculine and feminine within us, around us and throughout the universe.

This acceptance also extends to those with different sexual orientations and gender identities. Making peace with the masculine and feminine within means being able to relate more easily to others regardless of outer shades of difference.

The new era is also the end of other false dichotomies such as science vs. spirituality; technology vs. the environment; western medicine vs. alternative medicine and profits vs. creating a better world. In each pair both sides are honored and the boundaries between the two are softened and blurred.

Cultivating inner balance across society would rapidly improve the world. War, gender inequalities, corporate greed, the growing gap between rich and poor, factory farming, animal cruelty and environmental destruction would dissolve.

The reason is simple. When people pose the question: "What would Jesus/Buddha/Mohammed/Lao Tzu/Quan Yin/Krishna/Mother Teresa do in this situation?" I offer this perspective: they would do what a wholly balanced being would do.

This is because masculine and feminine energy in their mature, balanced forms are nothing less than Source incarnate.

By contrast, masculine and feminine energy in their unbalanced states are prone to excesses. Left to its own devices, the masculine can become aggressive and potentially destructive toward others, while the feminine can be manipulative and potentially self-destructive.

Since we are emerging from an era that emphasizes doing, winning and achieving, we will naturally find more examples of excessive masculine energy.

Take corporate greed for example. It was a lightbulb moment when I realized that corporate greed is not necessarily due to "evil intent." It happens when an individual with excessive masculine energy, operating with no other frame of reference, becomes driven to profits at all costs. There is no real sense of "the other" and no feeling for when enough is enough. It is a relentless pursuit of "winning" and achieving.

It is not about evil. It is about imbalance. The same applies to most causes of suffering: they are caused not by evil, but by imbalance.

In Unearthing Venus (6) author Cate Montana writes of her interview with a South American Shaman who explains that the most important role that women play within the tribe is telling the men when to stop:

Left to their own devices, men would hunt until the last animal dies and cut down trees until there is no forest left.

What the Shaman is describing is the effect of excessive masculine energy.

Masculine (or feminine) energy itself is never "bad." Ever. But when it is excessive or our only frame of reference, the trouble starts.

In the tribe Montana is describing, men and women have very different, gender-specific roles. As a tribe they achieve an external kind of balance, but this is not advocated in this book. Internally each person is still in a state of imbalance because they need someone of the opposite sex to provide "opposite sex energy" and hence balance.

The new era is different. It calls upon each of us to attain balance within ourselves.

What are the benefits of balance?


Excerpted from The Law of Balance by Loraine Magda. Copyright © 2016 Loraine Magda. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Preface, ix,
Chapter 1: The Treehouse, 1,
Chapter 2: What is Masculine and Feminine Energy?, 12,
Chapter 3: My Balancing Act, 25,
Chapter 4: Ten Benefits of Balance, 40,
Chapter 5: Is Inner Balance a New Idea?, 60,
Chapter 6: Can We Really Balance?, 69,
Chapter 7: Aren't We as a Society Balanced Enough?, 83,
Chapter 8: How Does the Gender Binary Affect Us?, 107,
Chapter 9: Case Study - Paulo, 120,
Chapter 10: How Balanced Are We as Individuals?, 135,
Chapter 11: What Does Balance Really Mean?, 146,
Chapter 12: The Journey-to-Balance Model, 157,
Chapter 13: How Balanced Are You?, 165,
Chapter 14: Seven Steps to Balance, 177,
Chapter 15: A New Paradigm, 184,
Appendix A: Discussing the First Two Areas of the Model, 193,
Appendix B: Society's Journey to Balance, 201,
Appendix C: More Examples of the Zig-Zag Tenet, 205,
Bibliography, 215,

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