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The Laws of Justice: How We Can Solve World Conflicts and Bring Peace

The Laws of Justice: How We Can Solve World Conflicts and Bring Peace

by Ryuho Okawa


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How can we resolve conflicts in this world? Why is that we continue to live in a world of turmoil, when we all wish to live in a world of peace and harmony? Just in recent years, we’ve faced issues that jeopardize international peace and security, including the rise of ISIS, Syrian civil war and refugee crisis, break-off of diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran, Russia’s annexation of Crimea, China’s military expansion, and North Korea’s nuclear development. In hopes of offering solutions to global crises, thereby bringing peace, security, and happiness to all people, Ryuho Okawa, Global Visionary who has readers in over 100 countries wrote The Laws of Justice. This book shows what global justice is from a comprehensive perspective of the Supreme God. Becoming aware of this view will let us embrace differences in beliefs, recognize other people’s divine nature, and love and forgive one another. It will also become the key to solving the issues we face, whether they’re religious, political, societal, economic, or academic, and help the world become a better and safer world for all of us living today.

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ISBN-13: 9781942125051
Publisher: Irh Press
Publication date: 09/01/2016
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.30(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Ryuho is a renowned thinker, leader, and author in Japan with a simple goal: to help people find true happiness and create a better world. To date, Okawa's books have sold over 100 million copies worldwide and been translated into 27 languages. His books address vital issues that will help humankind overcome religious and cultural conflicts and usher in an era of peace and prosperity on Earth. Okawa is compassionately committed to bringing happiness to the world; in addition to writing and publishing books, he continue to give talks around the world.

Table of Contents

Publisher's Introduction 13

Preface 19

Contemplative Quotes I What is Justice on the Global Level?

Chapter 1 God is Never Silent: The Truth that Transcends Academic Justice

1 One Problem that Lies Within the Education of Developed Countries 24

2 Conflicts Between Academic Study and Faith at Universities in America

A movie about a dispute over faith at a university 25

The main character of the movie tried to prove the existence of God, based on the Bible 27

3 Only God Can Say, "This is the Only Way" 28

4 The Voices of God are Now Coming Down

Happy Science missionary work started from a grain of wheat 29

Jesus was the one and only person who heard the voice of God in his time 30

5 Transcend the Limits of Academics with Truth

Commonly accepted knowledge is far from God's Truths 31

The Truth must be strong 33

God is alive 35

Contemplative Quotes II Think of Love and Justice from the Viewpoint of Wisdom

Chapter 2 Conflict between Religion and Materialism: Who Designed the Human Soul?

1 The Repeated Occurrence of Natural Disasters on Earth 42

2 Aiming to End Religious Conflicts

The reaction to seeing religious conflicts differs from person to person 43

Happy Science is trying to rid this world of various conflicts 44

Modern-day education does not teach about what is invisible 46

Happy Science is now taking on a challenge to launch a global revolution 47

3 Correcting the Mistakes of Theravada Buddhism

Theravada Buddhists believe that the Buddha will never be reborn 48

The Buddha did not deny reincarnation 50

Mahayana Buddhism teaches that the enlightened one will come back to this world to do salvation work 52

4 Who Designed Evolution?

Scientists mistakenly think that the soul is actually DNA 53

All life forms in this world have a purpose 55

5 Religions that Teach about Death Serve the Public Interest

The definition of death is extremely difficult 56

Religious facilities are places to communicate with the Spirit World 57

The simple Truth, which modern-day intellectuals do not understand 59

6 Have a Spirit of Devotion to Something Sacred

The world cannot be saved by computers, as realized by Bill Gates 60

We must keep the desire to seek something sacred 62

I want to lead the world to a future that is bright and free 63

Contemplative Quotes III The Six Worldly Delusions are a Guideline to Determine Justice at the Personal Level

Chapter 3 Progress that Starts From Righteousness: Politics and Economics Seen from the Perspective of Justice

1 Two Incidents that Occurred in Relation to Islam

Extreme remarks in spiritual messages from Muhammad, recorded just after Charlie Hebdo shooting in Pans 72

How should we regard the Japanese hostage crisis by the Islamic State? 72

During his visit to four countries in the Middle East, Prime Minister Abe referred to the Islamic State 73

The spirits of the Japanese key cabinet ministers visited me for advice 74

2 Examining the Ways Japan Coped with the Hostage Crisis

Prime Minister Abe's Japanese-style press conference confused the Islamic State 76

"Rescuing human lives" was a message for Japan, while "not giving in to terrorism" was a message for the West 77

The interpretation of the expression, humanitarian aid," which the Japanese mass media frequently used 78

How did the Islamic State view Prime Minister Abe's visit to the four countries in the Middle East? 79

Both the prime minister and the mass media lacked messages expressing their value judgment 80

3 What is Righteousness in Terms of Politics?

Two ways of thinking that determine justice 82

Muslims believe that there is no Islamic fundamentalism 83

Laws such as prohibition against female education are not Islamic teachings, but its cultural patterns 84

The two Japanese hostages were subject to the principle of self-responsibility 85

What the Japanese hostages should have left as their dying messages 86

In the international community, messages are only effective if they contain a value judgment 87

Putting human lives first is the Japanese creed, as stated by Shichihei Yamamoto 88

The only way to assess whether something is right or wrong 89

Ever since the American military abandoned its role as the world's policeman, chaos increased around the globe 90

4 What is Righteousness in Terms of Economics?

Provide people equality of opportunity, rather than equality of outcome 91

Make the spirit of noblesse oblige a kind of culture 93

5 Spread the Thinking of Progress and Prosperity from Japan to the World

Eliminating disparity will not do any good unless you use wisdom 95

Teach how to fish, rather than giving fish 96

Chapter 4 The Principle of Justice: Ways of Thinking Regarding "Justice on a Personal Level" and "Justice Between Nations"

1 Justice: The Most Difficult Topic of Our Day

Justice on a personal level is mostly determined by the law 98

Religious themes are at the basis of justice on the issue of denuclearizing the Middle East 100

Was there justice in the persecution of the Jewish people? 102

Determining justice concerning ongoing problems is a very difficult thing to do 103

2 Justice Seen from the Standpoint of Religion

Justice on a personal level starts from an awareness as a child of God, or a child of Buddha 105

Modern political doctrine started from the denial of the Manichaean dualism of good and evil 106

How did modern political reform arise? 108

Today, "warm-hearted justice" is disappearing 109

3 How to Consider Justice in Debates over the Constitution of Japan

Scholars' misinterpretation of constitutionalism 110

The constitution does not bind the people; the sovereign people create the constitution 111

Constitutional scholars are confusing constitutionalism with rule of law 112

The very Constitution of Japan itself is unconstitutional 113

4 The Dangers of Nomocracy and Rule of Law

The opposite of nomocracy is "governance by virtue" 114

Nomocracy can get dangerous it taken too far 115

Creating more laws to restrict freedom will lead to less convenient lives 116

We cannot allow the law to live on and the people to die out 117

5 How justice is Defined in the World

The two major trends opposing each other in the world 119

Mistakes will occur unless people recognize the world that transcends this world 121

Eliminating economic disparities will kill freedom 122

Is the one-person one-vote parity really fair? 123

"Justice on a personal level" and "justice for the whole" 125

Contemplative Quotes IV Mass Media's "Right to Silence" Will Mislead a Country

Chapter 5 The Great Turning Point in Human History: What is Required of Japan to Become a World Leader

1 The Power of Wisdom Required Now

What I feel now, at the 25th Celebration of Lord's Descent 130

With the help of many, I want to bring the Laws to all people of the world 131

The kind of wisdom you attain is important 132

2 A Spiritual Revolution that Encourages People to Make a Great Shift in Perspective

The two major streams of thought in the world 133

The significance of the Greater East Asia War 134

The term "peace" has different meanings depending on the country 135

3 Understanding the Conflict in Value Systems of the World

Difficult situations the world superpower America will face from now on 137

German frustration regarding compensation for the financial crisis of Greece 139

A split has been appearing in the EU due to increased unemployment caused by fiscal austerity 140

China's actions could lead to the world splitting in the future 141

Neither constitutionalism nor the rule of law is almighty 142

4 The Spirit of a Religious Nation is Required to Become a World Leader

"Democracy without God" and "Democracy with God" 143

Unlike Greece, the Japanese economy is in no danger of bankruptcy 144

What the Japanese government must do now is job creation 144

Contemplative Quotes V Work to Realize Peace Accompanied by Justice

Chapter 6 Establishing the Justice of God: The Teaching of the Supreme God, Now Needed by the World

1 The World's Value Systems are Now Wavering

American-type global justice is now in question 152

The standard for judgment must be the realization of the greatest happiness of the greatest number and the happiness of later generations 153

Two contradicting ideas in democracy 154

2 Is the Evaluation of Japan in Terms of World War II Just?

Asia's positive remarks on Japan are not reported fairly 155

The reason why I proactively voice my opinions on global issues 157

Even the victor nations cannot change the culture and religions of the defeated nations 159

The spiritual background of outbreaks of war, and the historical rise and fall of nations 160

3 How to View Clashes Between Different Religious Civilizations

The significance of the increase in the number of Muslims 162

The reasons for Western men and women joining the Islamic State as volunteer soldiers 163

Two heroes described in the movie, American Sniper 164

The reasons extremists in Muslim countries are driven to acts of terrorism 166

4 In Order for Japan to Contribute to World Peace

The reasons why the Japanese "Special Attack" Units depicted in the movie, The Eternal Zero, are not considered terrorists 167

I want people to understand the heart of Yamato, which did not forsake Okinawa 168

Hegemonism that lacks a noble cause is wrong 169

Japan must gain power to protect itself and contribute to world peace 171

5 Overcoming Religious and Ethnic

Monotheistic religions tend to speak ill of other religions 173

Buddhism and Japanese Shinto recognize various gods; their idea is close to worshiping the Supreme God 174

Judaism seen from the perspective of righteousness 174

The time has come to revise the criteria of justice on a global scale 176

South Korea's slander of Japan contains remnants of its ethnic consciousness 177

6 Realizing Happiness for All Humankind by Establishing the Justice of God

God's justice is revealed in my books, The Laws of the Sun, The Golden Laws and The Laws of Eternity 179

In World War II, the separation of church and state worked negatively 181

God's management works beyond the borders of religions in each country 181

The Supreme God desires to realize the happiness of all people 182

Contemplative Quotes VI Know What is Truly Right

Afterword 189

About the Author 191

What is a Spiritual Message? 192

About Happy Science 194

Contact Information 198

About IRH Press USA Inc. 201

Other Books by Ryuho Okawa 202

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