The Marketer's Handbook: Reassessing Marketing Techniques for Modern Business / Edition 1

The Marketer's Handbook: Reassessing Marketing Techniques for Modern Business / Edition 1

by Laurie Young
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The Marketer's Handbook: Reassessing Marketing Techniques for Modern Business / Edition 1

This book, written by a senior marketer with over thirty yearsexperience of using marketing techniques and concepts, sets out todescribe, contextualize and rate them. Its prime emphasis is onunderstanding their status so that they can be used to direct theuse of shareholder funds effectively. Its conclusion is thatseasoned professionals must use their judgement about when and howto use them, but they also need to understand them in depth if theyare going to make well-rounded, effective investment decisions.Above all it asks: “how useful and relevant is this concept? Will it improve decision making? Does the damn thing have anycredibility and does it work? ”

“This book combines a rigorous review of a wide range ofmarketing concepts with many practical examples and case studies.It can be read or dipped into both by seasoned professionals and bythose just embarking on their marketing career.”

Sir Paul Judge, President, Chartered Institute ofMarketing

“Laurie Young casts an experienced and skeptical eye on manycherished marketing concepts and techniques. He provides anantidote to the tendency to adopt them without understanding theirlimitations and possibilities.”

Professor George Day, The Wharton School, Chairman of theAmerican Marketing Association

“Laurie Young has produced nothing less than the A-Z ofmarketing. He has journeyed far and wide mapping out hundreds ofbusiness, marketing and communications models to produce anextremely useful industry atlas. Certainly it will find awell-thumbed home on my bookshelf.”

Hamish Pringle, Director General, Institute ofPractitioners in Advertising

“This book is much needed by marketing. Its value is inchallenging concepts, some of which have been the accepted norm fora long time. But as this book shows, some of these may no longer berelevant and appropriate for marketers in today’s consumerenvironment.”

Mike Johnston, CEO, Dairy Council of Northern Ireland andformer Chairman of the Chartered Institute of Marketing

“Senior marketers, like those who make up the membership ofthe Marketing Society, hone the methods and techniques they favouras their career develops. Laurie Young clearly did that and anexperienced voice shines through this critique. It is heartening tofind that so many concepts have a long history of producing realvalue for businesses but alarming to find so many of thetheorists’ favourites to be so groundless.”

Hugh Burkitt, CEO, The Marketing Society

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ISBN-13: 9780470746875
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 07/12/2011
Pages: 520
Product dimensions: 6.90(w) x 9.70(h) x 1.50(d)

About the Author

Laurie (Laurence) Young is a business man who likes to write. During his line career he held senior positions at BT, Unisys and PricewaterhouseCoopers. He also founded, built and sold a company. Yet, as his education includes a postgraduate business diploma and an MBA, his writing combines practical experience with sound business thinking. He has extensive experience of the marketing having, in addition to his line jobs, advised companies like: Ericsson, Motorola, British Gas, Energis, Hitachi Data systems, Datex Engstrom, Phillips and Nokia. One editor has described Laurie's writing as "evidential" and another as "beautifully expressed". His readers say that they like his ability to make complex subjects clear and to tell a business case study like a story. This is his seventh book.

Table of Contents


The Blind Men and an Elephant.

What’s In and What’s Not.

The Ratings.

Alphabetical Entries.

In Conclusion.



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