The Marriage Bargain

The Marriage Bargain

by Stephanie Dees

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback - Original)

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ISBN-13: 9781335479006
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 01/15/2019
Series: Family Blessings
Edition description: Original
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 481,905
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.50(h) x 0.70(d)

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The Marriage Bargain 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Amigagal 3 days ago
As others have stated, this is a marriage of convenience story. You don't get many of those in a modern setting, most of them are in a historical setting! I very much enjoyed this one! I have loved all the Family Blessings books and the Sheehan family. Although Jules has been in the other books, I have been waiting for her story. She's a baker and a planner! I knew she'd have a story that upended her "planned" life and that's what happened. She suddenly had 2 young children dropped in her lap when her best friend dies and she becomes the guardian. Not only is she overcome with grief but she becomes an instant mom and has to integrate that into her daily life! THEN, the children's uncle shows up and things get even crazier. I fell in love with Cam almost instantly because of his background story! I wont give spoilers but he has had a rough childhood and he craves to have a family and someone to love him. He wants to be part of his nieces' lives even though they don't know them. When Jules suggests a marriage of convenience to help keep the children, he agrees but it suddenly becomes much more than that. I LOVED how all the characters from the other books were in this book - a lot! That's my favorite kind of thing! Caring for the two girls together and fighting their ever-growing feeling for each other was just the type of story I enjoyed. I know some reviewers have said that there was no way some of the events would have happened as fast as things did in this story but that's why this is fiction! It had to happen fast because of the story line! I definitely recommend this book!
lsnlj 26 days ago
This is book four in The Family Blessings series. It is the first in the series for me and I had no trouble following along, however I could tell it was part of a series. I feel I missed lots of history and some good books as well, by just jumping into this one. Jules Sheehan finds herself in need of help, when Cam Quinn may be the answer to her prayers, that is where the excitement happens. There is much to overcome, problems to solve, feelings to figure out and so much more.
MelissaF 29 days ago
This book doesn’t waste any time throwing our two main characters into a sticky situation. Jules and Cam are attracted to each other but don’t plan on marrying each other right after they reconnect but that is just what they do and then let the romance and the fighting the romance begin. This is a wonderful story of two people coming together with one common goal but they must overcome their own personal obstacles a long the way. I appreciated Jules struggle with wanting to be perfect but realizing she might have to let that go. Cam’s struggle to overcome his broken past will touch your heart. A wonderful ending this well-written series. A copy of this book was given to me. All opinions are my own.
directorgirl11386 29 days ago
The Marriage Bargain is the fourth book in the Family Blessings Series. Cameron Quinn returns home to Alabama to take care of her sister's two small children. At the age of fifteen, his stepfather kicked him out. Jules and Cam come up with a plan to help save the kids from going to his mother. This book focuses on the younger sister Jules. Stephanie Dees again did amazing time with twist and turns that kept me engaged and wanting more. Again, this one had realistic situations and characters. I defiantly was brought into the characters life journey.
Laundry_Whispers 3 months ago
Ah, Red Hill Springs. How we have grown together. You have kept me entertained, occasionally irritated me, and always enamored me. The Sheehan family has expanded by more than double with falling in love and getting married and foster adopting a passel of Minions of twenty. Each resident has a story to tell from Joe and Claire who both know what it's like to not have family and to find family. From Jordan (Claire's twin sister) and Ash (the local doctor) and finding their own kind of love over the needs of a special little guy. Don't forget Wynn, and her baby bump, that drew her and her high school crush/love Lathan back together again. This family is finding love and getting married and adding children faster than they can blink. And then there is Jules, the baby of the family. She's goal-oriented just like her sister Wynn, but with completely different sights. She's an amazing baker and owns her own bakery right next door to Mama's cafe in the heart of town. But guess what? She finds herself the guardian of her besties two young children when their parents pass away in a car accident. Kids. All the kids. Everywhere! We already have the kids and we don't have to wait long to find the love interest either. The long lost uncle to these two girls is right on the doorstep as soon as he hears about his sister's passing. There's a lot of history here that I won't bog down in (let's just say he and Joe have similar backstories) but he wants to be there, he wants to do the right thing, and he's hurt that he never had the chance to reconnect with his sister. He could be the saving grace Jules needs to keep the girls with her. Their only chance at a real life. And for her that can only mean one thing. She's gotta marry Cam. She's not seen him since she was a child. She's not heard from him since she was a child. Most of the locals have completely forgotten he exists. And she's gonna talk him in marrying her for the sake of the girls they both want to protect. For a girl who never takes a step without fifteen lists and a backup plan for her backup plan(s) she jumps on this bandwagon without checking the depth of the water. Even the most centered, grounded, ambitious person sometimes just has to leap. And she leaped hard, and fell hard. Fell right into drowning in taking on too much when Ma leaves her the cafe, and the girls, and her *husband*, and and and. But leaping takes her to the edge of what could be great. If she can get past her lists and plans and ground rules. I loved Jules while I also wanted to Gibbs' smack her. She is the epitome of what every marriage of convenience becomes. She's a smart girl and she knows what will happen, especially when she's *marrying* someone she finds quite a hottie to begin with. I mean, I respect that she was trying to find herself falling in insta-love but it was already too late. She was in insta-love the moment she let her guard down and looked into his eyes. It just took her a little longer to realize it than it did him. Things go exactly like you expect it too and a single gal suddenly finds herself a legitimate family of four. Four couples, eightybadillion children, and a whole lotta insta-love. That's what I take away from the Family Blessings series. I feel like this town is not done talking, not done falling in love, and not done expanding with so many children they will need to build another school. I loved meeting these people and my heart hurts a little
Heidi_Reads 3 months ago
This was a great marriage of convenience story! I loved the way Jules and Quinn are working together to care for Eleanor and Emma. They get to know each other quickly in often overwhelming circumstances, and the characters from the previous books in the series play an integral role in providing support and encouragement. I thought the author skillfully handled the issue of different ethnicity with sensitivity- not ignoring it, but not letting it overshadow things. The plot conflict comes when Quinn and Jules develop romantic feelings for each other, but begin to fight them out of fear. They had great chemistry and the partnership they form to create a family for the girls becomes a family for each of them as well. I felt like the characters were well developed and even though I was frustrated with their reticence, I could understand where they were coming from. (I received a complimentary copy of the book; all opinions in this review are my own)
ARS8 3 months ago
The Marriage Bargain is the final Sheehan sibling’s story and this one focuses on younger sister Jules. One of the things I really like about this series is that each time we come to a new book, some time has passed. Jules has had a really tough time as she is trying to adopt her late best friend, Glory’s two little girls. However, two family members stand in her way, the grandmother-who is not a really nice person, and Cameron Quinn, Glory’s older brother. Cameron is headed back to his hometown, a place that holds very unhappy memories for him to care for his nieces after his sister’s and brother-in-law tragic deaths. Cameron is searching for home and a family that he can call his own, and for people who will love him for him. When he meets his nieces, he knows he is sticking around to get to know them, but he did not realize how he would be sticking around. This is a modern day marriage of convenience story and I thought it was outstanding. Jules proposes her crazy scheme to Cameron that they should marry to keep the girls with them- safe and protected. What follows is a family that has been thrown together through awful circumstances and they must learn the new normal. I enjoyed watching Cameron and Jules navigate sudden parenthood of a baby and a three year old, while also trying to find out how they fit into each other’s lives now that they were spouses. Author Dees does not give them an easy time of things either. Their love develops and grows amongst the trials and tribulations that are continuously thrown their way and they both must decide if their marriage is for keeps. This whole series is one for the keeper shelf and I have enjoyed every single one of them. I received a copy of this novel from the author. I was not required to post a positive review and all views and opinions are my own.