The Maverick

The Maverick

by Carrie Alexander

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ISBN-13: 9781459243590
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 05/15/2012
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 288
File size: 828 KB

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The Maverick 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Imagine being outcast, pregnant, homeless, seventeen and alone. Sophie overcomes all of that to raise a fine, if sometimes surly son, to forgive the father who abandoned her, and to become a deputy in the small town of Treetop. She's almost gained the town's respect when HE comes back to town - Luke Salinger, the love of her life. The one who left her 14 years ago. Watching Luke and Sophie rediscover each other, watching them ache for lost time is so poignant. The plot is tightly woven, all roads leading to the one conclusion. And the last line will leave you smiling!
Guest More than 1 year ago
After being shuffled around to various foster homes and then sent to live with her alcoholic father, seventeen year-old Sophie Ryan finds the only safety and love she's ever known in the arms of nineteen year-old 'bad' boy, Luke 'Maverick' Salinger. A break-in and severe misunderstanding lead the two to separate for fourteen years. Now, Luke is back in town and Sophie is Deputy Ryan. She immediately arrests him for speeding and a fourteen year-old charge of robbery that's never been closed. Sophie never expects the judge to make her Luke's 'baby-sitter' instead of throwing him in jail. Luke Salinger is back in Treetop after fourteen years of odd jobs, the last eight spent as a motorcycle stuntman. He's tired. He's burned out. He doesn't need ancient history creeping up on him. All Luke wants is to help his aging grandmother run her ranch. But small town gossip and rumors about Sophie Ryan betraying him all those years ago, then supposedly giving birth to his son, have Luke wondering what really happened back then. He reevaluates his life and discovers his feelings for Sophie have never disappeared. The more time he spends in Sophie and her son Joe's company, the more he becomes suspicious about what his brother, Heath, has been telling him over the years. THE MAVERICK is a hornet's nest of small town gossip, rumors, pettiness and love tragically gone wrong. Sophie has worked hard to redeem herself in the eyes of the townspeople for her son's sake. Now her life is crawling with Salingers when the only one she wants to associate with is Luke. Can this couple heal old wounds while trying to discover why anyone would have wanted to tear them apart in the first place? Add to that the mystery of wild mustangs being killed on preservation property, betrayals, and a surprise twist and you have a fast paced, suspense filled, intense romance about a second chance at love. Carrie Alexander pens an exciting, yet tender love story, filled with in-depth, believable characters. Sophie and Luke behave in a manner totally in character for both of them. Their dialogue, body language and rediscovery of each other sing. The senseless killings of the horses lead to a discovery of evil that neither suspects, but is integral to their coming back together. I highly recommend THE MAVERICK as a romantic story that satisfies on all levels. A definite candidate for keeper shelves, I'm claiming this book as one of my best reads of 2002.
Guest More than 1 year ago
In treetop, Wyoming, Deputy Sheriff Sophie Ryan knows immediately who is driving the motorcycle fifteen miles over the speed limit though he has not been in town in over fourteen years. Sophie arrests her teenage lover Luke ¿THE MAVERICK¿ Salinger as he has charges of arson, vandalism, and breaking and entering on the books from fourteen years ago. Sophie wants nothing to do with Maverick or any other of the wealthy Salingers who forced her to raise her son Joey by herself.

Upon seeing Sophie, Luke thinks back to the fire in the lawyer¿s office that changed his life. He was about to turn himself in after seeing his girlfriend Sophie, but was stunned to overhear she ratted on him. Instead of going to the law, he fled town. Later he learned she had a kid. Not comprehending he might be the father, he assumed she cheated on him too. At Luke¿s present day hearing on the old charges, Judge Entwhistle makes a surprising decision by appointing Sophie as Luke¿s watchdog to see that he behaves while in town. Sophie knows she must do her job, but wonders how to do it when she still loves the man she thought she hated.

THE MAVERICK is an interesting police procedural romance starring two fine lead protagonists learning that love is forever. The story line is fast paced as the lead couple struggles with an attraction that threatens to engulf both of them as well as with misconceptions about their past. Though the villain is a more of a caricature than a realistic person, readers will relish Carrie Alexander¿s super romance.

Harriet Klausner