The Million Dollar Story: An Unexpected Ending

The Million Dollar Story: An Unexpected Ending

by Christina Fernandez


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ISBN-13: 9781491716960
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 04/30/2014
Pages: 94
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.19(d)
Age Range: 1 - 17 Years

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The Million Dollar Story

An Unexpected Ending

By Christina Fernandez

iUniverse LLC

Copyright © 2014 Christina Fernandez
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4917-1696-0



"Ms. are you ok? Ms.? ... Hello is this Jay?"

"Yes how may I help you?"

"This is officer Reyes can you tell me who's phone I'm calling you from?"

"TC Tiffany she's a good friend of mine is everything ok with her?"

"I would advise you to meet her at New York hospital she's unconscious."

"Oh my god is she ok what happen?"

"Sir please come to the hospital." (silence)

And although I was unconscious I clearly heard the officer tell my best friend to meet me at the hospital, but what happen? Why was my body so stiff and I could not speak. I felt as though I was having a paralysis dream. I tried and tried to speak but nothing. It all happen about a year ago when I got back in contact with my ex, found out my best friend was ready to come out and most surprising of all the woman of my dreams was cheating on me. This is my story of how I went from the top to the bottom back to the top and right back to the bottom with a whole bunch of drama in between. Please excuse all the random phone calls in between.

TC outside delivering mail


"Hey Puta was sup, what you doing?"

"Hey Jay, nothing at work was sup with you?"

"I got a hot date tonight and ..."

"Let me guess you need me to go and double up with you right?"

"Ha yea if you can."

"Yea I got you what time?"

"Let's say around 8ish."

"Ok cool."

Man I never learn my lesson I'm going to go out with this kid and wifey is going to kill me. It's really hot out here lucky thing I'm almost done. You probably wondering who I am, well the name is TC and that was my best friend jay on the phone, I'll explain his story in a few but first a little about me. Well right now I'm 28 years old and I've been delivering mail for a year now. I kind of messed up my career after moving from California to New York. Because I wanted to be with a student, yes a student. It all happened about 10 years ago I graduated high school star basketball player entered college star basketball player with a scholarship. I majored in chemistry and minored in education. I graduated top of my class and was the player of the year all four years. I was offered the opportunity to go pro but I wanted to get my masters so I turned it down. At 22 I started working in a high school teaching a 12th grade class. While I was teaching I played ball every now and then, coached the girls' basketball team and worked on my masters. Oh my goodness this damn phone ...


"Hey babe how's work?"

"It's ok I got about 2 hrs to go then I can relax."

"Well that's good timing right?"

"Yea I'm just trying to relax already I'm so tired with all the over time I've been getting. Anyway was sup with you? What you up to?"

"Oh nothing much I got the day off so I'm just cleaning up and I was going to ask if you want me to bring you lunch."

"Sure babe that would be great. Well let me finish up I'll see you in a few ... love you."

"Ok babie I love you too."

(Clicks phone)


"Puta, one more thing."


"This girl is classy so dress up nice."

"Nigga you know me better then that ... wifey's bringing me lunch so I'm going to chill with her for a little bit so she won't question me."

"Ok Puta talk to you later."

"Alright bye."

Finally finished this damn route. Now I can go see Jenna till wifey gets here. I haven't seen her in a while so she's going to be surprised. So anyway more about me, I had a lot going for me almost finished with my masters and was making good money had a car my own place and a nice savings account. Then I hit twenty-four and I met the most beautiful woman her name is Samantha. The thing is she was a student of mine but I knew from the day I laid eyes on her I had to have her. It was September ninth I would never forget she was the first student in class she had her hair curled up with a nice tan complexion and her body my goodness proportioned in all the right ways about a 34C boobs and an ass like whoa and I'm a big ass person so I was amazed. Ok let me call this girl I just hope she answers.

"Hello Jenna?"

"Hey ma what you doing? I was just thinking about you."

"Really? I'm outside your building let me in."

"ok! Bye. Bye"

(TC knocks on the door Jenna opens the door and jumps in TC's arms).

"I missed you so much why haven't you been around?"

"Well I've been really busy lately haven't had any free time with the over time I've been getting. So anyway how have you been? You're looking good and what exactly about me were you thinking?"

"I been ok and thanks, I've been hitting the gym a lot, you don't look too bad yourself. And about all the crazy nights we spent together like that day I made you squirt hahahah, So what brings you by today?"

"Hey now we said we would bring that to the grave but it was a good night mmmm a damn good night. Well I finished early and I thought about you so I decided to drop by maybe get another squirting session going."

"Mmm really I like the sound of that."

"Yea but there's only one problem I can't stay long because wifey is meeting me at my job."

"So what you waiting for get over here so I can show you what you've been missing."

Jenna grabs TC and begins to kiss her intimately while caressing her body. The two continue to kiss walking to the bedroom and removing each other's clothing, stopping at the couch TC pushes Jenna onto the couch gets on top of her and starts grinding on her and as Jenna moans TC gets wetter and wetter. TC then begins kissing Jenna on her neck making her way down to her vaginal area putting her fingers inside and stroking slowly while caressing her clit with her thumb. Feeling herself getting close to an orgasm Jenna stops TC and leads her to the bedroom and slams the door behind them.

Samantha's house

"I don't believe you did this shit to my neck! How do you suppose I explain this to TC? In the winter it's fine because I can hide it but what am I going to do now?! This girl is going to have a fit, you're such an asshole!"

"Babie, babie, babie! Relax TC don't give two shits she's probably doing her right now. Here just throw this scarf on and call it a day, it's the style now anyway."

"You always know just what to say; you're the best I swear ... where have you been all my life?"

"It doesn't matter I'm here now and that's all that counts."

"But Jade babie we have to do something about this, I can't keep doing this what if TC isn't doing anything and I'm here with you, I'm just going to hurt her and she is afraid of that because of previous relationships."

"Babie you're not happy with TC and you know that, you telling me if she wasn't doing her or you didn't suspect anything you wouldn't be here with me right now? You know what don't answer that if you want to stop talking for awhile that's if it's what you really want just be real with me and I will respect whatever it is you want."

"I don't know Jade I mean you do make me happy and I love you but I have to think it over can you give me that and then I can call you tonight. Come on let me take you home so I can be on my way."

"Nah babie its cool I'll just walk, got a lot of thinking to do."

"Ok, I love you."

"Sure you do with every inch of you right? Bye."

"Jade babie please don't act like this not now, give me a kiss."

Jade grabs Samantha and kisses her with so much passion Samantha melts in her arms and Jade gives her a big hug and with tears in her eyes saying I fucking love you Samantha.

"I love you too jade. Ok let's get out of here."

Jade walks home and thinks to herself; man who would have thought I would catch feelings for this girl. This isn't how things were suppose to turn out I'm not sure what I'm going to do but I have to think hard because that time is coming and when it does all hell will break lose.

Jenna's house

"Damn girl did you learn new trick since the last time?"

"No stupid it's just been awhile, you know you the only one I touch. These other 'dykes' don't like to be touched at all."

"Well I'm sorry but this 'dyke' has to get her shit off too."

"And that's why I love this 'dyke'."

Jenna goes to kiss TC. With her hand out TC stops Jenna "hold on my phone, Hello?" (Jenna sucks teeth and walks away).

"TC I'm close to the office, where are you?"

"I just finished the houses I'm going for the pick up now."

"Ok see you in a few."

"Ok bye." (TC hangs up the phone) "Jenna Baby I have to go but I'm going to be doing this route for the rest of the week so I'll be sure to come by."

"Ok T see you later muahz." (Jenna thinks to self) Damn she always does that to me comes by gives me good ass sex and then just leaves. I hate the way I feel for her but I have to play it cool I mean I did get myself in this situation knowing she had wifey and all. Plus I know she stop coming around before because I started getting jealous can't risk that again.

The office area

Look at her man she's fine and after four years she still got it. I don't know why I keep cheating, I have to stop. Things just aren't the same anymore, I mean it's like we are more like friends instead of lovers. She's wearing a scarf must have another hickey on her neck, she thinks I'm stupid. I know she got something with jade but imma let her rock.

"Hey beautiful can I take you out sometime?"

"Ha-ha TC you crazy come here and give me some loving!"

(TC pulls Sam close to her and kisses her cheeks then lips biting then sucking her bottom lip).

"Mmm you better stop before you end up in my house; here I made you mashed potatoes and chicken."

"Really in that case come here, I'm kidding thanks babe you the best."

"I know, ha-ha. So how was your route today? Pretty easy, huh?"

"Yea it was light today no over time or anything; I've been really tired though."

"Yea I know babe I don't know why you came to work in queens. It sucks us not living together anymore, I miss sleeping with you."

"Yea me too babe, hold on a second."

(Sam thinks) I hate that about her I'm trying to have a serious conversation with her and she cuts me off. I'm going to put a stop to this shit.

TC answers the phone

"Hello Puta"

"Yea jay was sup"

"I'm going to your house when you get out of work so I can get ready."

"Ok I'm with Sam now so I'll call you later."

"Ok don't cancel on me."

"I'm not nigga, bye"

"So you chillen with Jay again?"

"Yea something like that."

"Hmm ok anyway we need to talk, I've been doing a lot of thinking. I want you to come to my house tomorrow morning."

"Ok no problem, I'll make it happen."

"Well I have to go so I'll see you tomorrow."

"So soon at least wait until I get off, it's only like an hour left."

"Ok fine, so do you like the food?"

"Of course babe it's great, hold on ... hello?"

"Hey I know you wit wifey but I couldn't stop thinking about you since you left, I want to see you again today."

"Ok I'll give you a call later, bye ... So babe what you did all day today? Clean your house?"

"Yea but I also did a lot of resting because I've been working long hours."

"Oh ok, that's good you got to rest. Ugh this damn phone, hello?"


"Who's this?"

"You don't recognize my voice? Has it been that long?"

"Crystal? Wow how'd you get my number?"

"Don't worry about that we have to talk, are you busy?"

"Well right now yea, can you give me a call back in like two hours?"

"Yea whatever bye."

"Wow! That's crazy anyway babe where'd you park lets go sit in your car I got like 45 minutes before I have to clock out."

"Its around the corner come, follow me."

"I'd love to cum hahaha."

"Shut up silly you know what I meant."

"Yea I know."

TC grabs Sam's hand as they walk to the car and when they approach it TC opens the back door directing Sam to sit in the back. TC follows in behind Sam and starts kissing her on her cheeks then attempts to kiss her lips and Sam moves her head.

"What's wrong babe?"

"Nothing I'm tired and you not about to fuck me in the backseat of my car in broad day light."

"Really? you have to be kidding me right now, you know what whatever."

TC goes to the front seat and sits with her eyes closed.

"Lets go I'm ready to clock out."

(Sam thinking) That was a close one but I'm not about to sit here and let her have her way when she's been giving her phone more attention then me. This has to stop and soon!

Wow what a day anyway where was I, about Sam so she walked in the classroom and all I can think is goddamn she is fine. So she introduces herself as Samantha Cruz and I tell her how ironic that is because my name is tiffany Cruz. So she sits down and we start talking and the rest is history. Four years later and she's wifey and we're happy ... I think. So how did I end up in NY, well her parents weren't happy with us being together so they told us the only way we can stay together was if after she graduated we moved out of state because they didn't want their family name destroyed. They figured by telling us that we would break up but instead her at eighteen and me at twenty-five moved to NY with one of my sisters. It was hard finding a job so I went toward the easiest thing teacher's assistant and Sam joined the police academy and became a police officer in the Bronx. The job I had wasn't paying enough so I got a job in queens delivering mail which caused me to move out here.

"Ok I'm done lets be out this place. Are you coming to my house or going home?"

"I'm just going to go home I still got a few things to do."

"Of course you do call me later, when you get home ... I love you"

"I love you too bye"

(Sam in her car crying) I don't know what happen to us we are so far apart right now, she always insisted on being around me and now it's like fuck it if we chill we chill if we don't oh well and little does she know I'm about to end this madness.

So ever since I got this job I've been away from Sam because she decided to keep the apartment we shared in the Bronx since she had the job as a police officer. Ever since we've been living in separate apartments we've really grown apart. I started to do me and she's been hanging with this jade girl that she met in the academy. She tells me they hang as friends and go over police stuff sometimes but I know otherwise. Now my boy Jay I met this dude at the teacher's assistant job in the school where I worked, he's the coach and we became instant friends. The first time we chilled outside of work ... ugh this phone


"Puta I'm on my way to your house, ok?

"Cool so am I, see you there."




"Yea it's me are you still busy?"

"Not really, I'm on my way home from work was sup?"

"Well I don't want to talk over the phone so when and where can we meet?"

"Well you can come to my house now if you want I live in Queens on the A line."

"Ok what's your address?"

"It's 10927 97 street."

"Hmm ok I'll be there in a few, ok?"

"Ok I'll be here."

That was crystal my first love spent four years with that girl, man I really miss those days but back to Jay. So he was telling me how he met this real pretty girl about a week before who had a cousin that just moved to queens and he wanted to date the girl but he needed someone to take her cousin out and he would have invited his brother but the cousin is gay. So I told him I would go because it was time for me to meet new people anyway. So he told me to be by his house around nine. I said ok went home threw on my favorite blue jeans a red button up and a fresh pair of shoes, and was on my way to his house. The wife had overtime so I didn't have to worry about any arguments. I got to jay's place around 9:15 and when I walked in his apartment there were two fine women sitting in the living room. So he introduced me as TC and he introduced the ladies Tasha who was his date and Jenna who was my date.

(Knocks on door)

"Who is it!?"

"It's me open up"

(TC opens the door) "My goodness wow crystal you look good."

"Thanks you don't look too bad yourself.

(TC stuck in a daze)

"So you going to be rude and just let me stand here?"

"No, no come in would you like something to drink?"

"Yes, some water would be nice."

"Ok just sit here in the living room. So was sup, what gives me the pleasure of having you in my living room?"

"Well it's been about seven years and I thought we had a lot of catching up to do especially since you been in NY for the past couple of years."

"That's cool I guess, I mean we can definitely get up sometime but not tonight. I got something to take care of."

(Knock on door)

"Hold on a sec. I'm coming!" (TC opens the door to see her best friend standing there) Was sup Jay?"

"T my main girl, was sup when you gonna start getting ready?"

"Go ahead and shower up, I already got my clothes ready just need to shower and get dressed. (Whispers) Remember that girl I always told you about, my first love? She's here in the living room, come let me introduce you. Crystal this is my boy Jay, Jay Crystal."

"Hello Crystal, nice to meet you. Heard a lot about you."

"Well it's nice to meet you Jay, and tell me was what you heard good or bad?"

"Not too bad you're an ok girl; sorry things didn't work for the two of you."


Excerpted from The Million Dollar Story by Christina Fernandez. Copyright © 2014 Christina Fernandez. Excerpted by permission of iUniverse LLC.
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