The Most Love Ever!

The Most Love Ever!

by Mary Hoy Schmidt


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"This book is the perfect vehicle to remind our little people that they are worthy of love and that their hearts are of great resilience and infinite capacity." – Lyndsay Green, Best-selling author whose books include The Well-Lived Life: Live with Purpose and Be Remembered.

The Most Love Ever! features a conversation between a grandmother and her granddaughter at bedtime – a very special and memorable time in the life of a young child. In the tale, the two help each other come to a wondrous recognition of how “big” love can actually get – and the little girl learns some new words and meanings as her worldview broadens to include them.

With its signature style and uplifting theme, The Most Love Ever! will appeal as much to grown-ups as it does to children. The desire to learn and to love – and the joy of mutual discovery – will bring you back to it again and again.

Here is what Carolyn Burke of "Mystic Moms" had to say aboout the book, after featuring it on her BOOKENDS page as "Top Pick" for November, 2018:

What if you could teach your child about big concepts like time, space, and quantum physics, and how there are no boundaries to love? What if you could do this in a simple, relatable way? Mary Hoy Schmidt lets us into her bedtime ritual with her granddaughter, and opens up a world of wonder and possibilities for us all.

Through the true story of her conversations with her granddaughter Evelyn, we learn about the exponential power of love. With simple illustrations and text, Mary and Evelyn share how big our love can grow and how it will last forever.

The power of a grandparent’s love brought this gem to life for me. The fact that three generations of women created the story, inspires me to create with my own children.

The Most Love Ever! reminds us how children are never too young to understand the secrets of the universe, and we adults are never too old to learn from our wise little ones. Share this book with your child, grandchild, or classroom, and witness the power of love grow ever wider.

Helps with: grandparenting, bedtime rituals, imagination, self-worth, sharing love, simplifying quantum physics, understanding the power of love, the universe, time and space, eternity and infinity."

If you like to read to your child at bedtime or quiet time or anytime, you will love this book!

If you are a grandparent or have a grandparent or know a grandparent, you will love this book!

If you are a child, or have a child or know a child, you will love this book!

If you enjoy teaching your child about the power of love and the wonders of the world, you will love this book!

The Most Love Ever! is published by Infinity Times Eternity, an Imprint of Rising Intent.

About Infinity Times Eternity:

Infinity Times Eternity is the new Children’s Division of Rising Intent. It is the natural unfolding of Rising Intent’s mission to produce and share work that uplifts humanity. Through gentle guidance and example, the books published under this Imprint will encourage children to exercise their imaginations and recognize their true worth.

Fostering an appreciation of language and learning, of kindness and caring, of values and virtues, the key intent behind this project is to share love and joy while invoking children’s natural creativity, interpretive skills, and problem-solving abilities.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781775256540
Publisher: Rising Intent
Publication date: 12/07/2018
Series: "The LOVE Series", by Infinity Times Eternity , #1
Pages: 32
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.09(d)
Age Range: 4 - 10 Years

About the Author

Mary Hoy Schmidt is the author of Infinity Times Eternity's first Children's book, to which she brings extensive credentials. As an experienced and versatile writer, she has always had an interest in Child psychology.

Her degree in English Literature from the University of Western Ontario was complemented by the study of Social Welfare and an overall emphasis on Psychology and Philosophy. Mary went on to coordinate Specialized Day Camps to help identify children's specific challenges and strengths, and to apply techniques and solutions that could be honed to each child's learning needs. She then co-created and taught a Program for area schools in fine and gross-motor skills to help children achieve their personal potential. Later, she developed, wrote and taught a College Course based on her experiences in this area, after which she generalized her teaching in "Child Development and Psychology".

In addition to holding a number of other socially-oriented positions throughout the years, Mary raised three of her own children, always mindful of teaching them the necessary values and skills through play and creativity. She has found that those same lessons learned through special education apply to all children, for everyone has their own needs, challenges, and strengths. Mary is now a grandmother of three, dedicating herself to their joy and learning as much as time permits.

Mary is also a busy writer, with earlier articles published in magazines like "Today's Parent", in which she depicts her understanding and appreciation of the way that children think. She is also a long-time poet who has shared her work at various venues and devoted a great deal of time helping students and grown-ups alike to learn and appreciate the art of poetry. She is the author of Rising Intent's current poetry collection, "Trees, Wind, Wishes", and is finalizing a large non-fiction project that delves into the deeper aspects of reality and addresses our potential for joy and fulfillment in life.

Mary is also the founder of Rising Intent and its Children's Branch, Infinity Times Eternity, for which this Children's book was written.

Mary's knack for putting words and images together is complemented by a life-long love of drawing and watercolour painting. In "The Most Love Ever!" she combines the universal appeal of geometry with well-studied facial features to create characters that are both whimsical and expressive. The synergistic relationship between the chosen shapes and words allows the theme of this book to unfold in a playful yet poignant way.

The signature style that Mary has created for "The Most Love Ever!" will be carried through all of the books in "The LOVE Series", making them easily recognizable to readers.

The evolution of the book's characters from draft to finished product was greatly influenced by Mary's daughter, Lindsay Schmidt Nichols. Lindsay not only digitized and enhanced the illustrations, but offered her editorial and creative expertise, and prepared the book for publication. Lindsay is a talented Graphic Designer with her own business, Lindsay Schmidt Graphic Design Services. She obtained her Degree from St. Clair College in Windsor, Ontario.

To top it all off, Lindsay's daughter (Mary's granddaughter!) Evelyn Nichols, painted all of the original dresses in the book with her own watercolour paints!

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