The Orchid: The Secret Code of Modern Goddesses

The Orchid: The Secret Code of Modern Goddesses

by Rocio Aquino, Angel Orengo

Narrated by Robin McAlpine

Unabridged — 14 hours, 50 minutes

The Orchid: The Secret Code of Modern Goddesses

The Orchid: The Secret Code of Modern Goddesses

by Rocio Aquino, Angel Orengo

Narrated by Robin McAlpine

Unabridged — 14 hours, 50 minutes

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Step into the world of The Orchid, an exclusive retreat founded by Mary, a woman who transformed her own deep-seated traumas and a failed marriage into a sanctuary for healing. In this audiobook, you're invited to explore transformative wisdom alongside Mary and her team of expert healers, as they guide thirty women through emotional and spiritual healing each week.*

The story follows the lives of five of those remarkable women, each grappling with unique challenges-from hidden sexuality and career pressures to spousal abandonment and beyond. As you listen, you'll witness their transformative growth as they navigate the program's curriculum, centered around themes like awareness, gratitude, forgiveness, acceptance, intention, and self-love.

Hear their stories unfold as they shed layers of pain, self-deception, and societal conditioning, discovering the empowering truth that the solutions and love they seek already reside within them. The Orchid is an invitation to witness their transformation and perhaps experience your own.

Narrated by Robin McAlpine, and featuring “Heirloom,” a song by Sam-Maher [].

For an enhanced listening experience, we invite you to visit to access downloadable materials that complement the themes and lessons of this transformative journey. Enjoy.

Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher

Adriana / Mexico - "Each character´s personal journey reflects somehow a woman we know. In more than one case, I found myself mirroring my own wounds."

Charlotte / Los Angeles - "The Orchid changed my perspective, illustrating that anyone can view life through the eyes of love. It teaches that regardless of past challenges-be it personal struggles, trauma, or guilt-we can choose to forgive and move forward with love and understanding."

Claudia / Italy - "The book is a life changing experience altogether. It really gives the reader a perspective on life and how to make it a better journey from within. It makes you feel happy and lighter because it helps you to navigate through this great gift we all have called life!"

Claudia / Puerto Rico - "A great fiction novel that is easy to read and will make you smile, possibly cry and root for your fellow women friends. You will see some aspects of yourself in the characters and end up loving them. The message is always positive - there is always calm after the storm even if one has to work through some challenges. The reward is worth it."

Denise / New York - "The Orchid is particularly beneficial for anyone struggling to cope with their current life situation. It's an ideal first step for those not open to or unable to seek professional help. It's also suitable for anyone looking to improve any aspect of their daily life and aspiring to live their best life."

Fernanda / Mexico - "The Orchid is not merely a book to be consumed quickly; it is a rich source of wisdom and insight that demands to be savored, contemplated, and internalized. It's a timeless companion on your quest for self-discovery, offering solace, inspiration, and a roadmap to inner harmony. Allow this book to be a constant source of guidance, a wellspring of empowerment, and a reminder that the journey towards self-love is both infinite and profoundly rewarding."

Marisol / Mexico - "The Orchid changed my life. Ever since I opened it, little by little, it was like seeing the world through a different lens. I could understand the details, the changes, and adapt to them. And it left me with precious things like meditation and the awareness of being part of something bigger."

Sonya / Boston - "At the intersection of fiction and self-help, The Orchid does a great job of encouraging female empowerment delivered in a compelling storytelling style. Those who enjoyed the inner thoughts of the women in 'Three Women', or the empowered protagonist in 'Lessons in Chemistry' would really enjoy this book."

Vanessa / Hong Kong - "...a joy to read. The writing is simple and clear. The detail and imagery is beautifully crafted to transport you to the literal landscape of the heavenly place called The Orchid where the story takes place. The story, the characters and the teachings lead you through an emotional journey of self-discovery always ending in a place of empowerment and love."

Product Details

BN ID: 2940192343074
Publisher: For The Highest Good Press
Publication date: 02/21/2024
Edition description: Unabridged
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