The Other Guy's Bride

The Other Guy's Bride

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The Other Guy's Bride by Connie Brockway, Justine Eyre

Determined to prove her worth as a budding archeologist, Ginesse Braxton vows to solve one of the world’s greatest mysteries — to find the location of the lost city of Zerzura. Unfortunately, no man dares take the risk of escorting an unwed young lady across the open desert. But on her way to Egypt, Ginesse engages in a daring deception — she will switch places with Mildred Whimpelhall, who is traveling to meet her fiancé, an officer posted deep in the Sahara.

Years before, cynical adventurer Jim Owen disappeared from his former life to escape the dark secrets of a troubled past. Betrayed by the woman he loved and scorned by proper society, he agrees to carry out a danger-fraught task: escort Mildred Whimpelhall across a lawless desert to her intended. But Jim is about to learn that “Mildred” isn't exactly what she seems…and the dangers they face together are eclipsed only by an even greater peril: falling in love, against all reason, with another guy’s bride.

“Take one enchanting, free-spirited woman and one hard hearted loner, toss in some witty dialogue [and] some heated passion, and you have the perfect recipe for romance — The Other Guy’s Bride.” —Christina Dodd, author of In Bed with the Duke

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ISBN-13: 9781531880576
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Publication date: 10/11/2016
Product dimensions: 5.30(w) x 6.70(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

While on a tour of Scotland in 1997, Connie Brockway fell in love. With the country. Since she was traveling with her husband, David, at the time, this was a good thing. She fell in love with clear, cold lochs and pine-cloaked mountains, red stag and single malt whisky, and most of all the proud and sometimes tragic history of this wonderfully evocative country. Once home, she found it impossible to do anything but write a romance set there.

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The Other Guy's Bride 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Bravo Connie Brockway! I knew that this story was a sequel more or less, to "As You Desire", which is one of my all time favorite romances. The only reason I was hesitant about purchasing the book is because it was not made available in the Nook format, only Kindle. Somehow that irritated me to no end therefore deciding not to purchase the paperback, I did without a very entertaining and wonderfully written story. My main point is that the tale is excellent ( I expect no less from Connie Brockway ) and I was only spiting myself by not buying the darn thing when it was first available. I enjoyed the book , I am glad I bought it. However, why would an author select only one source of an electronic format for publication? Why Kindle and not Nook? Or why Nook and not Kindle? Somehow that doesn't make the author look to intelligent. I am sorry for the insult Ms. Brockway, because I love your work but please remember that I love my Nook as much as you love your Kindle.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
DEFINITE 5 stars! I loved it! Truly remarkable. THE OTHER GUY'S BRIDE, by Connie Brockway, is set in 1905 (mostly) Egypt...a fun and entertaining mix of characters and a compelling romance. I found it to be a page turner...with unexpected happenings, sparkling dialogue, back-story presented at just the right time to keep me interested (and informed). This full-length historical romance is strong on themes of: romantic love, honor, and self-worth. While Ginesse Braxton (our heroine) begins as an Egyptologist determined to make her own way in a world where her family members are well-known and respected in the same field to learning that what she wants first and foremost isn't at all what she'd thought it to be. I LOVE stories where the characters have THIS much growth and development...and Ms.Brockway did a compelling job presenting both Ginesse and Jim as living, breathing, flawed, courageous PEOPLE I'd want to befriend and know. And Jim is completely swoon-worthy-- a real hero. Sensuality level: spicy Language: PG-13 Highly recommended to fans of historical romance. This one will STAY on my KEEPER SHELF. ~kristin
MiRxMom More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this fun, light romantic novel. I was intrigued by the Egyptian setting in the early 1900s. I know very little about the location and time period so I picked up many interesting facts. The main characters, Ginesse and Jim, are entertaining and the development of their relationship kept me interested. I would have liked more archaeological information and it would be nice if Ginesse could save Jim from danger sometimes. Even though the book was well researched some of the plot points were far fetched. Since I read it as a fantasy-adventure-romance the convenient coincidences and the ending tied up in a perfect bow were fine.
Bookshelf_Confessions More than 1 year ago
The other guys bride, as the title suggest is a story of a guy who should protect and guide the bride to her rightful groom but unexpectedly falls in love with her in the process. I usually read historical romances set in a palace, a countryside, ballroom parties, and anything that suggest old-fashioned ways of romances—never thought I end up in Egypt!..:)…but absolutely I can say I enjoyed reading this book every bit along the way. I’d like to give kudos to the book for the cover, it isn’t by any means wonderful or anything, but there’s something in it that made me pause and sigh, the woman is amazingly beautiful there and-well, I just loved the cover! It’s quite fascinating to find myself in a quest for a lost-city in Egypt, and more, engage in a complicating romance between Ginesse and Jim,.. These 2 characters are annoying sometimes, but totally lovable..I find myself saying to both of them to finally wake up and be themselves..:D… The heroine is feisty, outspoken, stubborn and intelligent, and the hero is handsome, mysterious, independent, yup sexy..but both of them have one weakness in common, love, they live through their brains, but when they finally met, their hearts begin to take over, so, what more can you ask for?!… I enjoyed so much Ginesse’s character, she might not be a really wholesome woman in our society today, but she’s prank and the words that come out of her mind are both funny and real..:D I love the ending even though other readers said it’s unreal, but for me it’s not bad to believe that fantasies happen once in a while, Jim’s declaration of love is totally romantic… The Other guy’s bride is a well-researched tale of finding the lost city of Zerzura in Egypt with mistaken identities, adventure, hot romance, (witty and totally funny dialogues and realizations about love and life)… Read this book and be transported into a world of historical romance..:) highly recommended!
orpheusNM More than 1 year ago
Fun, lively adventure You can never go wrong with Connie Brockway's books!
srbSH More than 1 year ago
Ginesse Braxton, the eldest (only) daughter of a very large, extremely talented archeological family, is often in disgrace for her impulsive behavior. Indeed, if anything wrong can happen, it does around her. She’s just finishing doctoral work at Oxford (rare for a woman) under the tutorship of Lord Tynesborough when she spots something in the archives that leads her to believe that she’s discovered the lost city of Zerzura. She hops a ship bound for Egypt and becomes a kind of companion to an ill passenger, Mildred Whimpelhall, who is also heading there to marry her fiancé, a stuffy colonel. Ms. W. decides to leave the ship and continue by train, and when Ginesse discovers that the colonel is stationed a short way from the lost city she uses the opportunity to dye her hair red and become Mildred W. The colonel has arranged for her to be met at the station by an American guide, Jim Owen, and travel with him until a posse of handpicked men joins them to keep “Ms. W.” safe along the way. Uh, oh, it’s lust at first sight between “Mildred” and “Jim”. Jim has a past and has done about anything to earn money so he’s just on this side – or maybe not – of the law. Seeing to the fiancée’s safe journey is a way to repay a debt to the colonel. He’s got a number of enemies just itching to get their hands on him (a LeBoeuf character, a collector of antiquities), etc. So it’s a journey full of challenges from the heat, the wind and sand, low water, thieving desert bands, but most of all from the tantalizing pull between them. Ginesse is a romantic; Jim is plain speaking, usually in a distinctly unromantic way. But he has a knack for saving her and she trusts him to do so. The story bubbles along and light is thrown on Jim’s hidden past. They’re meant for each other, but it takes a while to get there. Will I attempt another Brockway? Don't rightly know.
literarymuseVC More than 1 year ago
Ginesse Braxton is trouble waiting to happen! She's an intelligent girl, curious about everything, and mocked by all because her adventurous spirit has led her into several broken bones, some temper-filled conversations, and even the destruction of a very valuable ancient papyrus document. Now she's on her way to Egypt to find the lost city of Zerzura, but what she will do on her own there defies the imagination since this is 1897 when women are not expected to "do" but to "be" for their male partners/husbands. Trust Ginesse to come up with a very clever idea, to take the place of Ms. Whimpelhall, who is traveling to meet and wed her fiance, a British officer. Ms. Whimpelhall is quite seasick and says she cannot abide another trip at sea, so she asks Ginesse to take a letter to her fiance stating that she will make the rest of the journey by train. Everything seems to be falling into place so very nicely for Ginesse, that is until she actually arrives in Egypt and meets the man who will be accompanying her across the formidable Sahara desert. Jim Owen is not whom he seems. Ginesse thinks he is the proverbial cowboy and a rather smelly, rude, and crude one at that. Yet despite their constant clashes, they are drawn to each other, which stands them both in good stead as both are avoiding people they know. If they were to meet these significant other people, disaster would strike for sure, wouldn't it? Or perhaps the two of them together are enough to invite troubles galore! Yes, these troubles are both hilarious, annoying, and very dangerous. In the process of their travels, Ginesse and Jim get to know each other - that is, in their false identities. But little by little, revelations will unfold, and love will blossom but not until they both have to surmount more secrets and revelations that only the exotic Egyptian past can reveal to those who seek without fear. Jim is quite an unusual and special guy when all is said and done! Passion galore will flow and end in a lovely but surprising end for this stormy, feisty couple! Nicely plotted story, Ms. Brockway - there's enough complexity and turns of the story to keep any reader avidly turning the pages. Fine romantic fiction!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago