The Oxford Handbook of Developmental Linguistics

The Oxford Handbook of Developmental Linguistics


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ISBN-13: 9780199601264
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication date: 09/07/2016
Series: Oxford Handbooks Series
Pages: 960
Sales rank: 892,264
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About the Author

Jeffrey Lidz is Professor of Linguistics at the University of Maryland, having previously held positions at Northwestern University, the University of Pennsylvania, CNRS Paris, and the University of Delaware. His main research interests are in language acquisition, syntax, and psycholinguistics and his many publications include articles in Language Acquisition, Language Learning and Development, Language, Linguistic Inquiry, and Natural Language Semantics, as well as chapters in numerous edited volumes.

William Snyder is Professor of Linguistics at the University of Connecticut. His current research topics include argument structure (datives, resultatives, particles, path phrases), A- and A-bar movement (passives, reflexive-clitic constructions, P-stranding, comparatives), compound words, and syllable structure. A past editor of the journal Language Acquisition: A Journal of Developmental Linguistics, Snyder is author of Child Language: The Parametric Approach (OUP 2007).

Joe Pater is Professor of Linguistics at the University of Massachusetts. His work explores phonological theory and acquisition and has been published in journals including Phonology, Linguistic Inquiry, and Natural Language and Linguistic Theory. His current research focuses on the use of weighted constraints for the modelling of phonology and its learning.

Table of Contents

List ob Abbreviations
1. Introduction, Jeffrey Lidz, William Snyder, and Joe Pater
Part I: The Acquisition of Sound Systems
2. The Acquisition of Phonological Inventories, Ewen Dunbar and William Idsardi
3. Phonotactics and Syllable Structure in Infant Speech Perception, Tania S. Zamuner and Viktor Kharlamov
4. Phonological Processes in Children's Production: Convergence with and Divergence from Adult Grammars, Heather Goad
5. Prosodic Phenomena: Stress, Tone, and Intonation, Mitsuhiko Ota
Part II: The Acquisition of Morphology
6. Compound Word Formation, William Snyder
7. Morpho-phonological Acquisition, Anne-Michelle Tessier
8. Processing Continuous Speech in Infancy: From Major Prosodic Units to Isolated Word Forms, Louise Goyet, Severine Millotte, Anne Christophe, and Thierry Nazzi
Part III: The Acquisition of Syntax
9. Argument Structure, Joshua Viau and Ann Bunger
10. Voice Alternations (Active, Passive, Middle), Maria Teresa Guasti
11. On the Acquisition of Prepositions and Particles, Koji Sugisaki
12. A-Movement in Language Development, Misha Becker and Susannah Kirby
13. The Acquisition of Complements, Jill de Villiers and Tom Roeper
14. Acquisition of Questions, Rosalind Thornton
15. Root Infinitives in Child Language and the Structure of the Clause, John Grinstead
16. Mood Alternations, Kamil Ud Deen
17. Null Subjects, Virginia Valian
18. Case and Agreement, Paul Hagstrom
19. Acquiring Possessives, Theodoros Marinis
Part IV: The Acquisition of Semantics
20. Acquisition of Comparative and Degree Constructions, Kristen Syrett
21. Quantification in Child Language, Jeffrey Lidz
22. The Acquisition of Binding and Coreference, Sergio Baauw
23. Logical Connectives, Takuya Goro
24. The Expression of Genericity in Child Language, Ana T. Perez-Laroux
25. Lexical and Grammatical Aspect, Angeliek van Hout
26. Scalar Implicature, Anna Papafragou and Dimitrios Skordos
Part V: Theories of Learning
27. Computational Theories of Learning and Developmental Psycholinguistics, Jeffrey Heinz
28. Statistical Learning, Inductive Bias, and Bayesian Inference in Language Acquisition, Lisa Pearl and Sharon Goldwater
29. Computational Approaches to Parameter Setting in Generative Linguistics, William Gregory Sakas
30. Learning with Violable Constraints, Gaja Jarosz
Part VI: Atypical Populations
31. Language Development in Children with Developmental Disorders, Andrea Zukowski
32. The Genetics of Spoken Language, Jennifer Ganger
33. Phonological Disorders: Theoretical and Experimental Findings, Daniel A. Dinnsen, Jessica A. Barlow, and Judith A. Gierut

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