the post calvin: selected essays 2013-2016

the post calvin: selected essays 2013-2016


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After three years of publishing daily pieces online, the post calvin is proud to present the post calvin: selected essays. Editors Josh deLacy, Will Montei, Debra Rienstra, and Abby Zwart have gathered suggestions from writers and chosen pieces that represent the heart and soul of the post calvin.

the post calvin is a daily online journal that features twenty-eight regular writers. Each writer is responsible for one day of the month, and guest writers ll the remaining two or three days. ree years in, the post calvin has featured more than one hundred writers—all Calvin alumni, and all under thirty.

This new anthology, featuring eighty-eight pieces arranged into fourteen sections, highlights both the diversity of topics covered on the website as well as the common threads tying them all together. “I am a quilt of a person,” reads the epigraph to the first section (“Growing Pains”). Indeed, each writer weaves a picture of twenty-something life through their writing, describing new love or a new job, adventures with potato salad or with potty training. Part of what makes the post calvin unique is this range of writers who are willing and able to write beautifully about any number of topics. Observations about technology lie next to ones about nature, a movie review follows a story about sex.

It may seem from the outset that perhaps an alma mater and a similar age are all these writers

have in common, but the real draw here is the connections perceptive readers will start to make. Be it Budapest or Kentucky, they all travel (“Departures”). Be it students or a congregation, they all teach (“Classroom 101” and “Nine to Five”). Be it depression or alcoholism, they all struggle (“Gray Matters”). Be it a tour guide or a teacher, they all know some incredible people (“Portrait Gallery”).

With meticulous book design by Josh deLacy and beautiful illustrations by Maria Smilde, the post calvin: selected essays is a book that any lover of Calvin College, millennials, or good writing can be proud to read and share.

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ISBN-13: 9780998336817
Publisher: Joshua deLacy
Publication date: 11/14/2016
Pages: 410
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.91(d)

About the Author

NPR called Josh deLacy "a modern-day Jack Kerouac" after he hitchhiked 7,000 miles across the United States, and a few dozen surprised drivers told him he didn't smell bad. Since that experience, he found homes in the Pacific Northwest, the Episcopal Church, and the post calvin. Josh deLacy's writing has appeared in places such as The Emerson Review, Front Porch Review, and Perspectives. His website:

Will Montei graduated with a major in writing and a minor in philosophy. He currently lives in Seattle, taking full advantage of the abundant local coffee and surrounding mountain hikes. He is an avid daydreamer, an old soul, and a creative potty mouth.

Abby Zwart is a high school English teacher in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She spends her free time making lists of books she should read, cooking, and managing the post calvin.

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations

Stay Gold, Ponyboy, by Lauren (Boersma) Harris
Superlative Syndrome, by Caroline Higgins
Quarter of a Century, by Rebekah (Williamson) Medendorp
Playing Pretend, by Michael Kelly
Homeless, by Josh deLacy
Shakespeare at the Y: The Seven Stages of Male Nudity, by Matt Medendorp

Almost Great, by Bart Tocci
I Am Failing, by Josh deLacy
Worth It, by Amy (Allen) Frieson
Sheer, Stupid Inertia, by Griffin Paul Jackson

Doubt, by Will Montei
Loosening My Religion, by Gabe Gunnink
Saying a Sermon, by Brad Zwiers
I Want a God Like NASA, by Josh deLacy
Gethsemani, by Geneva Langeland
I Am Not Jesus, by Matt Hubers
Melancholy Epiphany, Everyone!, by Alissa (Goudswaard) Anderson
Bringing Vince Carter to Church, by Brad Zwiers

Homecoming, by Abby Zwart
The Great Tassel Shift, by Gabe Gunnink
Margin Notes on Gentleness, by Lauren (Boersma) Harris
Lexington Minutemen, by Bart Tocci
$10,000 Razor Scooter, by Mary Margaret Healy

I Quit, by Elaine Schnabel
Training Collar, by Alissa (Goudswaard) Anderson
Dr. Seuss, PhD, by Melissa (Haegert) Dykhuis
Hands, by Abby Zwart
The Funeral Singer, by Stephen Mulder
Retail Resolve, by Laura (Bardolph) Hubers

A Muttering of Ducks, by Geneva Langeland
How the North Country Trail Taught Me to Love Ohio, by Nick Meekhof
From the Polar Vortex, by David Greendonner
Body Burden, by Geneva Langeland
The Shirt Off Your Back, by Rebekah (Williamson) Medendorp

Tongue Ties, by Sabrina Lee
Are You Living Abroad as Authentically as I Am?, by Katerina Parsons
Grocery Shopping in Austria, by Andrew Knot
A Selfie Stick Could Just Save Your Life (Not Really), by Ben Rietema
Reverse Culture Baffle, by Elaine Schnabel
How to Move to a New City in Seven (Not-So-Easy) Steps, by Ryan Struyk
Riding in Buses with Strangers, by Andrew Knot

The Elements of a Relationship / Love Is Periodic, by Caroline Higgins
Untold Stories, by Katie Van Zanen
To Know and Be Known, by Will Montei
I Watched Christian Mingle so You Don't Have To, by Alissa (Goudswaard) Anderson
Holy Matrimony, Batman!, by Lauren (Boersma) Harris
Triathlove, by Gabe Gunnink
Newlyweds, by Sarah (VanderMolen) Sundt
Through Fire, I Do Wander, by Michael Kelly
Tossed Salad and Scrambled Yawns, by Catherine Kramer

Fieldnotes from the Potty Chair, by Jacob Schepers
Above and Below, by Will Montei
Miracle Drug, by Ben DeVries
Semi-Charmed Life, by Jacob Schepers
When My Parents Visit, by Greg Kim

I'm scared she gonna die, by Josh deLacy
Crazy, by Libby Stille
Battlefield: Ferguson, by Andrew Orlebeke
A Simple Mistake, by Paul Menn
Lessig, by Andrew Orlebeke
Earth Day and Weapons of Slow Violence, by Robert Zandstra

Binders Full of Men, by Mary Margaret Healy
Sorry, by Cassie Westrate
A Time to Laugh, by Sabrina Lee

You're Okay, by Katie Van Zanen
Naked, by Will Montei
Slowly, by Griffin Paul Jackson
Writing About Mental Illness While Mentally Ill, by Mary Margaret Healy
Serenity at Some Point, by Bethany Tap
Portrait of an Alcoholic, by Paul Menn
Small Talk, by Calah Schlabach
Text START for Help, by Abby Zwart

Potato Salad Diaries, by Cassie Westrate
I Ate the Whole World, by Abby Zwart
Aquavitae: My Life in Four Drinks, by Andrew Steiner
How to Eat a Chicken, by Amy (Allen) Frieson
Some Garlic Sizzling in Oil, by Jenn Langefeld

Sydney, by Sabrina Lee
Texting with David, by Andrew Knot
Bea, by Caroline Higgins
My Neighbor's Wind Chimes, by Bart Tocci
Nala, by Stephen Mulder
Costas, by Elaine Schnabel
The Sheep That Could, by Ben Rietema
Hi, My Name Is, by Catherine Kramer
Aunt Jackie, by Brad Zwiers
What the Cat Dragged In, by Jacob Schepers
Tough World, by Nard Choi

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