The Power of Basics: Introduction to Modern Zen Life of Calm, Spirituality and Success

The Power of Basics: Introduction to Modern Zen Life of Calm, Spirituality and Success

by Ryuho Okawa


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The Power of Basics: Introduction to a Modern Zen Life of Calm, Spirituality and Success presents a roadmap to success that marries spiritual discipline with cross-functional problem solving. “Basics” refers to tasks (or responsibilities) that are overlooked due to mundane or deferrable value, inadvertency leading to gaps and deficiencies. Ryuho Okawa posits that individuals who actively pursue spiritual development possess a bifold diligence and mental resolve to add exceptional value to their area of study or professional focus. Okawa advocates the importance of cultivating a mental attitude dedicated to basics and to confidently endeavor tasks to achieve new levels of productivity. This mental attitude of “dedication to basics,” or “Bonji-Tettei (凡事徹底),” is the Japanese golden rule of success and a spiritual thrust towards enlightenment.

Chapter one outlines the essence of the “power of basics” through real-world examples and personal reflections by the author. In this contemporary interpretation of Zen Buddhism, Okawa stresses the importance of disciplined diligence in the era of artificial intelligence and technological dominance.

Chapter two is a question and answer dialogue between Okawa and his readers to frame the noble pursuit of professional excellence. Okawa imparts time-management advice on how to navigate productivity bottlenecks and periods of asynchronous constraint.

Chapter three explores the theme of “success management” and how we must be cognizant of the obstacles involved to become a seasoned professional. Okawa reinforces the necessity for mastering the “power of basics” introduced in the preceding chapters.

Chapter four is a master class review of the “power of basics” for personal development and professional enterprise. Okawa underscores the utility of basics in the workplace to optimize organizational efficacy system wide.

The Power of Basics will rekindle your passion and motivation to meet goals and reach unprecedented milestones. By adopting this powerful spiritual concept, you can scale to new heights of success and happiness through the mastery of basics.

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ISBN-13: 9781942125754
Publisher: Irh Press
Publication date: 11/15/2020
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 719,055
Product dimensions: 5.30(w) x 7.90(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Ryuho Okawa is World Teacher, Master and CEO of Happy Science Group (a global utopian movement), and international best-selling author with a simple goal: to help people find true happiness and create a better world. Okawa’s deep compassion and sense of responsibility for the happiness of each individual has prompted him to publish over 2,800 titles of religious, spiritual, and self-development teachings, covering a broad range of topics including how our thoughts influence reality, the nature of love and the path to enlightenment. Okawa also writes on topics of management, the economy, and the relationship between religion and politics in a global context. Okawa’s books have been translated into 31 languages, and many of them have become best-selling titles, with over 100 million copies sold worldwide

Table of Contents

Part 1 The Power of Basics and the Time of Silence

Preface 15

Chapter 1 The Power of Basics and the Time of Silence

1 "The Power of Basics" That Appeared in My Dreams

An introduction to a religious life 18

Two dreams that prompted me to talk about the power of basics 19

2 Common Results of the Power of Basics

Examples of the basic tasks at work 23

How I gained the ability equivalent to an editor-in-chief of an English newspaper 26

Attending graduate school while working at the New York headquarters 28

Seeing the stitches on a thrown baseball 30

The ability to see with the mind's eye 31

Thoroughly practicing the basics to become able to do things naturally 33

Mastering the basics before moving on to advanced work 35

3 Essential Values That Must Be Preserved in the Advancement of a Machine Civilization

Recent cases of clash between religion and material civilization 37

The necessity of human intervention in life counseling and court cases 39

Excessive use of computers can lower your intelligence 42

A strange experience while giving a lecture 45

Making sure the basics are not neglected in the process of evolving 47

"A day without work is a day without food" 50

4 The Balance between Quantity and Quality in Reading

How to narrow down, choose, or discard books 51

Used books tinged with a will or the previous owner's thoughts 53

Visits from spirits of dead authors 55

The afterlife of Buddhists or religious scholars who did not believe in spiritual matters 56

5 A Buddhist Story: "Drawing Water with a Bottomless Bucket"

Spirituality must not be lost 59

Continuous study to maintain your English skills 60

A possible outcome of the Meiji Restoration 61

Advancing bit by bit 63

6 Encouragement to Live a Zen Life in the Modern World

The importance of having a time of silence 65

A dangerous state for religious practitioners 67

Aiming to deepen your religious life day by day 68

Avoid being totally cut off from society 69

What determines your work in 10 years 71

Chapter 2 Q&A Session on "The Power of Basics"

Q1 The Secret of Keeping to "the Power of Basics" over One's Lifetime

Welcoming basic questions 74

My experience of developing a critical eye at about 20 years old 75

Whether you are "altruistic" or "selfish" greatly changes around age 30 77

Various changes in the process of becoming a public figure 81

Feeling the need to become a "professional" of religion in the early 1990s 83

Criticisms from the mass media that led me to reflect on myself 85

An event that made me realize becoming a professional is not easy 87

The determination to continuously develop an organization 89

Realizing the lack in the power of organization 92

Striving to set aside time for something important 94

Unfinished work takes up the most time 96

Quick decision-making and a preparatory style of work 98

I had a greater ability to "compress" work 100

Q2 Using High Technology Wisely

The positive aspect of smartphones 103

The dangerous aspects of smartphones 105

Focusing on what to create, rather than on environmental conditions 107

Focusing on raising revenue rather than spending it 109

Do not be controlled by machines 112

Examples of two company presidents and their uses of technology 113

Religions must value "high touch" over "high tech" 117

Think about whether a machine or a device is necessary for you 119

Multitasking as a way to increase the amount of time you have 119

You need to give certain things up when multitasking 122

Fragmented language study can become connected at some point 124

Make sure not to waste your time by using electronic devices 127

Afterword 129

Part 2 The Power of Basics and the Road to Success

Preface 133

Chapter 1 A Lecture on "The Power of Basics"

1 An Important Power to Win in Life

Building one's basic strength 136

Hidden efforts made by top-level people 137

The necessary attitude for building unwavering status 139

The importance of humility in achieving ultimate victory 140

The traits of those who succeed and those who fail 143

2 The Difficulty of Continuously Winning in a Democratic Society

Even the most distinguished people struggle to keep winning 145

A harsh principle that sustains a democratic society 149

Raw talent alone is not sufficient 151

3 The Strictness of Being a Professional

The harshness of competition 155

Perceiving things before they actually happen 157

Experiences involving my English 159

The severity of the professional world 161

4 The Efforts Required to Remain among the Top

The importance of both talent and effort 164

The difficulty of maintaining one's job performance while supporting a family 166

The extra effort to develop a higher caliber and perfection as a human being 168

Expanding the scope of your work through task delegation 170

Producing more added value upon rising to a higher position 171

5 Ways of Thinking That Enable You to Keep Winning 10 Years from Now 174

Chapter 2 Q&A Session

Q1 Tips on How to Constantly Build One's Power of Basics

Willing to improve yourself is a talent in and of itself 178

The difficulty of taking an English test in one's 40s 179

There is always a time when you have to take a leap 183

Giving English lectures to a non-Japanese audience without a script 185

Your aspiration determines who you are and what efforts to make 187

Q2 How to Incorporate the Power of Basics into an Organizational Culture

Overcoming communication difficulties 190

Sectionalism will lead to a drop in productivity 192

Examples of organizations that tie responsibility and authority 194

Examples of sectionalism at Happy Science 196

Make sure that the organization has not become self-centered 199

Those who have a broader outlook must be promoted 201

Everyone must have the mindset of a business executive 203

Afterword 207

About the Author 211

What Is El Cantare? 212

About Happy Science 214

Contact Information 216

About Happy Science Movies 218

About IRH Press USA 220

Books by Ryuho Okawa 221

Music by Ryuho Okawa 231

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