THE POWER WITHIN: A Poetic Guide into Self-Power, Ancient Wisdom and Quantum Reality - U.S. EDITION

THE POWER WITHIN: A Poetic Guide into Self-Power, Ancient Wisdom and Quantum Reality - U.S. EDITION

by Eliza Anna Falk


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If you are not finding contentment in the outside world, and are ready to start looking WITHIN for strength and meaning; and if you ponder life’s big questions about God, Universe and reality, this book is for you.

Written by a spiritual seeker turned finder, it reminds us of critical and life-changing truths. Firstly, that although we may follow different spiritual paths, we share the source of our Inner Power - the Life/God Force Energy, which can be accessed through our heart-mind-brain connection. Secondly, that according to quantum science, everything in the Universe consists of vibrating energy; and as energy beings, we are immortal, capable of creating our reality and promoting self-healing.

Falk offers a unique and powerful guide to reclaiming, using and sustaining Self-Power. She not only empowers with inspiring verses and quotations, but complements each poem with information guiding readers towards self-help strategies, and answers to life’s big questions.

Eager to learn how to use your heart-mind-brain tool for personal and global change? Wishing to explore Yoga as a science of spiritual transformation? Interested in quantum science and parallel universes; or profound secrets of Ancient Wisdom hidden from the West? ‘The Power Within’ awaits.

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ISBN-13: 9781632638298
Publisher: Inc
Publication date: 05/15/2018
Pages: 84
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.17(d)

About the Author

Eliza's education and career spanning three continents, have focused on her passion for working with people, writing, the arts and spirituality. Currently a Literary Associate at Ambassador Theater ICC and a freelance author at DCMetroTheaterArts in the U.S., she was previously employed as a Social Worker and Public Servant in Australia, and a teacher of English in Europe. Apart from gaining degrees in Liberal Studies, Social Work and English Philology, Eliza trained as a hypnotherapist, drug and alcohol counselor, fitness instructor, bioresonance therapist and Angel intuitive. She continues her learning and exploration of spirituality through lifestyle commitment and self-study. Website:

Table of Contents




Come as You are

Your Dreams

End your tears

I See an Angel

My Shadow

Hey Ego

Ode to Yoga

Miracle of Zero Balancing

You Are in Us

Quantum God

The Life is Such

Don’t Leave the Love for Later

Midlife Blues

Cosmic Tree


Tell me Science

My Heart

Brain vs Mind

The Power Within



The Power of Self

The Power of Dreams

The Power of Change




The Power of Yoga

The Power of Zero Balancing

The Place of God

Quantum Oneness

Eternal Life

The Power of Love

The Power of Now

The Power of Ancient Wisdom

The Mystery of Time

The Nature of Reality

The Power of the Heart

The Power of the Brain

The Power of the Mind


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