The Prudent Professor: Planning and Saving for a Worry-Free Retirement from Academe

The Prudent Professor: Planning and Saving for a Worry-Free Retirement from Academe

by Edwin M. Bridges, Brian D. Bridges


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ISBN-13: 9781579224684
Publisher: Stylus Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 05/28/2011
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 452,056
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Edwin M. Bridges is Professor Emeritus, Stanford University, and has an extensive background in higher education. Prior to joining the Stanford University faculty in 1974, he taught at Washington University (St. Louis), The University of Chicago and University of California (Santa Barbara). He is internationally known for his work on problem based learning and has worked with faculty from a variety of disciplines in China and the Unites States. During his thirty-five year career in higher education, he has consulted with numerous organizations, including the World Health Organization, the World Bank, and the New York City Public Schools. Professor Bridges has received two lifetime achievement awards for his contributions of the field of educational administration and is listed in Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in the World. At the age of twenty-six, he was appointed a high school principal; the following year he was chosen as one of three Outstanding Young Men of Indiana.

Since retiring in 1999, Ed lives with his wife Marjorie, in an historic home on the Stanford University Campus. Three years ago, they celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary. In retirement, he has devoted much of his time to activities that he neglected during his career as a professor – investing and retirement planning. After reading hundreds of books and articles on these subjects, he decided to share the lessons he learned with friends, colleagues, family, former students and others through his writing and public speaking. He brings these lessons to life by drawing on his personal setbacks, mistakes, and triumphs in investing and planning for retirement.

Brian D. Bridges is a registered investment adviser in the state of California and a trained financial planner with a strong background in counseling.

Prior to entering the fields of financial planning and life-enhancement counseling, Brian provided engineering solutions to IBM, Sun Microsystems, and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He graduated summa cum laude in industrial engineering (Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo) and completed an MSIE degree at Stanford University.

As President of Rewarding Directions, Brian uses his rich background in engineering, financial planning, and counseling to develop solutions that enable others to experience fulfilling, prosperous lives.

Table of Contents

Introduction: A Preview of Retirement

Part One: Saving for Retirement
1 Getting There: A Look in the Rearview Mirror
2 How Much Do I Need to Save?
3 Do Investment Costs Matter?
4 Should I Invest in Index or Actively Managed Funds? 3
5 What Should My Mix of Assets Be?
6 Why Should I Diversify?
7 What Investing Principles Would Serve Me Well?
8 How Do I Build an Investment Portfolio?
9 What Role Should TIAA-CREF Retirement Annuities Play in My Investment Portfolio?
10 What Role Should TIAA-CREF Retirement Class Mutual Funds Play in My Investment Portfolio?

Part Two: Preretirement Considerations
11 Can I Afford to Retire?
12 Should I Purchase an Annuity?
13 When Should I Start Taking Social Security?
14 Do I Need Long-Term Care Insurance?
15 How Much Should I Set Aside for Health Insurance?
16 How Do I Put My Financial House in Order?
17 Should We Sell Our Home and Relocate?
18 Is a Reverse Mortgage Right for Me?
19 How Should I Use a Financial Planner?
20 Can I Count on TIAA-CREF’s Financial Services?

Part Three: Creating a Pension Plan
21 How Do I Maximize My Retirement Income and Financial Security?
22 What Are My Income Options With TIAA-CREF?
23 Should I Incorporate a TIAA Traditional Payout Annuity Into My Pension Plan?
24 Should I Incorporate a TIAA-CREF Variable-Income Annuity Into My Pension Plan?
25 Should I Use Systematic Withdrawal as a Major Source of My Pension Income in Retirement?

Part Four: Remaining Solvent
26 Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, What Is the Greatest Threat of All?
27 How Can I Protect My Nest Egg Against Huge Losses?
28 How Can I Protect My Nest Egg Against Fraud?

Part Five: Beyond Retirement
29 What If I Finish in the Black?
30 Money, Happiness, and a Fulfilling Retirement

A Illustration
B Possible Questions to Ask When Seeking Financial Advice
C Experiences With Vanguard’s Financial Planning Services
D Planning Tools & Calculators
E Special Issues for Women
F Must Reading for an Informed Investor
G Determining Minimum Distribution Requirement
H Operating Expenses for CREF Variable Annuity Accounts, 1997–2008
I Total Investment Costs for the CREF Variable Equity Accounts
J Publications
K TIAA-CREF: Strengths, Shortcomings, and Needed Changes
L Formula for Calculating Annual Income Increases/Decreases From Variable Annuities
M Historic Returns: Worst Case, One Year
N Annual Income Changes for TIAA-CREF Variable Annuity Accounts, 1996–2005
O TIAA-CREF Variable Income Changes, 2001–2003
P Annual Review of Your Savings and Retirement Plan

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