The Psychic Life of George Herbert Leigh Mallory

The Psychic Life of George Herbert Leigh Mallory

by Ray Eugene Harkleroad Junior


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ISBN-13: 9781491855898
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 02/24/2014
Pages: 182
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Copyright © 2014 Ray Eugene Harkleroad, Junior
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4918-5589-8


I have known the circumstances of my prior life's death since I came into consciousness as a child. Before the age of three even, my dreams were always that fall. The sudden looseness—a lack of hard contact with anything. Then the rushing wind and the horizon and the landscape far below me. Then, ever so oddly, my body continues to fall below me as I watch from an airy vantage point and my realization of all things future and all things past. My view suddenly distracted by the two bright white points of light that appear next to me. That haunting view accompanied the falling of the arches in my feet—I've often wondered if I there was a connection, if perhaps I did land a bit on my feet and the body too carries over some knowledge of that ending just as the soul does. My mother dutifully rubbed my feet as a youngster, my arches in driving pain each evening, it seemed as the process wore on. The pain eventually subsided but the flat feet remain to this day.

At the age of four I recall saying clearly to myself that I had to keep this body more limber—it was not as flexible as the body I had previously. I was injured at about age two—I fell forward and struck my head at the hairline on a pyramid shaped rock changing not only my forehead where a small scar still exists, but also changing the timetable I was to deal with for the disclosure of my purpose on earth this go round.

There have been those persons when I relate the knowledge of who I was before my current lifetime that will ask "is everyone who remembers their prior lives famous?" Of course the question is daunting for many—why would almost everyone who claims to remember who they were previously always relate the name of someone famous. The answer is simply not as difficult to understand as might be expected, but unless some thought is given to the question the answer is not so easy to come. The answer becomes easy when it is understood that persons who are able to remember the successes of a prior life were successes because they sought and had the help of God in their endeavors. Only with God's help do you become famous (or profoundly excel), and only with God's blessing do you remember your prior life or lives unaided. It is that embracing of God that permits the success, the acknowledgement of the success, and likely the continuation of that success. The takeaway on this is simply that you must ask God, rely on God, and expect God to bring the bounty. It just works that way—it is not a concept—it is a law. The more you adhere to that law, the more you succeed in life. And for you that still believe that material things are the great determinant of a live well lived—see if you can equate that to spiritual advancement. For you that boast of how much money you have just know that God is watching carefully for what you do with it. Are you using it for good or for indulgences that you would rather no one else know?

You can leave God out of that last remark. God knows everything. So you thought Santa Claus was all knowing? Santa Claus knows when you've been naughty or nice—God on the other hand, knows why you were naughty or nice and gives you credit when your purposes, your intentions, were good, even if your plan for execution was less than stellar.

I'm still formulating the story I want to tell—it is a bit more difficult to explain the experiences of a life yet knowing that I'm going to have to refer not only to the history of this lifetime, but to the history of the last lifetime, and perhaps even earlier, but also to the history yet born of the future. I'll do my best—that is all any of us can do—I'll ask God to help and if I'm willing to accept it and keep my purposes clear and pure, then I'll achieve the clarity to explain the concept, the detail, and the purpose of all of this. God is good—but like the best set of tools in your garage—if you don't use them, then you've gained no value.

So, let us begin. The easiest way to begin is to be the child that we all began as for this sojourn on earth this time around. This special note is really to the parent, for they together either open the journey in hope, or resolutely slam the door on the prospect. Children carry not only the knowledge of their past lives but they carry the message of God, and often the ability to speak to the servants of God that sit at their shoulder each day or speak gently into their ear so often. Guardian Angels or as many spiritually inclined persons call them Guides, are spirits there to assist us in our earthly journey. These are the ones you really want to listen to—the ones that are ours, the ones that are there to help us. Too often we fail to listen to the ones we should and instead listen to the spirits who want to compel us to acts or actions contrary to our best interest, to acts contrary to law or morality. I'll address some steps you can take to discern the difference and to protect yourself in following chapters. One simple question provides the disclosure you really are looking for. Ask those who advise you if your instructions come from "God's will." Make sure that the source of the request is from the Most High—anything less is not acceptable.

Talents and proclivities brought from prior lives are more compelling than most parents would acknowledge or accept—but often fighting the very talents of the child damages for the lifetime as well as serving to sever the ties to the infinite. In other more simple terms, embrace the child for all that he or she is, and encourage the best aspects of the child. Inquire as to what was learned in that last lifetime, and ask simply and plainly what is to be learned in this lifetime. You might ask too if the child speaks to God—but don't be disappointed if the child will not tell you what is said to God.

Conversations with God are private, and often you'll cause the child to close up rather than to speak more by prodding or twisting for your own satisfaction. If possible during these conversations, record the questions and answers exchanged between you and the child. What you get piecemeal can be tied together for a more understandable and cohesive description later. And if nothing else, the child when older will be able to review those discussions to refresh the memory. It is that direct input of prior experience that is likely to result in the best remembrance of detail. Do your part to help the child out—you were selected by that soul to be the parent (in all likelihood) so go ahead—be a trooper—and do your part. You'll be surprised—not only are the children the future, but they are also the past. A rich, varied, wonderfully equipped past and fully available to function in this new world. Help them to reach their potential. While you are at it, do your part to re-establish your connection to your own past lives. Join a Spiritual Study Group if there is one in your area, or you might consider the Association for Research and Enlightenment (EdgarCayce.Org) in Virginia Beach, Virginia, or another such group that helps you learn and understand the tools of enlightenment. Those tools are meditation, meditation, and more meditation. Meditate often, sincerely, and with the best tools you can acquire. Those tools are books on self-hypnosis—get into the practice.

The book "The Sleeping Prophet" by Jess Stearn is probably the one of the best books available to have you understand the concepts of your physical incarnation. It is the biography of Edgar Cayce (who founded the Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach, Virginia (b. 1877, d. 1945)) and is easy reading. The real benefit is that concepts of your existence are easily and relevantly presented, and the life of this man clearly made understandable and usable in your daily life. You'll understand re-incarnation, the source of the Universal Knowledge, and other spiritual concepts in a friendly, usable way.

Your association with God is not theoretical—know that and practice that. The thought that your association with God is theoretical is what has allowed religion to spread and undermine our true reality. God is available for you whenever and wherever you seek Him. Take the time to learn how to remove the barriers and know—know—know that there is nothing between you and God. Never has been—never will be, and that knowledge of your association with God bears repeating, repeating, repeating.


When I was a child, I clearly recall my mother teaching me to read on her lap—a book spread open to pages that she helped me go through and understand the writing. No, it wasn't the popular aspect we get today: it was a real adult book with a religious bent and I recall pictures of angels flying in formation.

I knew clearly which angel was me—I pointed it out with pride to my mother who confirmed my assertion rather than trying to discourage it. I loved those sessions—and to say the least I learned to read at a very early age and with reading came writing. There was but one word that I ever recall being stumped on in school—I had just never come across it. The word was "debut"—and I did pronounce it incorrectly and of course failed on the meaning when reading out loud in class one day. I did the "de but" approach—I was quickly stopped and corrected by my teacher. That was the last time I recall having that sort of error. Even today, I receive a "Word of the Day" from one of the dictionary sites on the web. New words are always being added to our language—words coined to meet new circumstances and occasionally new meanings to old established words—or obscure words brought into the forefront to apply to previously unconsidered circumstances or applications.

In my last lifetime I spoke French, in this lifetime I studied Latin. With at least the three most recent lifetimes all being using English as the primary language, I've become comfortable and proficient and depending on the circumstance, direct and clear. It is a fact that the more people you need to reach immediately will demand an ability resulting in a higher standard of clarity. Understanding is a one-on-one mission.

Teach your children early of the language, concepts of their existence, and law of the land to make them more adept in their surroundings and more proficient in their dealings with others.

Being the adventurer and lecturer George Herbert Leigh Mallory and having died in a fall from the side of Mount Everest, there have been several books written on my prior life. I don't pretend to remember everything about that life or the lives preceding it, but there is enough information captured by those authors to remind me of similarities in lifetimes that have occurred then and now. Take for example my rejection as George of the very teachings of my father, a minister of religion.

I rejected the church then and I reject the church now. There was no substance, no logic to what I saw as religion. It was not the pomp and circumstance that failed to impress me; it was the skewing of concept from adoration of our creator to adoration of "trusted servants" who in the application of faith could not be trusted. No, I'm not referring to the scandals of the clergy that sullied the Catholic Church in the 20th and beginning of the 21th Century, but rather that an attitude of "I know—you don't" and "I cannot lead you to knowing" that I rejected. In this lifetime, I walked away from the Presbyterian Church one day when I was ten years of age.

My brother Jack and I had gone to church in an old stone church on Bristol Road in what today is known as Bensalem, Pennsylvania. This is a colonial area and many places claim that George Washington slept there, especially the Red Lion Inn in Andalusia if the place still exists, and I trust it does as it is a historical landmark.

My brother is 18 months younger than I, and we both were frequently sent to the Bible class at the church—my mother sometimes attending and my father seldom attending. The church was close enough that walking to the church was a short 15 minutes or so away, and we were with other children of our age group. Being originally from East Tennessee, Kingsport, from where my family moved in about 1950, a strong orientation to Bible study existed. That part of Tennessee is often known as the "Buckle of the Bible Belt" with the snake handlers, the holy rollers, and other sects in relatively close proximity to the area. My father was from Kingsport, my mother from more of a region known as Hawkins County.

I know they were married at age 17, and my father served in World War Two in Europe. He seldom spoke of that—whatever transpired in the theatre of war was not a memory he chose to recollect without incredible prodding. I never really heard it. My father did participate in a program to record his recollections before so many of those heroes died as the years bore on them—a patriotism program. I've never been able to bring myself to listen to the narration though I have a copy. I am personally anti-war. After all, war only serves to kill. I've yet to understand the nobility in killing and profoundly question the wisdom of the United States entering Afghanistan to attack a country when the perpetrators of an act of war lived in rocks, well outside of the government control. And as we have learned, it was likely the adjoining country of Pakistan that actually gave Osama Bin Laden comfort—not the Afghanis. Just what did all of those innocent civilians do to deserve death? Make that a double when it comes to the war in Iraq—if not for the slight George Walker Bush felt had been placed on his father, George H.W. Bush, the 41st President of the United States by Saddam Hussein, I am sure we would not have attacked that country. The wisdom of not attacking became startling clear when Idiot George made his proclamation that indeed, there were no weapons of mass destruction in the country. But oh well, let's beat the hell out of them anyway. I am paraphrasing, but the outcome of his orders as the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States of America is not in doubt. We attacked viciously, killing civilians, destroying historical landmarks, and eventually removing the barriers between sects of Islamists in the country held in check for so long by the existing government and allowing harsh civil strife to result.

I have a few tidbits to share about George Walker Bush later in the book—but you, dear reader, will find a very harsh opinion about him from me and, Dear George, please note that your attempts to intimidate me were hugely unsuccessful. My standard thought on the subject is always "What are you going to do about it? Kill Me? Is that your best shot?" Read on, dear reader—the best is yet to come.

Continuing with the narration—I enjoyed the company of the others in the Bible Class and we would read from the Bible from time to time as would be logical. I stopped going one day when I was incredibly shaken by what happened on that Sunday—it seemed so simple but I just didn't want to deal with it. I could not share it with anyone, and I didn't know what to do. As I opened the Bible I was suddenly confronted with a moving picture—a full page moving picture of someone walking on a sandy background—sandals and feet moving step by step in the Bible. It was almost as if I were looking down at my own two feet. I could sense others around me but didn't see them in the picture. I was shaken—it was my first experience, I think, dealing with a vision in this life but so much has happened since.

I was running from the truth, I fear, as I never went back to that church even though, if recalled correctly, I was to be a Bible teacher at the tender age of 10 years. One thing was sure—I am pretty certain that the others in the class didn't have the same visual experience I had.

The bulk of my school experiences up to at least the age of 17 seemed pretty normal—I had inclinations, visions, knowledge of the forthcoming but didn't share them often or strongly. They didn't seem that relevant at the time, and more importantly, only served to bring me ridicule—a harsh slap at that point in adolescent growth. There are some stories worth repeating.

My brother brought a new understanding to me when I was eleven and had sent away for one of those items on the back cover of a comic book. "Hypnotize your friends" the advertisement said, and I was intrigued.

My best friend and the best friend of my brother too I would venture, was Peter MacDonough who lived just up the street from us there in Bensalem, in the area near King David Cemetery and the field where now the Neshaminy Mall stands. My brother who was a scant nine years of age, was the victim for my experiment in hypnosis—and all I did was to follow the simple directions, speak easily and comfortably, and have a thought about what I wanted to accomplish with the session.


Excerpted from The Psychic Life of GEORGE HERBERT LEIGH MALLORY by RAY EUGENE HARKLEROAD JUNIOR. Copyright © 2014 Ray Eugene Harkleroad, Junior. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
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Chapter Seven, 37,
Chapter Eight, 43,
Chapter Nine, 49,
Chapter Ten, 67,
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Chapter Twelve, 77,
Chapter Thirteen, 87,
Chapter Fourteen, 93,
Chapter Fifteen, 103,
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Chapter Seventeen, 123,
Chapter Eighteen, 131,
Chapter Nineteen, 137,
Chapter Twenty, 145,
Chapter Twenty One, 157,
Index, 169,

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