The Rakhine State Violence: Vol. 1: The Rakhaing Revolution

The Rakhine State Violence: Vol. 1: The Rakhaing Revolution

by Shwe Lu Maung


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The Rakhine State Violence

Vol. 1: The Rakhaing Revolution
ISBN 13: 978-192880-09-1
ISBN 10: 1-928840-09-4

Description of the book

This is a very important book in view of Myanmar's transition to a democratic civil society.

On the Rakhine State violence:
"The Rohingya are reduced to dire stateless, homeless, landless, destitute refugee status, and the Rakhaing are transformed into blood-thirsty racist-religionist monsters, a disgrace to humanity. The Burman ruling class is the only beneficiary of the Rakhine State violence; even the Burmese Nobel Peace Laureate is trying to make a political profit out of it, rather than stopping it."

On the Rakhaing Revolution:
Shwe Lu Maung explains that Rakhaingpray (Arakan) is a hidden colony. The philosophy of the Rakhaing Revolution is 'we-the-people' and its strategy is "Decolonization of Burma" in favor of an equitable United Republics of Burma, in which the Rakhaingpray will participate as a People's Republic of Rakhaingpray They want Rakhaingpray to be ruled as an UN Trust Territory under the International Trusteeship System during the process of "Decolonization of Burma".

Rakhaing-Rohingya relationship:
The author also describes Rakhaing-Rohingya relationship with the declassified personal and official documents in this volume, whereas the Vol. 2: The Rohingya deals with the Rohingya crisis in depth.

His solution for Burma:
"Myanmar crisis is so complex, delicate, sensitive, and volatile that only a Geneva Convention on Myanmar Crisis will lead to a lasting peace and prosperity to the people of Burma and the region."

The Rakhine State Violence is a reflection of Shwe Lu Maung, Ph.D., a cadre of the Rakhaing Revolution since the 2nd March 1962, the day General Ne Win seized power in Burma. He is a revolutionary strategist and theoretician. In this book, he candidly presents the theories, strategies, and tactics from days of King Bering Resistance (1784-1815) to date. On the top of his rebellious politics, Dr. Maung, a biological scientist, specializes in the reproductive endocrinology, biotechnology, and molecular genetics. He was a gene-hunter in his last employment.

Dr. Shwe Lu Muang is also the author of Burma Nationalism and Ideology, University Press Ltd., Dhaka, 1989 (ISBN-13: 978-9840511143, 1999), and "The Price of Silence", ISBN 13:978-1-928840-03-9, 2005.

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ISBN-13: 9781928840091
Publisher: Shahnawaz Khan
Publication date: 06/10/2014
Series: Rakhine State Violence , #1
Pages: 358
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