The Rider's Problem Solver: Your Questions Answered: How to Improve Your Skills, Overcome Your Fears, and Understand Your Horse

The Rider's Problem Solver: Your Questions Answered: How to Improve Your Skills, Overcome Your Fears, and Understand Your Horse


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The Rider's Problem Solver: Your Questions Answered: How to Improve Your Skills, Overcome Your Fears, and Understand Your Horse by Jessica Jahiel, Claudia Coleman

In her informal yet informative style, clinician and equine behavior expert Jessica Jahiel provides solutions to all of the problems that riders can encounter. She presents real life situations and addresses them in comprehensive detail, covering everything fromthe technical aspects of riding to physical and emotional issues, tack and clothing, finding a good instructor, preparing forshows, and much more. The problems presented in this book will be familiar to riders of all levels of experience and in all styles of riding.

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ISBN-13: 9781580178389
Publisher: Storey Books
Publication date: 04/01/2006
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 1,217,577
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.98(d)

About the Author

Jessica Jahiel is an internationally renowned lecturer, clinician, and award-winning author who answers equine-related questions in her online newsletter, Horse-Sense. She also responds to questions about horse behavior, riding matters, and anything else readers want to discuss in Horse & Rider, Equus, and Dressage Today, as well as in her best-selling books The Horse Behavior Problem Solver and The Rider's Problem Solver. Jahiel lives in Illinois.

Table of Contents



Foreword by Sally Swift


Part I: Mount Up and Ride

1 Getting On and Off

I'm Uncomfortable Mounting from the Ground
• My Horse Won't Stand Still for Mounting
• Holding the Reins and Saddle while Mounting
• Dismounting: Should I Jump Off or Slide Off?
• Emergency Dismounts

2 Staying On: What's Your Position?

Rider Leg Position
• What Is Correct Knee Position?
• Rider's Tight Upper Body
• I Lean Sideways, and My Horse Does Too

3 At the Walk

How Should I Move My Arms at the Walk?
• Soft Hands at the Walk
• Young Horse Won't Walk, He Jogs
• Lengthening a Short Walk Stride
• My Horse Anticipates Walk-Trot Transitions

4 At the Trot

Help! Can't Master Posting Trot!
• How Do I Learn Diagonals?
• I Can't Sit the Trot
• Please Provide Sitting Trot Image
• First Lengthenings at Trot and Canter
• What Is Correct Trot Lengthening?
• Trot Lengthening or Medium Trot?

5 At the Canter

Canter Phobia
• My Horse Won't Canter
• Problems with Right Lead
• Smooth Canter Depart
• Rider's Leg Swinging at Canter
• Better Canter for Rider and Horse

6 About Jumping

Explain Crest Releases, Please
• I Can't "See My Distance"
• Losing Stirrups over Jumps
• Learning to "Fold" over Jumps
• Hunt Seat Compared to Cross-Country Position
• Strong Legs for Cross-Country Jumping?

7 On the Trail

Trail Riding in Balance
• Galloping on Trail Ride
• Riding Down Hills
• Essential Equine Trail Skills

Part II: Physical and Emotional Issues

8 Figuring Out Horse and Rider Size

Is This Horse Too Small for Me?
• "Outgrowing" a Horse
• Finding the Right Size Horse
• Horse-to-Rider Size
• Can My Horse Carry My Weight?
• How Heavy Is Too Heavy to Ride?

9 When Your Body Doesn't Cooperate

Painful Ankles
• Sore Knees
• Collapsing Chest
• Swinging Legs and Stirrups
• Strengthening Rider's Legs
• Why Don't My Toes Point Forward?
• Bracing in the Saddle
• Too Much Ballet Turnout on Horseback
• Rider with Painful Stitch
• Riding with a Bad Back

10 Facing Fear

Afraid to Ride
• Afraid of Horses
• Help, I am a "Fraidy Cat"!
• Rider Confidence Loss -- Whose Fault?
• Dealing with Loss of Confidence
• Restoring Rider Confidence

11 Helping Your Horse withHis Problems

Horse Too Sensitive to the Leg
• Retraining anEx-Racehorse
• Nervous Horse or Brat?
• My Horses' Mouths Can't Tolerate Bits
• My Horse Can't Do What I Want toDo

12 Thinking Right about Horses

Horse Is Always Testing the Bit
• Talking to My Horse
• Confused about Seesawing the Bit
• Is Seesawing the Bit Always Wrong?
• Letting Others Ride My Horse
• Do Horses Enjoy Being Ridden?
• Horse "Feeling His Oats"
• Is It Always the Rider?

13 Thinking Right about Your Riding

Rider Strength
• Finding the Right Horse
• Inconsistent, Sad Rider
• Dressage Rider's Potential
• Moving Up a Level in Eventing
• "Just" a Pleasure Rider
• Horse Too Fit for Wimpy Me

Part III: Tack and Clothing

14 Bits, Reins, and Contact

Correct Way to Hold Reins
• Acceptance of Contact
• Change Bit for More Control?
• Bit Pressure and Western Bits
• Asking My Horse to Stretch Forward and Down

15 Whips and Spurs and How to Use Them

How to Use a Whip
• When Can I Start Wearing Spurs?
• Does a Whip Equal Abuse?
• Spurs, Western Riding, and Hollywood

16 When Your Tack Gets in the Way

Finding a Saddle That Fits
• Stirrup Length for Dressage: I'm Confused* Safety Stirrups for Adults
• Special Stirrups for Painful Knees and Ankles
• Reins for Hands That Won't Close
• Longer Reins for a Long-Necked Horse

17 When Your Clothes Get in the Way

Pain from New Boots
• Putting Folds into Tall Boots
• Riding Jeans
• Still Bouncing with Two Sports Bras
• Comfort for Male Riders
• Saddle Sores
• Seat Bone Pain when Riding
• Helmet Fitting
• Wearing a Hat under a Blanket

Part IV: Getting Better All the Time

18 Instructors and Lessons

Adult Beginner Lessons
• Questions to Ask Prospective Instructor
• My Instructor Hates My Horse
• Same Lesson Over and Over
• "Jerk and Shout" Instructor
• New Instructor, New Ways
• Riding Lesson Etiquette?
• Should Beginners Ride Many Different Horses?
• Weekly, Biweekly, or Monthly Lessons?
• More Lessons = More Confusion
• Old, Scared Lady Wants to Ride
• Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced?

19 Going to Clinics

"Not Good Enough" for a Clinic?
• Clinic Costs
• Clinics for "the Rest of Us"
• Clinician's Comment on Riding Corners
• Should the Clinician Ride Your Horse?
• Learning from Watching

20 Going to Competitions

I Want to Show but I'm Terrified
• Getting Help at Shows
• I'm Never in the Ribbons -- Why?
• Interpreting Dressage Scores
• Organizing a Horse Show

21 You Are Not Alone

Can't Let My Friends See Me Ride
• Dressage for Occasional Rider
• Frustrated Adult Beginner
• Riding Clubs
• Limited Riding Time during the Winter
• "My Way Is the Only Way"
• Ground Work and Riding -- You Need Both
• Am I Letting My Horse Down?

Appendix: How to Build a Mounting Block


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