The Right Side of Wrong (Red River Mystery Series #3)

The Right Side of Wrong (Red River Mystery Series #3)

by Reavis Z Wortham


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"A sleeper that deserves wider attention."—The New York Times

As 1965 draws to a close, Constable Cody Parker of Center Springs, Texas, has a frightening sense of gathering storm clouds. His dreams prove accurate when he is ambushed and nearly killed on a lonely country road during an unusually heavy snowfall. The attack leads locals to worry that a terrifying killer known as "The Skinner" has returned.

As his nephew, Cody, recovers, Constable Ned Parker struggles to connect a seemingly unrelated series of murders, and the people of northeast Texas wonder why their once peaceful community has suddenly become a dangerous place to live.

Investigating, Ned, Cody, and deputy John Washington cross paths with many colorful characters: cranky old Judge O.C. Rains; the jittery little farmer Isaac Reader; the Wilson boys, Ty Cobb and Jimmy Foxx; and a mysterious old man named Tom Bell. Of course, Ned's preteen grandchildren, Top and Pepper, are underfoot at every turn.

When Cody follows his main suspect across the Rio Grande into Mexico, Ned understands that to save his nephew, he will have to cross more than a river: he will have to cross over to the right side of wrong.

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ISBN-13: 9781464201486
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 07/02/2013
Series: Red River Mysteries Series , #3
Pages: 250
Sales rank: 809,243
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Reavis Z. Worthamis the critically acclaimed author of the Red River Mysteries set in rural Northeast Texas in the 1960s. As a boy, he hunted and fished the river bottoms near Chicota, the inspiration for the fictional location. He is also the author of a thriller series featuring Texas Ranger Sonny Hawke. He teaches writing at a wide variety of venues including local libraries and writers' conferences. Wortham has been a newspaper columnist and magazine writer since 1988, and has been the Humor Editor forTexas Fish and Game Magazinefor the past twenty-two years. He and his wife, Shana, live in Northeast Texas. Check out his website

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The Right Side of Wrong (Red River Mystery Series #3) 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
RonnaL More than 1 year ago
This third installment of the Red River mysteries is once again a good old fashioned, rip roaring, 1960's,  Texas, western.   The story combines more modern day western thrills with lawmakers and desperadoes, and great yarns narrated by a couple of pre-teen scalawags.  You'll pardon my language, considering I just finished this thoroughly entertaining book!  Constable Cody Parker was shot at while driving down a backroad during an unusual Texas snow storm.  Badly smashed within his car and a tree, Cody is rescued by a new elderly man in town, Tom Bell, just in time to save Cody's body from becoming food for a hungry pack of wild dogs.  Constable Ned Parker begins the search for the shooter and finds himself caught in a new evil coming to his town.  Tearing down illegal whiskey stills was easy work compared to the trouble caused by these new drug traders.  Meanwhile, the kids, Top and Pepper, are satisfying their curiosity about, Ted Bell. Thus the adventures and goosebumps begin!! Once again, Wortham combines, mystery, thrills, humor, and good old fashioned story telling as his characters get into,  and barley out of, trouble. Red River is still a distinctly segregated place, but the main characters are a mix of whites, blacks, American Indians, and Mexicans who defy these boundaries within their communities to work and love together, as God intended. The misadventures of Top and Pepper add a rich element to the story as well.  This book is not quit like any other book out there today, and is a greatly appreciated change. I thoroughly enjoyed this third installment, and am looking forward to many more books from Reavis Z Wortham.