The Risk (Briar U, #2)

The Risk (Briar U, #2)

by Elle Kennedy

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BN ID: 2940155683728
Publisher: Elle Kennedy Inc.
Publication date: 02/18/2019
Series: Briar U , #2
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Format: NOOK Book
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The Risk (Briar U, #2) 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 45 reviews.
lovingtomes 4 days ago
Elle Kennedy’s books are always a joyous occasion for me. Well, the New Adult ones are. I’ve loved reading her Off-Campus series, and The Chase was a bit of a disaster, but I was keen to follow Brenna’s story. Brenna Jensen and Jake Connelly are sworn enemies. He’s the captain of the Harvard hockey team, while she’s the daughter of Briar’s coach. Except, the two have an undeniable chemistry that she’s determined to ignore. After Brenna’s stood up on a date, Jake steps in and insists that she stops hooking up with one of his team members since she’s a distraction to his hockey performance. This ignites further hatred on Brenna’s part for Jake, but he wants to explore the attraction, no matter how much she disregards it. When Brenna interviews for an internship at HockeyNet, an exclusive, sexist sports broadcasting network, she casually lies to her interviewer that she’s seeing Jake Connelly. Now, she’s forced to bury the hatchet and propose he pretend to be her date so she can acquire this internship. Except, Jake stipulates that for every fake date she uses him for, he gets a real one in return. The first thing you need to know about The Risk: it’s a dramatic improvement to The Chase. I could actually stand to read from the perspectives of these characters. They weren’t irritating. The male character wasn’t constantly thinking creepily with his dick. It was the upgrade of the century. I love Brenna’s character development. Her relationship with her father is the most admirable thing to see play out and it hurt to hear of her tragic backstory. She’s just a delightful character to follow. Not to use a cliche at this moment, but to definitely use a cliche, she’s not like other girls. I loved her confidence and uniqueness. I loved how strong she was even during tougher times. I loved how mature she was in her situation (a.k.a not breaking up with her boyfriend because he’s on a rival hockey team). I loved how she opened up to her father and was honest instead of letting their relationship simmer out. I just loved her. She was definitely the highlight of The Risk for me. I don’t really have an opinion on Jake, but I liked that he wasn’t like the other male characters in this series. It’s refreshing to see someone that’s more lowkey with their thoughts and isn’t – cough Fitz cough – masturbating to pictures he drew of his love interest. I liked that he had a solid relationship with his parents, but he has to be an idiot to not see that his girl best friend obviously doesn’t want to stay platonic with him. I know she’ll probably be brought up again within the series, which I definitely don’t want to see. The plot and its pacing was the massive downfall for me. The first 50% of the book drags on with only one fake date and about two real dates. The tension between the two main characters wasn’t enough to keep me engaged; I just wanted something to happen. Then, everything happens in the last 10% of the book. Everything flys past you. We’ve got the relationship, the big game, the huge complications, and the resolutions all in that short span of time. If the plot was more cohesive and the drama was spread out properly over time, I would’ve enjoyed this much more. I have one petty complaint: Jake and Brenna reminded me too much of Garrett and Hannah from The Deal. To put it straight: I enjoyed this less because I felt like I’d read the book before through Garrett and Hannah. Sure, there are some differences, but there were plenty of similar
JWright57 5 days ago
4.5 Stars for The Risk by Elle Kennedy which is book 2 in her Briar U series. Once again this author gave me a book I couldn’t put down and yet another couple to fall in love with. Brenna and Jake are perfect for each other problem is Jake plays for the wrong hockey team so Brenna ends up sleeping with the enemy..... Jake is making a name for himself and he is destined for the NFL, nothing is going to get in the way of his dream well that is until he meets and falls for a sassy brunette named Brenna. It was never meant to be real Brenna needed to fake date Jake but as they got to know each other feelings came into play feelings they weren’t meant to feel..... The chemistry is sizzling, the players adorable and I loved seeing Brenna win in her chosen career which by the way is normally very much a man’s world. This book has all the feels I look for in a great read and this series is becoming a must read for me. If you love hockey, sports romance or NA romance this should be an automatic one click you won’t be disappointed.
caroldh4 15 hours ago
RATING 4.5 STARS The Risk is book two in the Briar U series by Elle Kennedy. We first met Brenna in the first book as she and Summer met and became close friends. I really liked her in that book but I love her in this one. She’s tough, snarky, and determined to succeed. Brenna Jensen is the daughter of the hockey coach at Briar University. Her life has always revolved around hockey and she loves the sport. She loves everything about it. That is why she is majoring in sports journalism and is in her junior year. She met Jake Connelly in the first book and they started right out from the start with a bit of a contentious relationship. Brenna is applying for an intern position with a major sports news channel based in Boston. The man interviewing her doesn’t feel like women belong in the sports news business but he is also a huge fan of Jake’s. Before she could stop the words from coming out of her mouth, she told him that Jake was her boyfriend, thinking it might help her to get the internship. So now she has to convince Jake to be her fake boyfriend. Jake Connelly is captain of Harvard’s hockey team. He is a senior and has already signed on to a professional team in Edmonton, Canada after graduation. Jake, like any of the hockey players, has no problem with getting women. But he has no interest in a relationship. His focus is always hockey. But, there is something about Brenna. She couldn’t be more off limits. Briar U’s team is Harvard’s rival. She’s the coach’s daughter. She’s definitely trouble. So why can’t he stop thinking about her? When she comes to him asking him to pose as her fake boyfriend, he agrees, with a stipulation. For every fake date, he gets a real one! As Jake and Brenna begin to spend time together, they are both surprised to find that they actually enjoy each other’s company. It’s obvious that there is something there, something worth exploring. Their bond grows stronger, trust is beginning to form, and Jake proves to Brenna the sort of man he really is, a man that can be there for her when she needs him. Secrets are shared, and real feelings come in to play. But is it enough? Their teams are rivals. Their friends are enemies. And Jake is graduating and moving away. Brenna has one year left. I actually loved this one more than the first one. I loved Brenna and Jake together. I have to say that it has one of the most intense hockey games I’ve ever read! I was literally chewing my fingers down to nubs! It’s a miracle I can still type this review! My one and only complaint is the ending. Although of course, we get our happy ending. It just sort of stopped. I really needed a bit more. I love epilogues and it would have left me with a much better sense of closure if we could have gotten a glimpse into how the future played out for these two. With that being said, I really enjoyed this. I felt like both of these two were mature and well grounded and were just perfect for each other. So if you enjoy hockey romance with fantastic characters, this book is most definitely for you.
beckymmoe 20 hours ago
Loved! I can't even tell you how many times I laughed out loud while reading this! Brenna is all kinds of snarky--in absolutely the best way--and the banter she shares with her friends (and father, eventually) and with Jake are both funny and true-to-life. Be careful when taking a drink while reading this one, is all I'm saying. There's hidde humor traps everywhere... ;) Besides the LOL-times, Ms. Kennedy really ramps up the chemistry here--Jake and Brenna's is off-the-charts hot. Their places on opposite sides of the Division 1 hockey world serves to ratchet up the drama, and combine all of that with sexy good times and a smattering of hockey play-by-play and this one is a definite winner. The Risk is the second in the series, but worked just fine as a standalone. You'd better believe I'm going back to read book one ( The Chase ) ASAP, though--I've got to have something to occupy my time until book three ( The Play ) comes out, after all... (And OMG, I just realized why Ryan Wesley sounded so familiar in Brenna's throw-away comment in chapter 38--clearly, it's been too long! Must re-read that series too :)) Rating: 4 1/2 stars / A I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
Anonymous 2 days ago
slsuhr 2 days ago
I was barely even past the first page before I was beaming a giant, high-watt smile at at this book like some kind of lunatic. And that smile? It refused to leave my face for the vast majority of this fun, flirty, and fabulous story. Honest to God Ms. Kennedy delivers some Grade A banter in The Risk. The chemistry between Brenna and Jake is a sparky, buzzy, almost palpable energy that is apparent immediately and only burns hotter as the story progresses. But it's more than flirty banter and scintillating physical chemistry - there's an emotional layer to these two that felt like everything to me. Indeed, this was the perfect trifecta of humor, heat, and heart - and I am completely smitten with it. Also? The secondary character game is on point. I laughed so hard at some of the antics these lovable hockey schmucks got up to in this book. I adore these boys, hard. And I adored how they all - Briar U and Harvard boys alike - embraced Brenna within their own circles, affectionately and respectfully. The Risk is the perfect package of feel good. The story is compelling and gripping, the romance is swoony and fun, and the writing sucked me in immediately and held me captive, that loony smile on my face, until the very last. This was sports romance perfection and my greedy little heart is already hungry for more!
Anonymous 2 days ago
What happens when the daughter of Briar University's hockey coach starts fake dating the captain of their arch-rivals Harvard? Jake Connelly is 100% focused on hockey, as captain of Harvard's hockey team its his job to make sure that his team are just as focused and he has to put a stop to the friends with benefits thing that his teammate Josh McCarthy has going on with Brenna Jensen, its messing with McCarthy's head and Jake knows Brenna isn't interested. Brenna isn't interested in dating, she's all about the hook-up and move on, she's not going to give her heart to anyone. She doesn't even care about McCarthy but when Jake tells her to back off her hackles rise. The two of them have that insane hate chemistry where they could easily kill each other or rip each other's clothes off (possibly both). Then Brenna goes for an intern position at a local hockey network and the misogynist interviewing her is totally disinterested and dismissive until he starts talking about Jake who has been drafted to play for his team, the Oilers, at the start of the next season. Hating herself Jenna tells the creep that she and Jake are dating. Jake doesn't mind going to dinner at this guy's house and pretending to be Brenna's boyfriend, the only catch? For every fake date he wants a real one. But with the hatred between their rival hockey teams and their coaches growing exponentially is it all going to blow up in their faces? I liked this, heck I'd read the back of a cereal packet if Elle Kennedy wrote it, but I didn't love it. I guessed what Brenna had done to upset her father quite early on (downside of being old and having read a ton of books) and Jake was too cocky for me, verging on the bossing Brenna around and telling her what to do and what she thought. Yet, Jake was also pretty self-aware and caring - go figure, he was complicated. These gripes are because I love Elle Kennedy, don't let them detract from the fact that I devoured the book in a single day and enjoyed every second of it. I just want to see Jake's legendary abs :)
ReadingFrenzyBookBlog 3 days ago
The Risk is the second book in the Briar U series, and I continue to be charmed by the sports romances set on an Ivy League college campus. The strength of the series so far seems to be its confident heroines who frequently outshine the hockey players. Case in point: Brenna Jensen. What a witty, straightforward, ambitious firecracker she is! I knew I liked her from the previous book, but I grew to respect her in this one. She oozes sex appeal and assurance, and isn’t shy about standing up for herself. I like that she is aware about others’ opinions of her, but she doesn’t let that stop her from being true to herself. The plot has a definite Romeo and Juliet vibe. As the daughter of Briar’s tough as nails hockey coach, Brenna is in danger of crumbling under the weight of his constant disapproval. Cavorting with Jake Connelly, the captain of Briar’s archrival hockey team, moves the story firmly into forbidden romance territory. Jake is Harvard’s golden boy—a superstar already in possession of an NHL contract upon graduation. He is laser-focused and unabashedly selfish in his pursuit of hockey dreams. Surprisingly, I wasn’t put off by his cockiness because Brenna is equally ambitious and cocky in her own right. I thoroughly enjoyed the flirtatious barbs Jake and Brenna toss at each other. They start as enemies, but the nature of their relationship changes as a result of Brenna’s unexpected vulnerability. Together they are fun, sexy, and supportive. Their friends are great sources of humor as well, so I look forward to getting to know the other players in the Briar U universe more. I received an early version of this book to voluntarily read.
joyce_merces 3 days ago
Here we are, back to Briar U for another hot romance! The second book in the Briar U Series brings an enemies-to-lovers with hot hockey players, some fake dating and a good dose of sexual tension! Oh! And it's so funny! So Funny! Brenna, daughter of Briar's hockey coach, wants to be a sports journalist and Jake, a player with a bright future in the NHL, plays for the enemy. If you want to have some fun with a modern-day Romeo and Juliet, The Risk is the book for you!
A HEA BOOK BLOG 3 days ago
I’m always a fan of Elle Kennedy’s Work and The Risk book 2 in the Briar U series proved this true again. We got a tease of Brenna and Jake in book 1 of the series and book 2 drives right into their passion filled tale. Brenna is majoring in sports journalism having grown up with spot as her father is the University coach. Jake is captain of the rival university hockey team. Both strong characters we got the sizzling push and pull as they fought their growing attraction to one another.
Anonymous 4 days ago
LexyH 4 days ago
This book was amazing! Elle Kennedy has done it again. She is the queen of NA, add hockey in there and she owns my heart! I have seriously loved this new series from her featuring the Briar U hockey players. I can’t get enough of them. This story is no different. I loved it. I can say much because of spoilers, just know that everything about this story is amazing.
Kassiah 4 days ago
5 stars, since I can't give a million. Bad@ss Brenna Jensen is the daughter of the Briar U hockey coach, so naturally public enemy number one is Jake Connelly, the captain from their biggest rival, Harvard. He's everything you want him to be and mre, and neither of them expect the sparks that fly between them. When Brenna finds herself in a predicament needing Jake to be her fake date so she can land an important internship, she's surprised that Jake is not only willing to help her, but he wants real dates, too. How long will they be able to deny the sizzling hot-chemistry between them when they have to keep things totally on the DL and aren't looking to settle down? By now you should know that I love all of the hockey guys that Elle Kennedy writes and THE RISK was one of my most-anticipated reads of the century. I was pretty dang happy when I opened up this book to read that Elle Kennedy herself said she "hadn't had this much fun writing a story since The Deal." So, there you go, pretties, you know you're in for a treat. I love this book. I want to roll around in its pages every day for forever. I love Brenna. She's sassy and confident and just the right amount of vulnerable. I love Connelly. He's swoonworthy and cocky and not afraid to go after what he wants, even when that (or she's) not what he expected. I love the bracelet he wears and that he memorized her number. I love their banter. Seriously, it's the best. Like, next-level Elle Kennedy here. And I love how they can't help the blazing hot chemistry. I loved how many times Garrett (from THE DEAL) was mentioned. And how steamy this book was. I really loved the friendships--between Brenna and her friends and Jake and his friends and especially Brenna and Jake. I just loved everything, except that I wanted more at the end. I need more. It all boils down to the fact that whether you're a fan of hockey or not, you aren't going to find a New Adult Romance series that's better than this one or that makes you swoon as hard. You absolutely cannot go wrong here. The real risk is missing out on this perfection.
hopofo 4 days ago
Phenomenal! I loved this book, the chemistry between Brenna and Jake is palpable. Brenna is the daughter of Briar U’s hockey coach and Jake is the captain of Harvard’s hockey team which makes them off limits to each other and sworn enemies (kind of). Brenna has an edge to her that super confident Jake is able to peel back and expose her truths. Because of her past issues Brenna’s relationship with her Dad is very rocky. Their developing relationship kept in the dark from their friends, teammates, and Brenna’s dad. This book has all my favorite things; romance, comedy and hockey.
Anonymous 4 days ago
tradermare 4 days ago
I loved everything about this book and think it's one of the best when it comes to a new adult romance. So much of what happens in The Risk took me back to all the best parts of my college days (and that was a long time ago) -- the writing is just that good. It hits every emotional note perfectly. Let's start with Brenna. She's a tough girl. She's had to be after what she's been through. She knows herself. I really liked that about her. She's also drawn to Jake Connelly in a major way. Jake is awesome. Sexy, sure of himself, and also a leader of his team and group of friends, he's drawn to Brenna too. OMG, the flirting between these two ignites a little fire that turns into some of the hottest love scenes I've read in quite some time. Seriously hot. Seriously good. Perfection. Brenna also has some issues she has to clear up with her dad and dating the captain of his opponent might end up being a bit of an issue with him and her friends. The hockey scenes are superbly written and that makes a difference to me when reading sports romance. I like it when the sport isn't just a one line part of the book. There's some interesting team dynamics on both sides of the ice in this too. I adored everything about this book -- the characters, the story, and especially the writing that really pulled me in, and kept me until the final page of the book. Not even going to admit how many re-reads I've done of this book -- it will be my go-to comfort read for 2019. The Risk is definitely one of my top books of 2019. An ARC was provided for review.
Edit-A 4 days ago
I have been a huge fan since the ff-Campus series when the Deal came out, and was hooked by this hockey players! Usually, authors do not manage to keep the readers entertained after the second book, or hey do not manage to really differentiate the new characters from the formers, mostly you see them merge somehow, but Elle is not like that. Every single book is different, every single character is different, and stands on its own, and let me tell you, these two, these two were AMAZING! It was so funny to follow their banter, but also I loved their deepness. They were not shallow they were confident but had issues, but you know what I loved the most about it? Even though they had issues we did not know about it. Elle did not make the story to evolve around that, and we found out only towards the end, and even then the story was not fixated on it. She did not need the heart-wrenching drama to make her book sell, no, them tearing each others' throats and drooling after each other was enough to do the job! It was sexy, it was funny and I am once again mind blown. I loved that we saw Summer and Fitz, but I would have loved to see some of the OG characters, hopefully will come in the future books! I enjoyed Garret's singing praise, but please let's bring them home! Indeed it is! I loved these two and I LOVED LOVED LOVED Brooks' and Hunter's presence, cannot wait to read their book *hoping the next one is one of theirs*.
cordee 4 days ago
4.5 STARS When Elle Kennedy introduced us to team captain of Harvard's hockey team Jake Connelly in the first Briar U book, THE CHASE, I knew instantly I'd need a book with this cocky, gorgeous, smart-mouthed man. And I couldn't imagine a better heroine for him than the daughter of Briar U's hockey team coach, Brenna, so I was hoping, sending prayers, eating my veggies, and generally being a good girl. There are two type of bitches. The ones you hate because they create nothing but drama and are malevolent and green with jealousy. Then there are the ones like Brenna. The ball busting, snarky kind who wields her tongue like a sword and cuts you down with a single swipe of it. They also don't take offense being called one. You are in awe because while they are irritating, they are equally hilarious. Brenna is my spirit animal and I want to be her when I grow up. I loved her for being outspoken, sassy, funny, strong, tough and behind her prickliness was a soft core and a big heart. She has grit, ambition and stamina to go after what she wants to do with her life although there are obstacles in the male dominated field of sport journalism. There is also a big wound caused by the first boy she loved and her distant relationship with her dad, that still festers inside her. And it festers because she doesn't have to talk about it, mainly because she stays out of relationships. Until Jake. He is the first one who gets his hooks in. They have insane chemistry and their relationship grows from a wild and sexy attraction into something more and I loved how they got there. Adversaries at first, their respect for each other increases soon which causes all kinds of problems, especially for Brenna. All of a sudden the lines are blurring and she doesn't now any longer where her loyalties lie. Brenna and Jake are made from the same cloth, so most of the things I said about Brenna, go for Jake. He is focused, driven and Jake pays a lot of attention to what Brenna says or doesn't say and he wants to know everything about her. I loved that he didn't push her, he waited for her to come around. What I adored most about him though was that he totally got off on her busting his balls. He had so much fun with her sass and snark. These two just made perfect sense to me. Towards the end he has a temporary loss of brain cells but since he actually grovelled profusely I forgave him. I didn't like Jake's best friend Hazel very much but his hockey team mate and roomie, Brooks "Bubble Butt" Weston was hilarious and I'm sure I busted a vessel laughing so hard when he dropped his pants to have people judge his butt. I hope we get a book about him and maybe he will be paired up with Hazel. It happened before that Elle made me fall in love with a heroine I disliked at first. THE RISK has become a new favorite, along with THE DEAL and THE SCORE. It totally lived up to my expectations and Ms Kennedy proves yet again why she is one of my favorite NA authors. She is the queen of sexy, funny banter. She writes modern, relevant stories with lovable characters that will make you laugh, think and hurt a little. If you are new to her books, please pick up her OFF CAMPUS or BRIAR U series.
ScrapNSign 4 days ago
Hockey, fake romance, AND comedy - all in one book? YES! Claim all of my favorite tropes in one story and I'm sold. I didn't think anything could top The Chase, but this blew it out of the water for me. I enjoy characters that aren't what they seem, as it only makes me love them more. Jake Connelly is definitely one of those people and I haven't laughed this loud while reading a book in a while! Another smash hit from Elle Kennedy, I immediately added the next book on my TBR!
IreneC 4 days ago
4.5 stars The Risk by Elle Kennedy is such a good read, loved the storyline, it's well written, entertaining from start to end and I loved all the characters. Jake and Brenna were fun getting to know and I loved watching their relationship unfold. They made me laugh with their banter and the way they both wanted to get the better of each other. These two made me swoon with their love and with their honesty. They have amazing chemistry and I truly loved them together. Overall, The Risk is another very entertaining read by the very talented Elle Kennedy and an excellent addition to the Briar U series, each book can be read as a standalone and I highly recommend them both.
cest 4 days ago
I just LOVED The Risk! Enemies to lovers is one of my favorite troupes… what do you get when you cross the daughter of the hockey coach of Briar with the captain of the rival Harvard hockey team? OMG Jake Connelly and Brenna were simply AMAZING! Their banter, their flirtatious encounters, the sarcasm, the heat, the attraction… ALL OF IT was just to die for! Jake gets under Brenna’s skin like no other but there is a reason for that… he is sinfully sexy, and the confidence that oozes out of him, just make him such a great guy. Brenna is strong and independent—and while she has a rough relationship with her dad, she is a good girl at heart underneath the sarcastic, hard exterior. When Brenna needs Jake to help her get a coveted internship to impress the male chauvinistic pig of an employer, he proposes that for every “fake date”, they go on a “real date” too. I have to say that I LOVED this aspect of the story and wished we got more of it. I loved them getting to know each other outside of their hockey perceptions of each other and just loved the butterfly feeling I had in my stomach watching love grow. I truly love the characters in this series… each adding something fun and exciting to the story. It’s almost like family. You just want what’s best for all of them. You want them happy. There were some serious things touched upon in this story which just added another layer to an already great book. I was happy, laughing, emotional, and crying… Elle Kennedy truly pulled out all the stops with this one. I have loved everything that this author has written to date and I can’t wait for more happily ever afters for our beloved hockey boys.
I LOVE STORY TIME Book Blog 5 days ago
WooHoo! The Risk was freakin' amaaazing! I am so in LOVE with this book! Just as the author said it would be, it was one wild ride that I did not want to get off of! The storyline, the characters, the creative dialogue... all PERFECTION! This series is such a gem. There are so many wonderful characters that you fall in love with and want more from. Hunter, Mike, Nate, Brooks, Hazel... I want it all. More Briar U and definitely a Harvard spin off! I just can't get enough of this author's stories and her beloved characters. Though I have loved all the hockey players, no one has come close to how I feel about Garrett Graham until now. Jake Connelly stole my heart! The confident way he carries himself, his witty personality, and that wicked, wicked mouth. He is so incredibly sexy. He made me want to lick my Kindle! Brenna is a force to be reckoned with. She is strong, smart, and oozes sexuality. Brenna is the kind of girl that takes what she wants and doesn't apologize. The elusive, charismatic, team Captain didn't stand a chance against her! I loved the forbidden love story between Jake and Brenna. Their chemistry was off the charts. Gah, the angst! I devoured every minute of it! Their sarcastic banter and flirty relationship was fun and made my heart sing. The Risk had it all! It even had a bit of an emotional element to it that brought a tear or two to my eyes. It was so touching! *sigh* Elle Kennedy continues to be one of my most favorite authors. I can't wait for, The Play. I am dying to know who the hero and heroine will be. Eeeek! Counting down the days until October! ♥ Review by Lys
FS_Meurinne 5 days ago
Elle Kennedy is known to be one of the most talented writers for sport college romance in her Off-Campus series. In the Briar U series she started it with a bang on The Chase, but let me tell you that The Risk has kicked it and set a bar higher. I was anticipating this book since I finished The Chase. Brenna is the daughter of Briar U hockey coach and she gets involved with the rival team from Harvard, making her life difficult, but when she finds herself in a job predicament she gets herself a fake boyfriend, but not only the fake is the problem, she goes with Jake Connelly, no other than Harvard’s hockey team captain and best player in the league, who has all eyes on him for the next big league. The chemistry is undeniable, the sparks fly everywhere but can been rivals become an impediment or can they find a way to be together? The friendship, romance, steam is all there. The Risk is a book I wasn’t able to put down at all, I had to read it all through the end. I can’t wait for The Play, it can’t come soon enough. A five star must read.
Kayreader 5 days ago
I wish I had more stars to give than just five. How many ways are there to laugh? I could Google the answer, but instead, let me tell you just a few of the ways I engaged in LOLing my way through The Risk. I snickered, snorted, giggled, unlady-like gwafed, most likely brayed like a donkey, cackled, had bursts of uncontrollable bouts of laughter where I read and reread the same sentences over and over just so I could partake in tears-rolling-down-my-face laughing just to name a few. This book hit my funny bone in all the right spots and this is just the beginning of why I loved this book. Brenna and Jake are two formidable characters who are evenly matched. Their wit, carisma, self-confidence, really just about everything about their person is so likeable it's hard to find anything lacking about either one. It also makes for a great game of cat and mouse when you have two people so evenly matched in the witty brain game. Their chemistry is off the charts right from the get go. Even better, neither is ever offended from the sarcastic comments they throw at each other, which only amps up the tension between the two. Their story really begins with Jake asking Brenna to back off from seeing one of his players. However Brenna doesn't take directions from anyone.  "She's bold and fierce, and those qualities combined with her beauty make her a force to be reckoned with."-Jake Their back and forth once Jack puts a kibosh on her booty call is a beautiful tango, but when Brenna, the unfathomable Brenna needs help landing an internship and her only ace in the hole is Jake, she does the one thing she never thought she'd do. She claims him as her boyfriend. Their fake relationship begins, however, their back and forth really began back when Jake began his meddling, but both are too proud to really own up to it.   Jake Connelly attends Harvard, the enemy of Briar- currently -since they are close to competing for the championships in hockey. Brenna's father, Coach Jensen, coaches for Briar where Brenna also attends, so to say that Jake is the enemy is putting it mildly. Jake's focus has always been hockey, since he was five years old. As current captain of the hockey team he's looking out for his teammates, so when he confronts Brenna and asks her to leave one of his teammates alone it's all in the interest of his team winning this years championship.  Hello, wave a red flag in front of a bull. Little did he know that Brenna would end up back in his life numerous times after that encounter. Little did he know that Brenna would become more than just a girl he knew of from Briar. Little did he know that Brenna would ask him for a favor that would change everything going forward in his life. "For some reason, the way Jake seems to get along with everyone rubs me the wrong way. It's hard to think of him as THE ENEMY when faced with evidence that he might be a decent guy."-Brenna The Risk not only is filled with lots of laughs, but it has lots of heart. There was a point I had to set my ipad down and wipe my eyes, so definitely be prepared for an emotional ride.  Along with the tears of laughter and just plain tears, you'll have bouts of anger. Brenna meets with one of the most sexist (you read that right, sexist, not sexiest-vowels are extremely important here) person I think I've ever had the chance of reading or meeting and honestly I've worked with several in my lifetime. This character tips the scales mega-douchiness. This is one more reason
MelReaderReviews 5 days ago
4.5 Stars! Brenna Jensen lives in the small college town of Hastings where she attends Briar University. They are known for their hockey, and she's the daughter of Briar's head hockey coach. She's bold, fierce, and has a tough, bad girl reputation for not caring much what people think of her. She's confident, feisty, and beautiful, and is extremely selective about who she gives her time to. Lately she keeps running into a gorgeous, arrogant hockey player from Harvard named Jake who knows just how to get under her skin and annoy her. They clash and sparks fly every time they are in the vicinity of one another. He's a notorious player and a phenomenal athlete who's too cocky for his own good. Jake Connelly lives in Cambridge, and is the captain of the Harvard hockey team. His dream of becoming a professional hockey player is about to come true. He's a star destined for greatness, and already has an NHL contract lined up when he graduates. He has to stay focused on the game, and doesn't have time for distractions. This includes a stunning brunette that drives him crazy. Brenna is one of the hottest women he's ever laid eyes on. He's intrigued with her and can't deny their mutual attraction. When she suddenly needs a huge favor he doesn't make things easy on her. She needs him to pretend to be her fake boyfriend for a little while, and in return he wants a real date. As Brenna & Jake spend more time together it's becoming difficult to resist him. Harvard is Briar's biggest rival, and her father and friends would freak out if they knew they were sneaking around together. She couldn't fall for a player on their rival team, but fate was cruel because soon he's all she thinks about. He makes her feel too vulnerable, and when he touches her, her will power dissolves completely. He's absolutely irresistible! Their chemistry is undeniable, but it's the emotional connection that surprises them both. There's definitely something between them, and Jake wants to see where it goes. It's official, he wants Brenna to be his. I adored this book and love this series! The Risk (Briar U #2) is a sexy standalone in Elle Kennedy's latest hockey series. It's a steamy enemies to lovers romance full of hilarious banter and red hot rivalries.