The Secret of Spirit Lake

The Secret of Spirit Lake

by Patrick Gabridge


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In The Secret of Spirit Lake, eleven-year-old Tyra is stuck spending the summer with her irascible Grandpa Rudy in a lakeside town where she’s the only black person (she’s adopted). Clearly this is going to be the worst summer ever. And a weird one, too. Every night, Rudy disappears into the woods, hauling tools and maps. He’s searching for something, and Tyra desperately wants to know what it is.

One night, Tyra follows her grandfather and discovers him digging for an old bootlegger’s buried treasure. He swears her to secrecy, but soon Tyra leads her new summer friend, Cory, to Grandpa Rudy’s dig site. After being chased deep into the woods by an enraged Rudy, Tyra and Cory uncover clues that lead to Emerald Eddie’s secret stash.

However, Grandpa Rudy isn’t the only person in Spirit Lake obsessed with Emerald Eddie’s legendary treasure, and it becomes a race to see who will find it first. Someone has been poking around the excavation and has even broken in to Rudy's house. Soon, Tyra, Rudy, and their friends find themselves in very real danger. Only a great sacrifice will allow them to escape unharmed.

The Secret of Spirit Lake is a fun summer adventure that touches on race, adoption, and intergenerational relationships. In addition to reaching a general middle grade readership, this book’s exploration of race and transracial adoption will make it of great interest to the numerous multi-racial and adopted families eagerly searching for fiction with characters who share some of their experiences.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780998698229
Publisher: Patrick Gabridge
Publication date: 10/31/2018
Pages: 140
Sales rank: 483,098
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.33(d)
Age Range: 8 - 12 Years

About the Author

Patrick Gabridge is a novelist, playwright, and screenwriter. This is his first book for younger readers. His novels for adults are Tornado Siren, Moving [a life in boxes], and Steering to Freedom. He's written many stage plays, including Lost in Lexicon, Drift, Blinders, and Blood on the Snow. His short plays are published by Playscripts, Brooklyn Publishers, Heuer, Smith & Kraus, and YouthPlays, and have been used by thousands of students around the world in production and competition.

Patrick grew up in Upstate New York, in a place not too different from Spirit Lake, where he spent a lot of time fishing (including for northern pike) with his friends. Now he's a father and lives with his family near Boston. He has a passion for history, and in his spare time, he likes to farm and fix up old houses.

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