The Shipbuilder's Wife

The Shipbuilder's Wife

by Jennifer Moore

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The day of her parents’ garden party dawns bright as Lydia Prescott eagerly anticipates a marriage proposal from a handsome and wealthy plantation owner. The lovely debutante plans to steal a moment away with her beau, but her plans go terribly awry. Instead of her intended, she is joined by a stranger—the largest man she’s ever laid eyes on. And it is clear Jacob Steele is there for reasons far more sober than the party. With British raids erupting all around them, it is his job to reassure plantation owners of their safety. In reality, however, Jacob is an espionage agent, and the truth is dire: America is on the verge of invasion by the British. Blissfully unaware of the danger surrounding her, Lydia basks in the glow of her recent engagement. But her joy is short-lived—a surprise British attack results in a devastating wound, and her plans for the future are shattered. Lost in her devastation, Lydia could never dream that Jacob, that giant of a man she met so briefly, would prove to be her saving grace. And with a war raging around them, she may be called upon to save him too.

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ISBN-13: 9781524407223
Publisher: Deseret Book Company
Publication date: 09/01/2018
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The Shipbuilder's Wife 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous 20 days ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is possibly the best of Moore's historical novels, which is telling as most of her books are exceptional when compared to her peers. The historical research was exceedingly fine, thorough, and well integrated into the story. I've always found this battle and the destruction of Washington compelling (and swirling with potential macro and micro conspracies), and this is now my favorite book set in its midst. It was like reading Heyer's military novels, like The Spanish Bride (nice cameo there) or An Infamous Army, with the incorporation of timelines, perspectives and historical figures. Oh, how I love Moore's dedicated and extensive research.... This is also one of my favorite depictions on the ridiculousness of villifying opposing sides of armies in most cases because its truly not so black and white. Fantastic Author's Note! For those readers who are put off by all this talk of history, don't be. It's a lovely, sweet romance with great lessons on perspective taking, communication and love. Great characters - nice depth and variety of backgrounds and scars - and great plot. I think you'll like it.
Christianfictionandmore More than 1 year ago
I have read lots of Revolutionary War and civil War stories, but to my best recollection this is the first story I've read that takes place during the War of 1812. At the end of chapter three I had to take a little detour on-line to reacquaint myself with the basics of that war. I was glad that I did because it aided my understanding of the rest of the story. While I typically read and review Christian fiction, I thoroughly enjoyed this clean historical romance. Jennifer Moore's research, character development, well-paced story line, and sometimes humorous story drew me in and kept me entranced, allowing me to complete it in one day. I will be on the lookout for other books by this new-to-me author and from this new-to-me publisher in the days to come. In The Shipbuilder's Wife, Lydia Prescott, a southern debutante, is released from her engagement following an explosion that left her face scarred. Believing no one will ever want her, Lydia is surprised and bewildered when her father arranges her marriage to Jacob Steele, a shipbuilder from Annapolis. As far as she can remember Lydia has only met the gentleman once before, and they didn't exactly take to one another. As Lydia and Jacob learn to live in the same house they consistently misread both circumstances and one another, causing the reader great angst, and a desire to read on. I thank NetGalley and Covenant Communications for providing me with a copy of The Shipbuilder's Wife in exchange for my honest opinion. I was under not obligation to provide a positive review and received no monetary compensation.
PegGlover More than 1 year ago
4.5 stars The Shipbuilder’s Wife is a well-written and compelling novel, taking place during the war of 1812. Beautiful southern socialite, Lydia Prescott was planning her wedding when British soldiers attacked her Virginia home. She survived the fiery explosion but not without injury. Lydia’s engagement was broken after her beloved saw the ugly gash on her face. Lydia’s confidence and charming manner evaporated. Depression and isolation became her norm. Lydia’s family should have been her support, but both parents avoided her; spending, as little time, as possible, with their not so perfect daughter. When Lydia was told that she was to marry Jacob Steele, the shipbuilder, she was nervous. She had only met him once, and although he wasn’t rude or condescending to her, he was intimidating. However, even though, she was anxious about marrying a stranger, she was glad to be leaving her present unhappy and isolated existence, behind. Lydia would soon find out, though, that being married to Jacob, was not an easy task. Jacob Steele was an aloof, moody, and guarded man. He also has a big heart. Lydia did her best to strengthen their relationship. But Jacob didn’t trust her. And, Lydia wasn’t so sure that she trusted him either. But, when Jacob started to think that Lydia could be a British spy, their fragile marriage began to crumble. The author’s historical descriptions and in-depth character development brought this book alive for me. And, although I liked Jacob and Lydia, and rooted for their relationship, it was Alden, Jacob’s friend, who won my heart. Alden is a charismatic, funny, and lovable character. He’s unique, quirky, and just so much fun. I sincerely hope that Alden gets his own book. I will definitely be looking forward to reading the next book in this series. Thank you, Covenant Communications and NetGalley, for my advanced review copy. I loved it.
FHlady More than 1 year ago
This new-to-me author painted a historically vivid and interesting picture of the War of 1812 which is considered the Second War of Independence. Jacob Steele is a shipbuilder as well as an espionage agent for the Americans, and is a gentle giant who has difficulty with talking to people. Lydia Prescott is a southern belle awaiting a proposal from her wealthy beau until the British invade her plantation destroying and pillaging leaving Lydia with a large piece of broken glass in her face and a scar that changes her entire life. The history inside this story was fascinating and obviously well researched by Moore. I knew very little about the War of 1812, but Moore's incredible detail and vivid word pictures bring this period to life. The story pulled me in from the very beginning as I found myself rooting for the totally unprepared young American nation. The main characters were each so likable from huge soft-hearted Jacob, to dramatically funny Alden, to sweet Elnora. I especially liked that the romance played a role behind the history. Both Lydia and Jacob found themselves in what they believed was a marriage of necessity, and they each had their preconceived notions about what the other was doing and why. Yet in the meantime, each was falling more and more in love with other. I will definitely be looking for more books by Jennifer Moore as this one made my 2018 favorites list. **I received a complimentary copy of this book from Covenant Communications through NetGalley. Opinions are mine alone. I was not compensated for this review.
AE2 More than 1 year ago
Lydia Prescott's future seems bright despite the War of 1812 waging not far from her; as the daughter of a wealthy plantation owner, she has received a proposal from her beau, who owns a plantation not far from her home. However, a British raid on her family's property leaves Lydia wounded and scarred, and her fiancé cries off. Jacob Steele, a shipbuilder and a spy for the American forces, rescued Lydia from a burning building, and when he finds out her fickle fiancé has ended their engagement, he convinces Lydia's father to allow him to marry her instead. Although Lydia's plans have taken a drastic turn from what she expected, as she sets out on a new life with Jacob, she tries to make the best of it--but Jacob works long hours and doesn't seem to want to open up to her at all. Jacob is drawn to Lydia, but at the same time, he can't bring himself to trust her--after all, lives are at stake and someone is clearly giving the British information. With the fates of their country and their marriage at stake, can Lydia and Jacob learn to trust one another? I love Jennifer Moore's books; she always introduces me to aspects of history that are so fascinating. I haven't read many books about the War of 1812, so I loved getting the chance to read about that era and what life was like for the Americans at that time. I also thoroughly enjoyed the espionage angle; it moved the plot along quickly and was very interesting. I really loved Jacob's character--he's one of those super good guys with a strong moral compass who can't really face his feelings. He's both realistic and endearing. Lydia starts out seeming like she's spoiled and flighty, but it doesn't take long to see she has more depth and goodness than it initially appeared. Another terrific read from Jennifer Moore--a great choice for fans of gentle romances and historical fiction. I read an ARC of #TheShipbuildersWife via #NetGalley. All opinions are my own.
Sunshine1006 More than 1 year ago
The Revolutionary War is going on. Brave men, good men on both sides fighting for what they believe is right. Lydia lives in Virginia on a tobacco plantation. She is almost engaged to Jefferson Caraway, a young, handsome plantation owner in his own right. Lydia is waiting to meet him before he goes into the party, that her family is throwing. She looks up and it is not him, but a really big, handsome man named Jacob. He and his family are there to ask for money and support for the flotilla that try to keep the people and crops safe that are close to the rivers. Jacob and Alden are ship builders and members of America's Military, they are fighting for America against the English. There is a bombing and Lydia is injured. She is saved by Jacob and eventually marries him. Spies are everywhere, times are scary as the war is in everyone's back yard. Who can you trust? I loved this book. It has some romance, but it tells the story of the Revolutionary War from the side of the people that are affected. The author captures the times with amazing research. Slaves are a part of the story as well as freemen. This is part of the history of that time, but it is told with care. Very well written. I recommend it to those who love this time period and the history of the beginning of our country. And the romance. I could only tell a small part of the story without giving away the plot. I received this book from Net Galley and Covenant Communications for a honest review and no compensation otherwise. The opinions are my own.
Heidi_Reads More than 1 year ago
I loved learning details about the War of 1812 from a more personal perspective, which is one reason I enjoy historical fiction. This author in particular is gifted at exposing me to times, locations, or events that I know little about, and enlarging my perspective of the world and the people in it. The danger, harsh circumstances, and struggles kept me turning the pages, and the gentle romance that grew between Lydia and Jacob tempered the heavier aspects of the plot. Lydia undergoes a definite change from the beginning of the book, and I admired the way her compassion for others grew into a selfless nature. The story is also told from Jacob's perspective, and he was an intriguing character with all the qualities I look for in a hero- strong and brave, yet vulnerable in ways not always seen at first. I loved the feeling of patriotism and devotion to a cause that is larger than themselves. Definitely a book that will be enjoyed and loved by fans of historical fiction and sweet romance. (I received a complimentary copy of the book; all opinions in this review are my own)