The Social Equality of Religion or Belief

The Social Equality of Religion or Belief

by A Carling (Editor)

Paperback(1st ed. 2016)

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Some countries, like the UK, give special recognition by the state to one or a few religions; other countries, like France and the US, give recognition to none. This book is about a new approach that gives equal recognition to all religions and non-religious belief systems.

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ISBN-13: 9781349699339
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan UK
Publication date: 07/08/2017
Edition description: 1st ed. 2016
Pages: 279
Product dimensions: 5.51(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.03(d)

About the Author

Dr. Alan Carling trained in mathematics and political science, and taught social sciences at the University of Bradford, UK. His publications related to social inequality and social change include Social Division (1991), and (with Marie Macey) Ethnic, Racial and Religious Inequalities (2011). Alan is involved with a number of community initiatives in Bradford.

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Social Equality of Religion or Belief; Alan Carling
1. The Problem of 'Belief'; Yvonne Sherwood
2. Religious Freedom and Anti-Discrimination in Europe and the US: Generally Applicable Laws and Possible Exceptions; Iain McLean and Scot Peterson
3. The Equality Paradigm in Warner v. Boca Raton: Winnifred Sullivan and The Impossibility of Religious Freedom; Peter Gottschalk
4. Proportional Prayers: Social Equality in the Scottish Parliament?; Norman Bonney & Alan Carlin
5. Habermas and Rawls on Democracy, Reason and Faith; David West
6. The Social Equality of Religion or Belief: A Critique; Edward Reiss
7. Muslim Identity, Psychic Detachment and Universal Rights; Rumy Hasan
8. Religion and Caste in the UK: Reflections on Hindu and Sikh Fundamentalist Mobilizations; Pragna Patel & Sukhwant Dhaliwal
9. Religion and Ethnicity: the Status of Jews in UK Law; Dan Cohn-Sherbok
10. Political Liberalism, Separation and Establishment; Cécile Laborde
11. The Church of England's hold over Marriage: The Queer Case for Disestablishment; Neil Cobb
12. The 2008 Concordat in Brazil: 'Modern Public Religion' or Neo-Corporatism?; Lidyane Maria Ferreira de Souza
13. The Bloating of the Constitution: Equality and the US Establishment Clause; Marc O. DeGirolami
14. The Limits of Canada's Commitment to State Neutrality in Religious Matters; Richard Moon

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