The Spy I Loved (Till the End of Time)

The Spy I Loved (Till the End of Time)

by Jennifer Jones

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Magnificent, unexpected, timeless, passionate, forbidden love beyond imagination. The love you could dream about by reading romantic novels and classic books from the centuries that faded in your memories. Something you never thought that could happen to you. Something you wish with all your heart but feel too scared to enter. Many doubts cross your mind: what if it’s not real, not true, just an obsession that will disappear like morning dew in the sun? You think you have all the answers beforehand, prepared to say no unless you are absolutely sure, 100 percent that it will be for good, never ending inspiring love you will talk about to your grandchildren. But your entire defense melts when it happens. You forget all measures of precautions, common sense, warnings of your inner alarm for danger, nothing exists and nothing matters, just a pure, great, endless love that overwhelms your heart for a million years. No regrets, no retreats, no anything. Just love.

"Each atom was playing to the rhythm of her sweet voice. The beauty for the eyes, joy for the heart and rhapsody for the soul. Ambassador Volkov approached them to greet them, but it seemed to him that it was not reality, but only shadows that disrupted this wonderful moment. Finally they were left "alone". He pulled her hand and led her into a corner of the room where there were almost no people, since most of them were pushing around a table with food and drinks. At one point, he pulled from his pocket a small box in a dark blue color and opened it: it was a gold bracelet with engraved blue sapphires in the shape of little hearts. "I'd like you to always wear it and remember me sometimes," he said and then closed the box and put it on her hand and then with both hands covered hers. She promised that she would as soon as tonight, when the guests left, put it on her hand and wear it as a perpetual reminder of him. Then she took off her black watch from her wrist and gave it to him. He promised to wear it from that night on constantly and that the beat of every second will remind him of her. He said he wore a similar watch as a student and that it's a great coincidence that returns him to his youth and brings back memories of student days at Oxford, and at the same time encourages him to reflect on the values that he should be fostering in the limited time that is ahead of him. They parted with a promise that will surely meet next year, anywhere and anytime, just to once again steal a moment of eternity and be together."

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BN ID: 2940154082782
Publisher: Jennifer Jones
Publication date: 03/02/2017
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Jennifer Jones is an Indy author who has been writing short stories since she was in primary school. "The spy I loved" is her first novel and is inspired by actual events, written as a fiction book. She enjoys reading books about romance and thriller, two elements she combined in her book. She lives with her husband, two daughters and their dog Sammy in Austria.

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