The Stash Plan: Your 21-Day Guide to Shed Weight, Feel Great, and Take Charge of Your Health

The Stash Plan: Your 21-Day Guide to Shed Weight, Feel Great, and Take Charge of Your Health

by Laura Prepon, Elizabeth Troy


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The instant New York Times bestseller!

From Laura Prepon, star of Orange Is the New Black, and integrative nutritionist Elizabeth Troy comes an exciting 21-day plan combining the latest in food science with ancient dietary wisdom, to shed stubborn weight for good and achieve overall wellness.

Despite her glowing on-screen presence as the star of That 70’s Show and Orange Is the New Black, Laura Prepon has always struggled with weight issues, digestive issues, bloating, and low energy. After years of starving herself with crazy diets and punishing herself with tortuous workouts, Prepon met integrative nutritionist Elizabeth Troy, who combines Eastern holistic medicine and food science in her practice. Troy “unstuck” Prepon’s malfunctioning organs and metabolism through targeted eating and stretching that finally allowed her to lose those stubborn pounds and thrive.

Wanting to share this life-changing success, Prepon joined with Troy to create The Stash Plan, a 21-day plan and lifestyle guide that combines modern nutritional science with Chinese Meridian Theory (CMT) to detoxify the body and burn fat. In The Stash Plan, you’ll learn what to cook and how to create a combinable “stash” of meals—proteins, carbs, and vegetables—and nutritional bone broths to eat throughout the week. With twice-weekly cooking sessions as the basis of the plan, Prepon and Troy will show you how to make healthy, budget-friendly meals that are easy and ideal for a busy, on-the-go lifestyle. The Stash Plan gives you the key to heal yourself from the inside out and start living the life you’ve always wanted.

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ISBN-13: 9781501123108
Publisher: Atria Books
Publication date: 04/03/2018
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 403,746
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About the Author

Laura Prepon is a versatile actress whose career spans both film and television. She made her television debut on the long-running sitcom That 70’s Show, where she portrayed Donna Pinciotti, the girlfriend of next-door neighbor Eric Forman (Topher Grace), and can currently be seen in the hit Netflix original series Orange Is the New Black, which was just renewed for a fifth, sixth, and seventh season. Although an East Coaster at heart, Prepon currently resides in Los Angeles.

Elizabeth Troy, RD, IN, has been an Integrated Nutritionist and well-being coach for more than twenty-three years. She received her Masters Degree in Teaching from Teachers College at Columbia University, and is a certified teacher of yoga and Thai muscle massage, a registered practitioner of functional medicine and nutrition with Metagenics, a certified nutritionist with the Institute of Integrated Nutrition, and a practitioner of Chinese Meridian Theory. She lives in New York.

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The Stash Plan

  • Table of Contents

    Part 1 What is the Stash Plan?

    Chapter 1 The Story Behind the Stash Plan 4

    Chapter 2 How the Stash Plan Works 28

    Chapter 3 Why Good Health Starts from Within 38

    Chapter 4 How to Fuel Your Lean Mean Sexy Machine 64

    Part 2 The Three Pillars of the Stash Plan

    Chapter 5 Pillar One: The Power of Broth 100

    Chapter 6 Pillar Two: Real Food You Can Take Anywhere 118

    Chapter 7 Pillar Three: Energize through Stretching 134

    Part 3 Creating and Using Your Stash

    Chapter 8 Kitchen Confidence 146

    Chapter 9 Stash Building, Meal Plans, and Stash 1 156

    Part 4 Broth Recipes and Stashes 2 Through 6

    Chapter 10 Broth Recipes 192

    Chapter 11 Stashes 2 through 6 206

    Part 5 Stash Stretching

    Chapter 12 Targeted Stretching to Unlock Your Natural-born Energy 264

    Conclusion 275

    Acknowledgments 276

    Index 278

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    The Stash Plan: Your 21-Day Guide to Shed Weight, Feel Great, and Take Charge of Your Health 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    I don't want to write a bad review because I am huge fan of Laura, but I honestly wish I did my homework before I bought this book. At least I would have known what I was getting into. The food suggested in this book is good, but it is not gourmet quality. Second, the ingredients aren't the things you will typically find at Wal-Mart. I ended up having to go to a few stores to get the basics. I must also mention that while the broth is delicious, nowhere in the book do they tell you how much to drink all day. All Laura says is that she fills up a thermos in the morning. What size thermos? 16 or 32 ounces? There are also no substitutions in this book. Laura doesn't even tell you what you can replace what with what and I find that very frustrating. I could find beets in four stores. Imagine getting ready to try a recipe and not being able to bring it all together. That is like trying to stand a table up with just three of the four legs available. Then, there is convenience. Just heating up a meal can also be frustrating when it is suggested that you don't use a microwave. Who has that kind of time? If you are going to try this plan, I wish you the best. It didn't work for me. I am currently on day 5 of the 7 day challenge in The Hungry Chick Dieting Solution. I am already feeling better. I was able to figure out a weight loss goal that as a working mother of two that I can stick to. If you are like me and carry a lot of water weight, the book was right, I needed a lot more water than eight glasses a day to get rid of it. I lost a whopping three pounds in water weight gain the first couple of days. Water weight that my body was holding on to because my body thought it had to. Also, wait until you find out about how the size of your plate is affecting your eating habits. Ingenious. If you are looking for a new weight loss plan, or even better a solution to years of dieting, The Hungry Chick Dieting Solution which is sold here on BN might be the best thing for you. Buy it! Buy it! Buy it and you will see the difference.
    Foxfire264 More than 1 year ago
    I first decided to order this book because I was a fan of Laura Prepon. Once the book arrived, I sat down and began to read and realized this book contained real and helpful information. WOW! This book sheds so much light on our bodies and how by just enhancing our diets with the right combination of foods we can all not only look better but feel better too! I have already made the Almond Bread and Ginger Shrimp and cannot wait to really start to Stash! What I thought was going to be a celebrity book that I would look at the pictures and put on my shelf I now realize will live in my kitchen and help me on my journey to a healthier lifestyle! I hope there will be more to come!
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    The concept of Stash planning was why I purchased the Book. I got a lot more. It has great ideas on health, however its hard to find ingredients in Minnesota and extremely expensive. The grass fed beef bones is an exception. The meals are just not good, however. It is a lot of work for options that are bland. We plan on figuring out our own stash plans. Thanks for the ideas!
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    I bought this as a health book not a diet plan. I use to suffer from bronchitis, uti's, yeast infections, colds, and more several times a year. One of the doctor's I saw suggested a netti pot for the bronchitis and sinus infections, it opened up a whole new world of natural solutions. Since then I have utilized many natural items and I am rarely sick. But was still struggling with energy and going regularly. I saw Laura on Dr. Oz and they were speaking of GMO free food and stretching for health. I went out and grabbed her book for the recipes and because I wanted more information on how our body works and how our diets are impacting us and making us sick. The book did not disappoint. It was full of useful information and how a good diet of real untainted food can help us lose weight, have great skin, and prevent disease (cancer, viruses, autoimmune). And sorry, more TMI, After just a few days of eating in this style and from the recipes I am finally regular (never have been in my life). Yes it has an eating plan that you can use as a diet plan, but I just make the different recipes I want for dinner. I find the organic and GMO free food that is on sale, or best priced in Krogers/Walmart and then base my meals around that. I substitute where needed, and try to get only GMO/Organic. I am on a tight budget so some of the expensive items won't be making it into our house. As long as I am eating real food I will still obtain the same benefits. People have said there isn't enough guidance on how much broth to drink. Several times in the book it is suggested to replace breakfast with a broth, or to add veggies that are wilting to the broth and to use it as a dinner by making a soup. It suggests to drink it when you get a craving for carbs - the afternoon slump - to get the nutrients your body needs and increase energy. I assume Laura meant a standard size travel coffee mug, and to sip on it during the day. Basically, listen to your body and drink what it needs. Same complaint with the stretching, Elizabeth says that she advised her clients to do it 3x a week. So go with that, and listen to your body and do more/less if desired. The extra ingredients are for snacking. This isn't a diet, it is a way of eating healthier, cooking in bulk to save time (which takes practice) and offering healthy alternatives to the most craved foods. It has a step by step cooking in bulk plan, with meals listed out for your guidance, but you are supposed to determine your broth and snack consumption.