The Story of Pete the Pig: A Truly

The Story of Pete the Pig: A Truly "Twisted Tail"

by David Petkovich


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ISBN-13: 9781481700436
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 12/26/2012
Pages: 52
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.14(d)

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The Story of Pete the Pig

A Truly "Twisted Tail"
By David Petkovich


Copyright © 2013 David Petkovich
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4817-0043-6

Chapter One

One sunny day, a beautiful Momma Pig named Collette gave birth to a very fine litter of little piggies. There were a total of nine of those handsome little boys and girls, and they were named Martha, Michael, Meredith, Morton, Melanie, Maurice, Mary Ann, Mark and Pete. Pete got a different name from his Momma because he was a little different than his brothers and sisters for not one, but two reasons. The first was that instead of having a curly tail like Martha, Michael, Meredith, Morton, Melanie, Maurice, Mary Ann, and Mark, his little tail got somehow twisted when he was born. Honestly, his tail DID look a little funny for a piggy. The other reason he got another name is that he was MUCH smaller than Martha, Michael, Meredith, Morton, Melanie, Maurice, Mary Ann, and Mark. Pete was the runt of Collette's litter.

Because Pete was smaller than Martha, Michael, Meredith, Morton, Melanie, Maurice, Mary Ann, Mark, when it came time for Collette's daily feeding of them, Pete was always the last one to get his share. His brothers and sisters just pushed him away, leaving him very little to eat. "Snort Snort" Martha would say as she took her milk from her momma. "SNOOOORT" Michael would say as he took his share. Meredith, Morton and Melanie were a bit more polite when they ate, but not by much ... they still were pretty big snorter's, just like Maurice, Mary Ann and Mark. They all were pretty good about snorting, as they made their way to their Momma Collette, except for Pete.

Pete quickly discovered he had more than just two problems. You see, not only was his tale twisted, and he was smaller than the other piggies, BUT ... and this was a very serious problem for Pete ... HE COULD NOT SNORT!!! "OH Goodness!!!" heartbroken Collette would say when she watched Pete get pushed away from his food, but it sadden her even more so to see Pete take such a big, deep breath in his effort to make his presence known, to snort away Martha, Michael, Meredith, Morton, Melanie, Maurice, Mary Ann, and Mark to make room for himself, only to come out with a very meek and tiny "neeek". A "neeek" just wasn't very effective in telling Martha, Michael, Meredith, Morton, Melanie, Maurice, Mary Ann and Mark: "Hey! Get of the way and leave some for me!" After a while, it was easier for Pete to just go off to the corner of the pig pen and be by himself. He grew to be very lonely.

It got worse. Lying in the corner of the pig pen, Pete overheard 3 chickens laughing and giggling. As he turned to see what it was they were laughing about he soon realized that it was at him. For the chickens, in all the time they lived in the barnyard, had never seen anything quite so silly as a piggy with a twisted tail. Pete tried to dismiss the chickens with a big snort to shoo them away. But you guessed it: All that came out was a tiny little "neeeek' from Pete's pink snout. This only made things worse.

Soon their silly little chicken giggles grew to become outright mean spirited laughter. The next thing Pete knew, the ducks were quacking their duck laugh: "Quuuaaaaahhhhhkkkk quuuaahhhkkk quaaahhhkkkk quuuahhhkkk!!". Henry the work horse noticed that all the other barnyard critters were laughing, so he came over to see what all the fuss was about. Even the dignified Henry began to laugh his horsey laugh at the sight of Pete the pig, who could not snort, AND had a twisted tail.


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