The Teenage Body Book, Revised and Updated Edition

The Teenage Body Book, Revised and Updated Edition

by Kathy McCoy Ph.D, Charles Wibbelsman


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Everything teenagers need to know about nutrition, health, fitness, emotions, and sexuality.

Some teen issues are timeless: self-consciousness and uncertainty over rapidly changing bodies, tumultuous feelings, and dramatically changing lives. Many parents remember vividly their own youthful struggles. But today’s teens face challenges and possibilities that their parents never imagined: cyberbullying, pressure to sext, new attitudes about sexual orientation and gender, and medical advances that have changed teen lives.

The Teenage Body Book provides a platform for teens (and their parents) to discuss dilemmas, doubts, and possibilities that face young people in the new century.

Completely revised and updated for the first generation of teens to be born in the 21st century, The Teenage Body Book teaches teens how to:
-Overcome body image worries and maintain a healthy weight
-Make wise choices about drinking, smoking, and drugs
-Deal with depression, anxiety, and stress
-Avoid STDs, pregnancy and abusive relationships
-Safeguard devices and reputations in cyberspace
-Understand gender identity and sexual orientation

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781578266432
Publisher: Hatherleigh Press
Publication date: 08/30/2016
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 616,900
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.70(d)
Age Range: 13 - 17 Years

About the Author

KATHY MCCOY, PH.D., is a psychotherapist, an award-winning writer, and host of the podcast “Living Fully with Dr. Kathy McCoy”. She is a former editor of ’TEEN Magazine, has written for many national publications, and, as an expert on teen psychology and health, has appeared frequently on national television programs such as The Today Show and Oprah.

CHARLES WIBBELSMAN, M.D., an adolescent medicine specialist, is a clinical professor of pediatrics at the University of California, San Francisco Medical School and is on the board of directors of Larkin Street Youth Services. For many years, he was Chairman of the Chiefs of Adolescent Medicine for the Permanente Medical Group of Northern California.

Table of Contents

Introduction: A New Edition-Just for You! xvii

Chapter 1 Am I Normal? 1

Is My Growth Normal? 1

Is My Body Normal? 2

Are My Feelings Normal? 2

It's Normal to Be Changing in All Ways! 2

Quick Scan 4

Chapter 2 Prom Sir! to Woman 5

Female Anatomy 5

Physical Development 7

Breasts 10

Menstruation 14

Menstrual Problems 16

But Do I Even Have to Have a Period? 18

Sanitary Products 19

Vaginal Health 20

Vaginal Infections 20

But What About the HPV Vaccine? 22

Growing from Girl to Woman 23

Quick Scan 24

Chapter 3 From Boy to Man 25

Male Anatomy 25

Physical Development 28

Special Problems 28

Short Stature 28

Adolescent Nodule/Adolescent Gynecomastia 31

Prostatitis 31

Pink Pearly Papules 32

Undescended Testicles 32

Testicular Cancer 33

Benign Scrotal Masses 33

Foreskin Problems 34

Pain in the Groin 34

Ejaculation Problems 35

Growing From Boy to Man 36

Quick Scan 37

Chapter 4 Feelings 39

Feelings About Yourself 40

Feelings About Your Parents 42

Feelings About Your Changing Family 43

Love 45

Anger 46

Shyness 47

Boredom 48

Feelings And Cyberspace 49

Sexting And Cyberspace 51

Stress 52

Self-Defeating Behavior 54

Feelings About The "Isms" 55

Physical, Emotional And Sexual Abuse 56

Date Rape 58

What To Do If You .Are Raped 59

When A Love Relationship Turns Abusive 61

Depression 63

Major Depressive Disorder, Single Episode or Recurrent 64

Dysthymic Disorder 64

Bipolar Disorder 65

If You're Grieving A Loss 65

If You're In A Depressed Mood 65

If Your Depressed Mood Persists 66

Suicidal Feelings 67

If You Are Feeling Suicidal 68

Feelings And Your Health 69

Chapter 5 Eating for Good Health 71

Seven Steps to Lifelong Good Health 71

Are You What You Eat? 72

A Word of Caution About Pyramids and Plates 74

Improving Your Eating Habits (Painlessly!) 75

Reaching and Maintaining Your Best Weight 77

If You Feel You're Underweight 77

Diet Danger: Too Thin On Purpose 78

If You Feel You're Overweight 79

Excess Weight is a Serious Problem for Many Teens 81

Health Eating Strategies and Action Plans 83

Step One: Examine Your Eating Habits and Behavior 83

Step Two: Be a Smart Diet Consumer 85

Step Three: If You Can't Do It Alone, Seek Help! 86

Step Four: Start Living a Full and Healthy Life Today! 86

Quick Scan 87

Chapter 6 Exercising for Good Health 89

Your Best Exercise Plan 89

For a Successful Start to Your Active New Life 91

Warning: Before You Reach for That Energy Drink … 92

Exercising For-And In-Good Health 96

Quick Scan 98

Chapter 7 Good Health and Good Looks 99

Healthy Skin 99

Acne 99

Eczema 103

Psoriasis 103

Warts 104

Moles 105

A Sun-Lover's Guide to Protecting Your Skin 105

Healthy Feet, Nails, and Hair 108

Feet 108

Nails 109

Hair 109

Healthy Eyes 110

Contacts 110

Eye Surgery 111

Caring For Your Eyes 112

Healthy Teeth and Gums 112

Periodonal (Gum) Disease and Its Prevention 114

Bleaching, Bonding, Invisible Braces, Dental Implants 115

Special Help for Good Looks 117

Plastic Surgery 117

Cosmetics 121

Problems 124

Ear and Body Piercing 124

Excess Hair 126

Perspiration 127

Questionable Beauty Aids 128

Creating a Beautiful, Healthy Future 129

Quick Scan 130

Chapter 8 Safeguarding Your Health with Wise Choices 133

Making Wise Choices 133

Choices About Behavior 133

What Does All This Mean for You? 135

Making Choices About Substance Use 137

Knowing What You're Choosing 137

Smoking 137

Smokeless Tobacco 138

E-Cigarettes 138

Alcohol 139

Prescription And Over-The-Counter Drugs 140

Club Drugs 141

Marijuana 141

Inhalants 142

Stimulants 143

LSD 144

Heroin 144

Anabolic /Androgenic Steriods 144

Making a Decision About Drugs, Drinking and Smoking 145

Saying No From the Beginning 145

Saying "No, Thanks!" Without Becoming an Outcast 146

Helping a Friend 147

Stopping a Harmful Habit 147

Quick Scan 150

Chapter 9 Mind over Body 151

The Stress Connection 152

Headaches 153

Tension Headaches 153

Depression Headaches 153

Migraine Headaches 154

Stress and Your Stomach 155

Irritable Bowel Syndrome 155

Stress and Eating Disorders 156

Fear-of-Obesity Syndrome 157

Anorexia Nervosa 157

Bulimia 158

Binge Eating Disorder 159

Compulsive Overeating 160

Body Dysmorphic Disorder 161

Sleep Problems and Your Weight 162

Panic Disorder 162

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder 163

Self-injury (Cutting) 164

Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) 165

Alternative Medicine: New/Old Ways of Healing 166

Making Sense of the Mind/Body Connection 169

Quick Scan 170

Chapter 10 Your Special Medical Needs 171

Attention-Deficit Disorder (ADHD) 172

Allergies 174

Anemia 176

Iron Deficiency Anemia 176

Sickle Cell Anemia 176

Asthma 177

Bed Wetting (Nocturnal Enuresis) 179

Diabetes 180

Diabulimia: An Extreme Health Hazard 181

Epilepsy 184

Infectious Mononucleosis 186

Osgood-Schlatter Disease 187

Scoliosis 188

Urinary Tract Infections 189

Living with Special Medical Needs 189

Quick Scan 190

Chapter 11 You and Your Sexuality 191

Sexuality As Part of Your Life 192

Your Sexual Orientation 193

Your Gender Identification 197

Sex Education And Your Sexual Choices 201

What Is Sex Anyway-When You're Making Choices? 202

Making Sexual Choices 204

Masturbation 205

Relating to Others 206

12 Reasons to Say "No" For Now 206

How to Know When You're Ready for Sex 208

Sex vs. Intimacy 210

Quick Scan 211

Chapter 12 The Truth about Sexually Transmitted Diseases 213

AIDS 215

Bacterial Vaginosis 218

Chlamydia 218

Genital Herpes 220

Genital Warts 222

Gonorrhea 223

Molluscum Contagiosum 224

Pubic Lice 225

Scabies 225

Syphilis 226

Tinea Cruris (Jock Itch) 227

Trichomoniasis 227

The ABC's of Hepatitis 228

If You Have Been Exposed to Hepatitis A 229

If You Have Been Exposed to Hepatitis B 229

Avoiding Hepatitis C 229

What Is "Safe Sex" 229

Ten "Safe Sex" Guidelines 230

Quick Scan 234

Chapter 13 Birth Control: An Ounce of Prevention 235

Five Lame Excuses for Not Using Birth Control 235

You Can Get Pregnant If… 236

Teens Can Get Birth Control Products 236

Nonprescription Methods 236

Prescription Methods 236

Legal Aspects of Your Access to Birth Control 237

Which Methods Work? 237

Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives (LARC) 238

The Pill (Oral Contraceptives) 240

Depo-Provera Injection 244

Other Hormonal Methods (Vaginal Ring and the Patch) 245

The Condom (Male) 247

The Condom (Female) 248

Spermicidal Jelly, Cream, Foam 250

Methods Not Recommended for Teens 252

In An Emergency… 253

Quick Scan 254

Chapter 14 Pregnancy and Parenthood 255

Considering Parenthood 255

If You Think You Might Be Pregnant 258

What About the Father? 259

Choices About Your Pregnancy 261

Marriage 261

Single Parenthood 262

Adoption 262

Abortion 263

Why Follow-Up Care is Vital - Whatever Your Choice 265

Living with Your Choice 266

Quick Scan 266

Chapter 15 Help! When Yon Need It (And How to Ask for It) 267

In An Emergency 267

If You're Sexually Active 268

As Part of Your Regular Health Maintenance 269

If You Have Questions About Your Body 269

Legal Aspects of Your Medical Care 269

Communicating with Your Doctor 270

The Physical Examination 273

The General Examination 273

Male Genital Examination 274

Female Pelvic Examination 275

Rectal Examination 276

Continuing the General Examination 277

Lab Tests 277

Vaccinations 277

Getting Help from Medical Web Sites 278

Getting Help for Your Mental Health 279

Why Do People See Therapists Anyway? 279

Who Are These Mental Health Professionals? 280

How Do You Find a Therapist? 281

What to Expect and How to Make the Most of Therapy 281

Growing Toward a Healthy Future 283

Quick Scan 284

Appendix: HelpI Where to Find It 285

About the Authors 289

Index 291

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