The Thinking Womans Guide to Breast Cancer: Take Charge of Your Recovery and Remission

The Thinking Womans Guide to Breast Cancer: Take Charge of Your Recovery and Remission

by Janet Maker, Dwight L McKee

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BN ID: 2940157378929
Publisher: Jane Thomas Press
Publication date: 01/09/2017
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 360
File size: 4 MB

About the Author

Janet Maker's newest book, The Thinking Woman's Guide to Breast Cancer, will be published in early 2017. The book describes her experience with breast cancer treatment in 2011. Because she has a background in research, she found out a great deal that other people don't know. Rather than passively following her doctors' advice, she was able to make more informed decisions to give herself a better chance to recover and stay in remission. Readers might make different decisions than she did, but the information will empower them to make the decisions that are best for them.

Dr. Maker retired in 2003 from a distinguished career as a professor and author of leading textbooks in the field of College Reading.

At her website, you can subscribe to her free weekly newsletter which will keep you up to date about breast cancer, and her biweekly blog which features topics of interest to everyone affected by breast cancer. The website also has a list of important resources, and you can contact Dr. Maker personally there:

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The Thinking Woman's Guide to Breast Cancer: Take Charge of Your Recovery and Remission 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Vernita Naylor for Readers' Favorite Your health is the most important thing that this life has to offer. As you read Dr. Janet Maker’s account of her life's journey in The Thinking Woman's Guide to Breast Cancer: Take Charge of Your Recovery and Remission about being a breast cancer survivor, you will discover the truth in this statement. Dr. Maker shows that becoming more focused on the quality of life, especially your health, is more important than anything else and is crucial for your survival. In this book you are taught to be proactive, ask questions, and not to settle for only what your doctors say. For your health and survival or that of your loved ones, go out and research, talk to others, and take charge of your own life. In attending a breast cancer support group, Dr Maker did not feel alone, but was also able to get the help and answers that she needed from the lessons and pathways that others in the group or their loved ones had traveled. As I was reading this book, I began to focus on my own personal experience. If my grandmother had had the information, support and care that she needed, she probably would still not only be alive, but living in remission as well. The nuggets that Dr. Maker provided don't only apply to breast cancer, but a variety of other health issues that anyone can acquire from diabetes, weight loss and learning disorders to mental illness. There are other alternatives available outside of what your doctor may recommend, which may not only be beneficial according to medical culture, but can have minimal side effects for you. Knowledge is power and we should all be appreciative of the transparency and knowledge that this book contains.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Prior to reading this book, I honestly knew very little about breast cancer and never really gave it much thought. As a woman in my twenties, such issues seemed very far away and something that I would have to learn about much later in life. However, after reading this book I realized firstly, just how common breast cancer is and the importance of self-care and regular checkups. Moreover, and perhaps just as important, I learned how to help loved ones who may be going through their own health issues in a way I had never really thought about before. Finally, if you are looking to learn about the candid, honest experience of someone who struggled with the American health industry and learned an abundance of information along the way, this is the book for you! My own learning aside, this is a fascinating book for those who seek information and survivors alike. Janet shares little helpful tidbits of advice, along with her own feelings about what she was going through which makes this book so unique and fascinating. Packed with information but also made so readable due to her personal experiences, this book was a delight to read and I finished it feeling that much more enriched and informed.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I've always been health conscious and this book gives a LOT of good information. Janet Maker researched and found the best solutions for alternatives in treating breast cancer. This is a must read for everyone so that they can help themselves and others with breast cancer. D. Swanson
Sondra Ortiz More than 1 year ago
The Thinking Women’s Guide to Breast Cancer is a beautifully written and honest guide for any person or person who has a loved one that has received a cancer diagnosis. A cancer diagnosis can be one of the scariest and most confusing times for a patient and their family. It can be very challenging to navigate the health care system, make an individualized informed decision about treatment and receive the support that is needed during this time. Dr. Janet Maker bravely tells her personal story while also providing invaluable knowledge and evidence based research about all things involved in battling breast cancer. Janet Maker’s book contains a wealth of information that will help so many not only navigate the road to personal recovery but also help every person touched by cancer understand how to support the whole person, not just the disease, on the path to wellness. This book is a rare, comprehensive and personal look into breast cancer that touches all aspects that need to be known to a patient in a way that health care providers cannot always do. The Thinking Women’s Guide, is invaluable not only to patients and families but also health care providers that wish to understand and treat those affected by this disease. Thank you Dr. Janet Maker! -Sondra Ortiz, RN, BSN Hematology Oncology Registered Nurse
Reader_Views More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views (10/16) Article first published as Book Review: ‘The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Breast Cancer’ by Janet Maker, PhD on Blogcritics. “The Thinking Woman's Guide to Breast Cancer” by Janet Maker, Ph.D., depicts the author’s personal experience with breast cancer, beginning with her diagnosis, through various treatment options and procedures, the recovery process, and ongoing lifestyle choices that presented the best chances for her recovery and staying in remission. An incredible story of purpose, Maker passionately shares everything she learned along the way. Dr. Janet Maker was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011, quite by accident actually, during a follow-up appointment for an unrelated issue. Like many people receiving such a diagnosis, she knew very little about breast cancer. She did know, however, that she wasn’t comfortable sitting idly by accepting her doctors’ advice without question. Her need to understand all of her options regarding available treatment methods, possible side effects and statistical outcomes for each, sent her on a mission to learn everything she could in order to make informed decisions about her body, and her life. To say that the author was thorough in her research and education is an understatement. Diving headfirst into the world of information, she tenaciously endeavored to overcome every obstacle one by one until she had enough information to make well-educated decisions. Readers will discover how little is actually understood about breast cancer, the general attitude of the cancer establishment and the absolute need to educate themselves in light of a diagnosis. There is also a wealth of information about the importance of a good support group, proper nutrition and complementary alternative medicine and treatments. Impressive to me is the author’s writing style and the way she conveys her message in a thorough yet concise, manner on a level that is easily understandable by the reader. Every chapter provides a substantial amount of information, ranging from receiving a diagnosis, where to find help, options about surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, hormones and recommended lifestyle changes, all of which is spelled out in an easily referenced guide. At the end of her personal story, Dr. Maker added several appendices to help readers on their own journey, such as how to find a patient advocate and integrative oncologist, how to read food labels, and keeping a health file and medical journal. Overall, I highly recommend “The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Breast Cancer” by Janet Maker, Ph.D., as a must-read book for all women. Whether there is a family history of breast cancer or not, Dr. Maker’s research and experience clearly show that breast cancer is not discriminatory, and goes far beyond genetic predisposition. This is an empowering book that provides readers with enough information to make informed choices, or at the very least, encourages them to ask more questions.