The Total Fitness Manual: Transform Your Body in Just 12 Weeks

The Total Fitness Manual: Transform Your Body in Just 12 Weeks

by Gold's Gym


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ISBN-13: 9781681880440
Publisher: Weldon Owen
Publication date: 01/03/2017
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 661,739
Product dimensions: 7.70(w) x 9.50(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Gold’s Gym has been the authority on fitness since 1965. It was then that fitness legend Joe Gold took the knowledge and expertise he gained from training at the world famous “Muscle Beach” and opened up the first Gold’s Gym on Pacific Avenue in Venice, California. Today Gold’s Gym is the most recognized name in fitness, serving more than 3 million members in 38 states and 22 countries around the world. Always at the forefront of the fitness revolution, Gold’s Gym has continually evolved its profile by equipping gyms with the best amenities, and the latest in cardio and strength training equipment; as well as the most dynamic group exercise programs including dance, yoga, group cycling, mixed martial arts, muscle endurance training, and Pilates.

Table of Contents

A Tradition of Fitness

Take the Gold's Gym Challenge

Get Started

Pick Your Health Goals $

Find the Right Plan For You $

Evaluate Your Lifestyle $

Find Your Starting Point $

Ask the Expert: How Do I Stick to a Fitness Plan? $

Step Aboard $

Measure Body Fat $

Tape Your Progress $

Snap Some Selfies $

Find the Right Gym for You $

Ask the Right Questions $

Learn the Lingo $

Discover Your Workout Profile $

Choose a Trainer $

Buddy Up! $

Post Your Success! $

Work Out at Home $

Cover Your Bases $

Use a Stand-in $

Tools of the Trade: Select Your Home Machine $

Keep These Machines in Mind $

Gear Up for Performance $

Keep It with You $

Handle with Care $

Wick It Away $

Ask the Expert: Should I Go for Compression? $

Start Off on the Right Foot $

Tools of the Trade: Stock Your Gym Bag $

Pace Yourself $

Work with a Tempo $

Warm Up Cool $

Down $

The Gold's Gym Challenge: Week 1: Take the Challenge $

Get an Introduction to Proper Nutrition $

Rethink Your Eating Habits $

Make Some Simple Changes $

Make Sense of Macronutrients $

Choose Your Carbs $

Pick Your Proteins $

Opt for Vegan Protein $

Don't Fear the Fat $

Supplement Safely $

Power Up with Protein Powder $

Up Your Intake $

Shake It Up $

Build Bone $

Eat Right on a Budget $

Discover Superfoods $

Shop Smart $

Avoid Grocery Goofs $

Sit Down! $

Plan Ahead $

Shave Portions $

Carry Your Own Snacks $

Order Wisely $

Ask the Expert: Do I Have to Skip Dessert?

Eat Smart on the Go $

Stay Hydrated $

Curb the Caffeine $

Try Tea $

Go Green $

The Gold's Gym Challenge: Week 2: Plot Your Diet Strategy $

Get Strong $

Start Resistance Training 058

Compare Your Options 059

Calculate the Numbers 060

Learn the Workout Basics 061

Know Your Muscles 062

Ask the Expert: How Do Muscles Grow?

Master Muscle Control 063

Gym Etiquette Ask An Expert 064

Tools of the Trade: Bring on the Barbells 065

Spot Your Partner 066

Complete the Rep 067

Breathe In, Breathe Out 068

Work to Failure 069

Watch Your Form 070

Weigh In on Weight Belts 071

Accelerate Your Results 072

Ask the Expert: Why Do Superset $

Explode That Plateau 073

Add to Your Fitness Plan: Lift Like an Olympian 074

The Gold's Gym Challenge: Week 3 Strategize for Strength $

Know Your … Pectorals 075

Ask the Expert: How Effective is the Pec Deck?

Tools of the Trade: Grasp the Cable Machine 076

Put Your Pectorals Through Their Paces 077

Best Exercises: Mix Up Your Push-ups 078

Know Your … Back Muscles 079

Tools of the Trade: Learn the Lat Pull-down 080

Targeted Workout: Build a Better Back 081

Pull Yourself Up 082

Get a Grip 083

Know the Difference 084

Finesse That First Pull-up 085

Mix It Up 086

Best Exercises Know Your Row 087

Gym Etiquette Show Respect 088

Tools of the Trade: Say Hello to Mr. Smith 089

Best Exercises Swim Like Superman… or Go to the Dogs 090

Know Your… Deltoids 091

Protect Your Shoulders 092

Targeted Workout: Shoulder the Weight 093

The Gold's Gym Challenge: Week 4: Amp Up Your Metabolism $

Know Your… Biceps 094

Tools of the Trade: Do It with Dumbbells 095

Best Exercises Learn to Curl 096

Gym Etiquette Rack 'Em Up 097

Know Your… Triceps 098

Tighten Up Those Triceps 099

Targeted Workout: Tone and Define Your Triceps 100

Tools of the Trade: Choose the Best Bench 101

Do a Bench Dip 102

Targeted Workout: Sculpt Your Arms 103

Know Your … Abdominals 104

Rip Your Abs 105

Salute the Captain 106

Targeted Workout: Whittle Your Waist 107

Best Exercises: Customize Your Crunch 108

Add to Your Fitness Plan: Cultivate Your Core 109

Know Your … Quadriceps 110

Best Exercises Tone Your Quads 111

Try It Weight Free 112

Tools of the Trade: Impress with the Leg Press 113

Gym Etiquette Focus on Yourself 114

Best Exercises Weight for It 115

Flex Your Muscles 116

Best Exercises Work Your Hips and Thighs 117

Ask the Expert: Should I Use Thigh Machines?

The Gold's Gym Challenge: Week 5: Increase Flexibility $

Know Your … Hamstrings 118

Guard Your Hamstrings 119

Targeted Workout: Hone Your Hamstrings 120

Tools of the Trade: Get Keen on Kettlebells 121

Best Exercises Detonate the Deadlift 122

Ask the Expert Why Use Kettlebells?

Know Your … Glutes 123

Targeted Workout: Work Your Butt Off 124

Best Exercises Learn to Squat 125

Know Your … Calf Muscles 126

Stand on Tippy-Toes 127

Targeted Workout: Craft Your Calves 128

Gym Etiquette Take Your Turn 129

Add To Your Fitness Plan: Snap Back into Shape 130

Plan Your Resistance Program 131

Strategize for Success 132

Customize Your Workouts 133

Get a Thirty-Minute Workout 134

The Gold's Gym Challenge: Week 6: Evaluate Your Progress $

Get-Moving $

Get Your Heart Pumping 135

Monitor Your Heart 136

Get in the Zone 137

Track Your Action 138

Amp Up Your Endurance 139

Spike Your Metabolism 140

Learn Your Cardio Options 141

Add To Your Fitness Plan: Hill It Hard 142

The Gold's Gym Challenge: Week 7: Consult with a Trainer $

Tools of the Trade: Tackle the Treadmill 143

Make the Most of Your Treadmill Workout 144

Set Your Treadmill on an incline Grade 145

Overcome Obstacles 146

Go for a Run 147

Choose the Proper Sneakers 148

Get the Support You Need 149

Start Out Slow 150

Gym Etiquette Find Your Lane 151

Understand the Terrain 152

Know Why You Feel So Good 153

Stay Hydrated for Running 154

Compete on the Street 155

Prepare to Race 156

Know Your… Hip Flexors 157

Warm Up and Cool Down 158

Targeted Workout: Get Ready to Run 159

Best Exercises: Learn About the Lunge 160

Tools of the Trade: Explore the Elliptical 161

Gain Multiple Benefits 162

Take It in Intervals 163

Gym Etiquette Keep It Clean 164

Walk This Way 165

Tweak Your Technique 166

Choose Your Shoes 167

Hike for Health 168

Bring the Kids 169

Tools of the Trade: Climb Aboard the Rower 170

Get a Workout in Nine Minutes 171

Keep Up the Pace 172

Gauge Your Exertion 173

Gym Etiquette Space Out 174

Tools of the Trade: Ride a Stationary Bike 175

Ask the Expert: Which Bike Position Is Best?

Try a Cycling Class 176

Gym Etiquette: Stay Healthy 177

Hit High Intensity on the Stationary Bike 178

Freewheel for Fitness 179

Choose the Right Wheels 180

Cruise in Comfort 181

Protect Your Head 182

Fuel Up and Pedal 183

Take Your Bike to Work 184

Targeted Workout: Power Your Pedaling 185

The Gold's Gym Challenge: Week 8: Focus on Nutrition $

Tools of the Trade: Climb Aboard 186

Step Lively 187

Complete the Circuit 188

Get Physical 189

Step It Up! 190

Be a Class Act 191

Let the Music Drive You 192

Sign Up for a Dance Class 193

Get Your Groove On 194

Best Exercises Tune In and Tone 195

Function Flawlessly 196

Tools of the Trade: Take Hold of Battle Ropes 197

Targeted Workout Grab a Rope 198

Train Like a Navy Seal 199

Targeted Workout Try TRX® 200

Best Exercises: Climb Every Mountain 201

Add To Your Fitness Plan: Go to Boot Camp 202

Practice Martial Arts 203

Mix It Up with MMA 204

Try Out Kickboxing 205

De-stress with Tai Chi 206

Punch It Out 207

Think Inside the Boxing Ring 208

Box Your Shadow 209

Become Boxer Fit 210

Take the Plunge 211

Learn Basic Swim Strokes 212

Synchronize Your Moves 213

Get Strong in the Shallow End 214

Get the Best Aqua Gear 215

The Gold's Gym Challenge: Week 9: Increase Intensity $

Stay Healthy $

Stay Loose 216

Ask The Expert When Do I Stretch?

Stretch It Out 217

Stay Still 218

Increase Your Flexibility 219

Add To Your Fitness Plan: Limber Up 220

Stretch with a Buddy 221

Choose Your Partner 222

Targeted Workout DO It à Deux 223

Know Your …IT Band and TFL 224

Recognize the Signs 225

Best Exercises Keep It Supple 226

Release Those Knots 227

Serve It Up 228

Tools of the Trade: Find Release with a Foam Roller 229

Best Exercises Roll with It 230

Combine Balance and Coordination 231

Achieve Proper Alignment 232

Tools of the Trade: Sample the Stability Ball 233

Find Your Size 234

Train and Gain Balance 235

Tools of the Trade: Flip Over a BOSU® Ball 236

Targeted Workout Stand Firm 237

The Gold's Gym Challenge: Week 10: Add Some Class $

Open Your Joints with Yoga 238

Ease Your Concerns 239

Pump It Up with PiYo® 240

Tools of the Trade: Assemble a Yoga Kit $

Channel Your Inner Guru $

Inhale the Fresh Air $

Breathe Deep $

Chill Out $

Get the Right Vibes $

Add to Your Fitness Plan: Salute the Sun $

Connect Mind and Body with Pilates $

Practice the Principles $

Gym Etiquette: Tone It Down $

Choose a Pilates Class $

Equip Yourself $

Add to Your Fitness Plan: Flatten Your Tummy $

The Gold's Gym Challenge: Week 11: Maintain Motivation $

Ease into Pregnancy 254

Eat for Two 255

Prepare for Birth 256

Best Exercises Tone Up After Baby 257

Get in Shape with Your Kids 258

Stay Mobile 259

Age Gracefully 260

Best Exercises: Go Through the Motions 261

Extend Your Range 262

Book a Fit-cation 263

Survive a Long Flight 264

Stay Fit on the Road 265

Create a Hotel Room Gym 266

Stay Fit on the Job 267

Ask the Expert: How Can I Keep Fit at My Desk?

Targeted Workout: Work Out in the Workplace 268

Assess Your Pain 269

Rest and Recover 270

Ask The Expert Strain or Sprain?

Ice It or Apply Heat 271

Call the Doctor! 272

Take It Easy 273

Come Back Slowly 274

The Gold's Gym Challenge: Week 12: Look Back, Look Ahead $

Maintain Your Mojo 275

Bring on the Sandman 276

Pat Yourself on the Back 277

Keep Up the Great Work 278

Index $

Credits $

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