The Ultimate Ayn Rand Quicklet Bundle

The Ultimate Ayn Rand Quicklet Bundle

by Hyperink Publishing
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The Ultimate Ayn Rand Quicklet Bundle by Hyperink Publishing

This is a discounted bundle featuring Quicklets on 5 of Ayn Rand’s most important books, including:

-Atlas Shrugged
-The Fountainhead
-The Virtue of Selfishness
-Philosophy: Who Needs It
-The Romantic Manifesto

Here are brief product descriptions for each below. Buy them together and save over 60% off the combined price!

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From the Quicklet on Atlas Shrugged:

In the world of the near future, the United States has been overcome by a sweeping moral malaise, caused by a national embrace of Socialism and Social Welfare. In this Anti-Capitalist atmosphere, leading industrialists and scientists have been mysteriously disappearing. Despite repeated denials by the highest levels of government, rumors and half-truths point to a conspiracy to remove the best and brightest minds from the reach of society. The average man on the street sums up this growing urban legend in a single question: “Who is John Galt?”

Dagny Taggart is a driven, focused New York railroad executive who is vehemently opposed to the creeping disintegration of private property rights and individual liberty. She along with her married lover, Henry Rearden, ( whose development of a new, super alloy called Rearden Metal allows Taggart Transcontinental to become one of the last efficient companies remaining in the U.S.) decide to to resist the forces of those they call the Looters, by upholding the principles of selfishness, profit and individual achievement. To this they embark on the only type of rebellion available to them, namely living solely for the advancement of their material, business and personal interests. They are opposed in these ventures by the majority of polite society, including Dagny’s brother, James Taggart.

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From the Quicklet on The Fountainhead:

Nearing his graduation from architecture school at the Stanton Institute of Technology, Howard Roark is expelled by the Dean, who fears his designs are much too modern. Rejected by most of the top firms for failing to graduate, he luckily finds work with the disgraced but immensely talented architect Henry Cameron. Cameron, unfortunately, cannot take the stress of society’s disapproval and eventually retires. Roark, unwilling to compromise his vision for clients, cannot find work and leaves for the Francon granite quarry in Connecticut.

Peter Keating, on the other hand, does graduate from Stanton despite mediocre talent, and immediately finds work with famed architect Guy Francon at his New York City firm. Through deceit and manipulation, he becomes a partner in just a few short years and seems like he has built himself a happy and successful life.

Francon’s daughter, Dominique, is repulsed by society and its obsession with the mediocre. She retreats to her family’s granite quarry and is surprised to discover a sudden and passionate attraction to Roark. A few nights later, Roark enters her house and rapes her before leaving without saying a word. Dominique admits to herself that that was exactly what she wanted from Roark.

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From the Quicklet on The Virtue of Selfishness:

A man drowns

Let’s say that a man is in danger of drowning and you are the only one around who can help. The moral course of action would be to assist only if the danger to one’s self is minimal. It is a sign of lowered self-esteem to deem a stranger’s life just as valuable as your own by risking yours to save theirs.

This would not be the case if the drowning person were someone you loved deeply. In this scenario, risking your life to save this person is not seen as a sacrifice at all. The reason: because saving a loved one is rooted in a certain selfishness; no one wants to watch a loved one drown knowing they could have done something to prevent it from happening...

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