The Valentine's Arrangement: A Hard Feelings Novel

The Valentine's Arrangement: A Hard Feelings Novel

by Kelsie Leverich

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The “emotional, spicy-hot story” (Belle's Book Bag) that propelled Kelsie Leverich to the New York Times bestseller list!

Tattoo artist Ronnie Clark is counting the days until Valentine’s Day is over. Ronnie doesn’t do romance. She doesn’t do flowers or dates, and she sure as hell doesn’t do love—not anymore.  Love leads to heartbreak, and she’s vowed never to let herself get hurt again.

Sergeant First Class Kale Emerson is home on his midtour leave from Iraq, but he only has one thing on his mind—returning to his soldiers to finish leading their mission. He’s dedicated to his men and to his country, and he’s not interested in getting wrapped up in a distracting relationship…but casual sex, that’s a different story. From the moment he sees Ronnie, he wants her. And he agrees to her terms: no romance, no fluff—just passion.

But as their sexual chemistry ignites, the lines of their arrangement get blurry, and Ronnie starts to push Kale away. And when Kale realizes he’s found his match in this gorgeous razor-tongued woman who is hell-bent against love, winning her heart could be the toughest battle he has ever fought.

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ISBN-13: 9781101639160
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 01/31/2013
Series: A Hard Feelings Novel , #1
Sold by: Penguin Group
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 272
Sales rank: 340,711
File size: 542 KB
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Kelsie Leverich is the author of Feel the Rush. She lives with her husband, two children, and their three pets. She loves stories that can sweep you off your feet, make you fall in love, break your heart, and heal your soul.

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From the Publisher

“Hot, sexy, and steamy....I was hooked from the first page.”—New York Times Bestselling Author Sydney Landon

“Definitely a keeper.”—Belle’s Book Bag

“Emotional and worth every single minute.”—Cocktails and Books

“A sexy, steamy read served hot!”—Book Crush

“Kelsie Leverich serves up fun, sexy and hot.”—Flirty and Dirty Book Blog

“I could feel the sizzle in the pages.”—Into the Night Reviews

“Fast-paced and sexy as all get out.”—Let’s Get Romantical

“I read it in one sitting and loved every minute of it.”—Books She Reads

“Mesmerizing.…I am looking forward to more of her writing.”—THESUBCLUBbooks

“A wonderful romance.”—EbookObsessed

“Sexy read, loved every moment of this story.”—Sensual Reads

Customer Reviews

The Valentine's Arrangement 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 58 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really wanted to like this story,, but I've heard it too many times before. Guy and girl meet but don't "want" a relationship: Pretty Woman, 50 Shades, Friends with Benefits, etc... I quickly grew tired of the F bomb in this book. In the first chapter, the author created a new word: "f***ingly". The F bomb is over used and distracting. It also needs an editor. There are many typos and many misused words (shutter for shudder, peak for peek ). It's a good book for a first timer, but not great.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book deserves way more than 5 stars. LOVE IT!!!!!!! Must read!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a greay book, it hooks you in from the start. Tough woman scorned, cheated on. Hunky Army man puts his heart on the line. Hot scenes done tastefully. You will love this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was looking for a new author and came across this book. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Ronnie and Kale were awesome. I loved their interaction and seeing their relationship build. I loved the military aspect and the homage the author paid to military wives. Kudos! All in all a great book. I laughed, cried, got mad, and felt ridiculously happy for these characters. Any book that can make me lose myself in, is worth recomending. Look forward to this writers future works.
mamalovestoread22 More than 1 year ago
I HIGHLY recommend this author! She knows how to write breathtaking books that keep you on the edge of your seat. She hasn't wrote a book yet that I haven't absolutely loved!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I LOVE MEN IN UNIFORM! Kale is one sexy soldier. He met his match with Ronnie. I loved that Ronnie was a tattoo artist and that she didn't make it easy on Kale to get her attention. They made a cute couple.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved this story. I'm not a tattoo fan but the story is terrific. It's not about tattoos it's about a tough woman and a man that that isn't into relationships until he finds her and his quest to gain her trust and love. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Just read this author recently and very good plot and story...steamy romance. Will look for more books by this author.
Aly_Grady More than 1 year ago
Kelsie Leverich wove a tale so captivating you won't be able to wait to find out what happens next. The entire Hard Feelings Series kept me wanting more.
AlwaysYAatHeart1 More than 1 year ago
 This is the first book I have read by Kelsie Leverich and it definitely won't be the last.  I absolutely loved it.  Ronnie Clark and Kale Emerson couldn't be more opposite, yet totally suited for one another.   Ronnie is a tattoo artist who is outspoken, strong-willed, and snarky.  She knows what she wants, is tough, and is quick to let you know what she thinks.  Kale Emerson doesn't do relationships, not because he doesn't believe in them, but because he doesn't have the time for the them.  When Kale walks into Ronnie's shop for a tattoo, not only is he surprised that she's a smoking hot woman, he decides he wants her, or at least wants to get her in his bed.  Ronnie is surprised by the way Kale makes her feel, though she is determined not to show it.  He's a "pretty boy" and the type of guy she never goes for.  After coming out of one bad relationship with a soldier, she wants nothing more to do with soldiers of any kind.  Kale somehow manages to get under her skin, but he's only on leave for a short time.  Their whirlwind romance takes them both by surprise, but Kale has to go back to Iraq, so there's no future for them, at least in Ronnie's mind, that is until tragedy forces her to face her feelings head-on and she has to decide if love is worth taking a chance on again.   The Valentine's Arrangement is hot, sexy, fun, and totally captivating.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and have quickly become a fan of Kelsie Leverich.  I love her writing style and she most certainly knows how to write romance.  If you are a fan of this genre, then this is an author you most definitely will want to get acquainted with and her Hard Feelings Series is something you want want to miss.  
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
halosandhornsbookblog More than 1 year ago
I actually read this book when it was released last year, before I stepped foot into the blogging world and was just your average book collector! I loved it from start to finish, being anti valentine's day myself and all I totally felt the connection to Ronnie.  Ronnie had her heart trampled on when she was cheated on by her Fiance when he was deployed, from then on she vowed not to fall for anyone, especially a soldier. That is until fate in the form of SFC Kale Emerson blows into her life. Kale is home from Iraq and wants to return, he doesn't want a relationship. Perfect right!! Oh if were only true we wouldn't have a great book! Ronnie has sass and a sarcastic mouth and Kale pushes her until he gets what he wants. Her.  I can't say this enough.. awesome read!!
BoekieBookReview More than 1 year ago
Leverich's story The Valentine's Arrangement is the perfect read for this upcoming Valentine's Day. Ronnie Clark is an easy character to latch onto because she's smart, funny, strong and she says it like it is. She's also a tattoo artist, which in and of itself is spectacularly-awesome. I really love Ronnie because she's a very independent spirit and she sets her own rules, even if she ultimately breaks them. I love the detail that Leverich uses to describe her dislike for Valentine's Day. It's initially what drew me into the story. The character's voice just jumps out at you and pulls you in. I'm not a huge fan of stories told in third person, but The Valentine's Arrangement was an exception. I found that reading in the third-person POV really helped me connect with the characters. Sergeant Kale Emerson is an interesting counterpart to this story and he makes for a great love interest. I loved the contrast in the two characters (especially their stories), and I also enjoyed watching them unexpectedly fall in love. That is really where the fun begins. There is definitely some high emotional roller coasters throughout this story, but its definitely worth picking up. Plus who says no to a bad ass heroine and a hot military stud? Not me.
Emily-SBDR More than 1 year ago
Kelsie Leverich has demanded and been rewarded a spot on my auto-buy list. The Valentine's Arrangement is a quirky, hilarious, and hotter than hot book. Ronnie and Kale have enough attitude to battle a group of 16 year olds and enough chemistry to blow up the tattoo shop. This book was entertaining from the get-go and was a fantastic escape from all those angsty books I have been reading. The Valentine's Arrangement is one of those books that you have to read. I feel like I've been missing out all this time. Right now, Ronnie and Kale are still bouncing around in my head, shouting to be read again. There was not one part of this book that I didn't enjoy. It's a full-package book that will make you swoon and laugh out loud. Ronnie is a tattoo artist, who is just living day-to-day until she can move out of this town. She wants away from her messy past relationship and to move on. But while she's biding her time, a new client walks into her life and tilts it upside down. Kale Emerson's life is the army. While on a forced leave, he meets the tough, sexy, and quippy Ronnie. Of course, their attraction is too strong to fight but, they both agree it won't be anything but physical. As the days countdown to Kale deployment he and Ronnie find themselves enjoying each others company and engaging in some mind-melting sex. But Ronnie can't help but remember their rules and an unexpected visitor may derail Kale's future plans.  The best thing about Ms. Leverich is that she always puts an unexpected twist at the end of her books. It caught me off guard in Pretending She's His, and it caught me off guard with this book too. But I love it. And her characters... *sigh* I've got character envy, and you should too. We should all hope to create characters as terrific as Ronnie and Kale. Ronnie is so perfectly unperfect. And Kale... well he's just perfect. Ronnie, however, may be one of my favorite characters. She is snarky, blunt, and sassy to boot. She's got that sweet element though, that only Kale can bring out. I loved that they made each other see beyond the blinders they wore. Kale convinced Ronnie to get past her hurt and Ronnie showed Kale there was life outside the Army. All in all, this is a fun, sexy book that will leave you wanting more. And it will definitely be shelved under "Re-read"! Happy Reading! *Review copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*
Justpeachy1 More than 1 year ago
The Valentine's Arrangement is the latest book from author Kelsie Leverich. With a hard-nosed heroine, who happens to be a tattoo artist and a soldier on leave from Iraq, there isn't too many ways this story could go wrong. Leverich uses strong dialogue and great characterizations to get the readers attention and holds it with the a spicy love story. Readers will fall in love with the military hero and his sassy lover! What I liked: I am always a fan of strong female characters and Ronnie was certainly no push over. She grew up on the wrong side of the tracks and the lessons she learned still carry over into her adult life and career. After turning away from art school for her high school sweetheart, Ronnie later becomes a tattoo artist with an attitude. She is abrasive and has a pretty nasty mouth on her, yet she shows some vulnerable moments and the idea of opposites attracting really works here. Kale is definitely the antithesis of Ronnie. So different from each other. Kale is the typical military type hero. He is an all around good guy, mannerly, courteous and aptly nicknamed Captain America when Ronnie first meets him. But he has had his issues with women in his own life and a no strings attached affair sounds like just the thing to help him relax before he returns to Iraq. When the sex turns hot and spicy, just like Ronnie, things start to get a little out of hand. Ronnie is a real handful for Kale, but he sees something in her that others don't... a tortured soul. I liked the fact that he was able to see good in her where others didn't. The sex scenes are hot in this one for sure. I think having Kale be in the military with one of those strong well defined bodies might have had something to do with it. I think Leverich does a good job with this aspect of the story. She doesn't go too far, but certainly keeps the fire burning with these two characters.  What I didn't like: First let me say, I did like Ronnie, she was a good hard nosed character that was no nonsense and spunky. But I didn't like her mouth. She had a real potty mouth and I think that is so unattractive for a woman, no matter what her background is. I understand a word or two here and there when you're mad or something unexpected happens, but this was waaay too much for my tastes. She may not have been a lady, but she wasn't a sailor either.
Andreat78 More than 1 year ago
First Impression...I love a good novella. And I wish I had that chick's eyebrows. The Story... Home on leave, Kale Emerson wants a tattoo to honor his fallen comrades. Well, he gets that tattoo, alright, created by the badass bombshell Ronnie Clark. Kale wants to make a connection with Ronnie while he's home, Ronnie is interested but intent on avoiding commitment. A short-term arrangement-no feelings involved-is what they set out to experience, but will the fire keep burning when their time is up? The Characters... The Valentine's Arrangement only had two characters with significant presence. Ronnie was completely rude, abrupt, and a little vicious. I loved that. I can see how a lot of readers might not connect with or enjoy her, but I did, a lot. She was hard core, a true badass who was quick to hand out a verbal beat down if the notion struck. Ronnie had her reasons for the tough exterior, but even if she hadn't, I still would have liked her. Kale Emerson was perfect. A dedicated soldier who's job means everything to him, Kale has never been in love or had a significant relationship. I liked that the author allowed him to be a decidedly commitment-free guy without making him a jerk. Kale doesn't dick women around or recklessly break hearts. He just is who he is. The two characters together were sexy and practically combustible. Ronnie is a compulsive ball-buster, but instead of being annoyed or intimidated, Kale gets off on it. Her fiery temperament amuses him. And turns him on. I liked seeing these two go into their situation believing they can control their feelings, but quickly realizing logic will not trump love. The Writing... was really good. I appreciate dual point-of-view in my romances, allowing me to know both characters thoughts and motivations, which reduces my book rage moments significantly. Novellas are so hard to get just right. We need enough detail to form a strong connection, but too much can drag it down. Leverich found the perfect balance in my opinion. The only nit-picky item for me was the "bad guy" who comes looking for trouble with Kale and Ronnie. Maybe I'm naive, but I just didn't get why he went through so much effort. But, he was arrogant and stupid, so it probably does make sense. Stupid dudes...I'll never understand them. The Heat ... The Valentine's Arrangement was sexy, but not consumed in the only in physical act. That's not to say that Ronnie and Kale didn't get down. They did, and they did it well. But the chemistry and anticipation between them was just as hot. The foreplay, the intense build-up, was so hot and totally worth the wait. Could I Put The Valentine's Arrangement Down? Throughout the first half, yeah, I could. I was really enjoying it, but not overwhelmed. The second half, specifically the last twenty-five percent, really grabbed me hard. With Kale pushing Ronnie for me as he was heading back to Iraq, and what happens next, I was definitely consumed. I basically sat in the middle of Red Lobster and ignored my family so I could finish. Any story that can make me miss out on Garlic-Cheddar Biscuits is worth a read. In the End ... The Valentine's Arrangement was a very good novella. I would recommend it to fans of very well-developed novellas, such as Laura Kaye's Hearts in Darkness. .
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I could not put this fabulous book down!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ginger-Read-Reviews More than 1 year ago
The Valentine's Arrangement immediately appealed to me for a couple of reasons. One, I find there to be something so absolutely sexy about tattoo artists. Second, I really have never seen the appeal in a "man in uniform" and I wanted to experience it. Throw those two things together and hey, maybe sparks fly, right? I can say sparks flew. I can't say that they blew up into some uncontrollable bonfire. The Valentine's Arrangement is not quite that type of book. Ronnie has been wronged, in pretty bad way. Because of that, she has developed a tough skin and it takes some heavy doses of determined shrapnel to penetrate her barriers. Kale meets Ronnie when he wants to be inked for the first time. He didn't know he would be falling into the world of a 'saucy, outspoken and stunning' firecracker of an artist. He also didn't think he wouldn't be able to get her out of his mind. Kale doesn't do relationships. He does deployments and he doesn't think it fair to get involved with a woman when he can't put her first. Cue it... 'awwwww'. Yep, Kale is a keeper ladies. Kale is only home for a short respite and wants that respite to be full of Ronnie in his bed. He manages to worm under her armor enough to get her to agree to a 'sex only' deal until he leaves again for Iraq. But that arrangement doesn't go as either of them had planned. This is real sex. It's hot but it is somewhat tame. If you look for a kink factor in your sexy books, look away. You won't get it here. You will get a bit of an adorable love story between a couple of reluctant lovers. There is some added drama thrown in that I could have done without but the sweet factor mostly made up for that. You'll get a story that I can imagine a bunch of military wives/girls can relate to . You'll get a story about a real life type hero and real life type scorned woman just trying to find a love that fits. Like I said, it may not blow you away but it will probably still gently pull on the heart strings and bring a smile to your face.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Really good story, the girl was a little on the rough side. But what a love story!! Would recommend reading it!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved this book! Enjoyed every minute of reading it. Cannot wait foer her next book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Sucks you in right away loved it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I couldn't put it down, I loved it! Its a definite must read.
shannschoice More than 1 year ago
Ronnie Clark is this hard ass young tattoo artist. She followed her fiance after he joined the military, after he is deployed she learns that he has cheated on her. She will never date another military man again! Kale Emerson, Captain America, as Ronnie calls him, is the handsome Sergent home on leave looking to get a memorial tattoo and maybe a casual fling while home. When Kale walks in to get a tattoo by the ""BEST"" he is surprised to learn that Ronnie is a woman, an attractive woman at that. He quickly learns that she is very smart mouth and not having any of the flirting he might want to dish out.  Needless to say he gets to her and they have a heated ""one nighter"", at least that is what Ronnie thinks. Kale on the other hand is just getting started. This book was not a typical guy meets girl and goes after her. It had a lot of moments when you really felt like you were in the story and trying to help break those walls down. Normally I don't get very emotional about a book but when Kale leaves to go back on deployment my heart breaks that she has pushed him away. To Ronnie's dismay Kale isn't giving up though and even from a far, still is trying to get her to talk with him. It's not until his unexpected return that you get to see her walls finally break. I really LOVED this book, it brought up some emotions that for me were hard but much needed. I highly recommend this for anybody that wants a romance that not only funny in parts but emotional and worth every single minute.   Reviewed by Kenzie for Cocktails and Books