The W Effect: Sexual Politics in the Bush Years and Beyond

The W Effect: Sexual Politics in the Bush Years and Beyond


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The W Effect: Sexual Politics in the Bush Years and Beyond by Laura Flanders, Livia Tenzer, Phoebe St. John

In this unique and essential collection, Katha Pollit, Patricia Williams, Barbara Ehrenreich, Jill Nelson, Vandana Shiva, and a host of other frontline thinkers, journalists, and activists employ wit, outrage, and cold, hard facts to expose the comprehensive incursion into women’s rights. Taking stock of Bush-era policies at home and abroad, the writers in this book measure the gap between the women-friendly rhetoric and the deadly realities happening as a result of Bush era policies—what editor Laura Flanders calls “The W Effect.” Both a harsh reality check and a hopeful starting point for new action, The W Effect brings together today’s premier feminist voices to provide cutting-edge reports; fresh, empowering analysis; and engaging, provocative ideas for the future.

As their work demonstrates, women around the globe have come under increasing attack in the new millennium, both literally, in the case of war, incarceration, and punitive repression, and more subtly, in the case of eroded rights and lost economic ground. The W Effect puts together the pieces: tax cuts and a marriage initiative for welfare recipients, civilian casualties in Afghanistan and Iraq and a militarized United States, Title IX under siege and macho political posturing for the media, and yes, Roe v. Wade threatened and the return of the international gag rule.

A necessary book for anyone interested in current politics, for feminists of all ages and genders, for the activist community, for general readers, and for students, The W Effect provides the real information women need—and can’t find in the mainstream media—about their rights and their future.

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ISBN-13: 9781558614710
Publisher: Feminist Press at CUNY, The
Publication date: 06/01/2004
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Laura Flanders is the host of "Working Assets Radio", a daily call-in program heard on public radio (KALW-FM) in San Francisco and on the Internet. She writes a column for and appears regularly on MSNBC, Fox News Watch, PBS, and CBC. She is the former Director of the Women's Desk at FAIR.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Feigning Feminism, Fueling Backlashxi
Winner Takes All
A Mean-Spirited America: Today, I Fear My Own Government More Than I Do Terrorists3
The Power and the Glory: Who Needs the Christian Coalition When You've Got the White House? The Religious Right's Covert Crusade5
TeamBush to Abused Women: Fuhgedaboutit!11
Hardly Sporting: Don't Gut Title IX Until You Know What It Does15
Orphaned by the Drug War19
Better Safe...?24
Raising the Voices of Afghan Women: An Interview with Masuda Sultan29
Call Me American: A Young Man Contemplates Going to War36
Sneak Attack: The Militarization of U.S. Culture38
Working-Class Women as War Heroes39
Reading, Tracing, and Locating Gender in 9/11 Detentions41
Upstanding Native Women45
Hidden Casualties: An Epidemic of Domestic Violence When Troops Return from War47
A Cautionary Tale from Kosovar Women to Women in Post-War Iraq54
Baghdad Burning: Girl Blog from Iraq56
Weddings, Wombs, and Whoopee
Roe in Rough Waters65
Wedding Bells and Welfare Bucks70
Altared States: Women on Welfare Talk About Marriage78
My Late-Term Abortion81
Sex, Lies, and Abstinence85
Bush's War on the Condom: U.N. Report Documents the Failures to Curb AIDS91
"Tell Me Everything": Teens Talk Back About Abstinence Education94
Why We Need Same-Sex Marriage96
Globalization and Poverty: Economic Globalization Has Become a War Against Nature and the Poor105
Kitchen Table Politics: An Interview with Rhonda Perry111
Global Sex Rules: The Price of Silence114
Strange Bedfellows: Conservative Christians and the Bush Administration Are Aggressively Pushing a Controversial "Pro-Family" Agenda on the International Stage-And They're Teaming Up with Islamic Theocracies to Do It121
The Unequal AIDS Burden128
Wages and Well-Being
...and the Poor Get Poorer133
Working Women's Lives and the "W Effect": An Interview with Ellen Bravo138
Wal-Mart Values145
Why Privatizing Government Services Would Hurt Women Workers152
Social Security Is a Women's Issue156
Women's Priorities Would Be Sacrificed to Pay for Bush Tax Cuts158
Latina Girls' High School Drop-Out Rate Highest in U.S.165
Unconscionable Care: Is the Religious Right Compromising Your Health Care?167
Winning Hearts and Minds
Bush's Basket: Why the President Had to Show His Balls175
Veiled Intentions: The U.S. Media's Hug and Run Affair with Afghan Women177
The Thong vs. the Veil180
On Rescuing Private Lynch and Forgetting Rachel Corrie182
Celebrating the Many Roles of Women185
Unsung Heroes187
The Truth About Women and the Recession189
Queers Without Money: They Are Everywhere, but We Refuse to See Them193
Whatever Happened to the Gender Gap?198
Women Take Action
Four 9/11 Moms Battle Bush207
Against the War but Married to It214
Arab Women Staying Alive220
Women of the Promised Land223
Women Are Opening Doors: Security Council Resolution 1325 in Afghanistan229
Shelf Life. Librarians: Liberals with Backbone235
Against Rosa's Odds: On the Road with a Welfare Warrior240
Mighty in Pink244
What's on the Horizon
Whose Security?253
No Place for a Woman258
Transnational Feminist Practices Against War263
A Mystery of Misogyny268
Gender Smarts: Will Sex Ever Make Us as Smart as Race When It Comes Time to Vote?271
Building a Movement for Reproductive Self-Determination: An Interview with Dorothy Roberts273
U.S. Feminism Lite: Claiming Independence, Asserting Personal Choice280
War on Terror or War on Women? The View from Latin America285

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