This is Scotland: A Country in Words and Pictures

This is Scotland: A Country in Words and Pictures


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A Scotsman and an Englishman, a camera and a notebook. The pictures tell a thousand stories, the words tell the time. This is every day Scotland, captured at its most crucial point for 300 years.

United by a love of Scotland, warts and all, especially the warts, in fact, Gray and McCredie set out on a journey high and low, mainland and island, rust and heather, to document a country and its people. Here is a nation caught and sketched in time; not shortbread-tin Scotland, but the normal, beautifully disjointed one. It is a Scotland of flaking pub signs and sneaky fags outside the bingo, of Italian cafes and proper fitba’ grounds, of craggy farmers and disinterested sheep.

Stunning images are coupled with lyrical prose in a highly-original Caledonian love-letter.

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ISBN-13: 9781910021590
Publisher: Luath Press Limited
Publication date: 09/24/2015
Pages: 160
Product dimensions: 6.69(w) x 8.07(h) x 0.31(d)

About the Author

Daniel Gray is the author of Homage to Caledonia: Scotland and the Spanish Civil War.He has also written on football for When Saturday Comes and Fly Me To The Moon, the fanzine of his beloved Middlesbrough FC, and is a book reviewer for History Scotland and The Skinny, and also writes for the magazines The Leither and Scottish Labour Review. He is a 2003 Politics and History graduate of Newcastle University. His first book, The Historical Dictionary of Marxism, was published in 2005. Gray has worked as a researcher, contributor and writer on BBC radio and on STV's miniseries The Scots Who Fought Franco. He lives in Leith with his wife Marisa.

Alan McCredie has been a freelance photographer for a decade, working for most major agencies in Scotland and beyond. He has specialised in theatre and television, and has a flare for documentary and travel photography.

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