This Much Is True

This Much Is True

by Katherine Owen


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ISBN-13: 9780983570769
Publisher: The Writing Works Group
Publication date: 08/11/2013
Pages: 432
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.96(d)

About the Author

Katherine Owen writes romantic contemporary fiction that her readers often term emotional roller coasters. She lives near Seattle and enjoys good coffee, fine wine and great weather six months out of the year.

As a writer, Katherine Owen remains undaunted at taking on the complications that often test the best of relationships. She always hopes for a happy ending even when it seems all but impossible; ultimately, she leaves it up to her characters.

Katherine Owen's debut novel "Seeing Julia" won the Zola Award and first place in the romance category with the Pacific Northwest Writers Association. In addition to "Seeing Julia", she has written "Not To Us" and "When I See You" and now "This Much Is True" her fourth novel. All of her novels have been best sellers with various online retailers and resonate with readers that enjoy somewhat dark (read as emotional) contemporary romance with surprising twists.

To learn more about Katherine Owen and her novels, go to: or follow her on Twitter @KatherineOwen01 or Facebook

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This Much Is True 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 24 reviews.
CAPanka More than 1 year ago
I had only read one other book by Katherine Owen and after that I knew I had found another favorite author. So when I saw this story was coming out, I knew I had to read it. And what a story it is. The characters of Linc and Talia will have you on a roller-coaster full of emotions. And I mean every single page brings something new. What gripped me though, and this may sound dark, is the utter devastation these characters are put through. Like I said, dark, but what makes it beautiful is that no matter how horrible the circumstances get, a new level of inner strength is found and these people carry on. It's a story of loss, devastation, self discovery, but ultimately to me, it's one of pure, totally consuming, you are my life LOVE! I am wishing for a part 2 of this story because I am not ready to let these characters go yet.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I had to put it down so I wouldn't finish in one reading. Katherine Owen is amazing and this book is definitely a favorite. I've read When I See You and Seeing Julia and her work keeps getting better and better.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This Much is True is a heartbreaking look at one girl's life. You get to follow her for many years as you see her decide she's not good enough due to a tragedy in her teen years. There are enough ups and downs to make you want to read it in one sitting. I felt like I just had to find out how it would all end, good or bad. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Honestly, I couldn't put it down. ***I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Dewb More than 1 year ago
Wow, I’ve had this book for awhile and I can’t understand why I haven’t picked it up sooner. Could be because I had preconceived ideas about it because I don’t like the cover. But it’s so, so awesome. And painful. And heart-wrenching, and so sad and so utterly beautiful. In the first few pages you get to meet Tally and Holly and with their sisterly bickering you fall instantly in love with both of them. Then tragedy strikes and lives change forever. It hit’s you hard, even after just a few pages. Tally’s pain and grief is so incredibly real and it hurts, just reading about it hurts. I love this girl who turns in to a brilliant, strong woman. She stand tall even if a part dies a little every day and she plows through and dances, because it’s the only way she knows how to cope. Throw in Linc in the mix and and I am in serious awe of this girl, heartbreak friggin’ hurts! Life never turns out how she planned and fate seems to have a grudge against her because he surely never helps out. Linc and Tally struggles with similar fundamental issues, falling, failing and losing, but Linc got over his a lot earlier in the book. I guess it should be that way since he’s got a couple of years on my favorite girl. While Linc still struggles with himself, Tally and baseball he’s an all around good guy. He’s not the hot, tattooed bad boy, he’s more of mother-in-law’s-dream-come-true kind of guy. He was a lot easier to like and love for his genuineness and honest struggles. I think all women secretly loves to read and dream about a hot, broken man we can “fix” or an alpha-male, but we’d much rather go for a guy like Linc. Which is why I love him, he’s real. I often comment of the writing on a book because it can really make or break a book, and I often say that the books I’ve like has great writing. But I don’t think anything I’ve read can compare to Katherine Owens. It’s so heartfelt and so true. She doesn’t sugarcoat the bad or get overly excited with the good, she tell’s it how it is and I truly respect her for that. This is a book about loss and love, and then loss again, and it’s filled with so much pain and anguish it physically hurts to read it. But It’s one of the best books of 2013.
lissasue25 More than 1 year ago
Tally Landon lives and breathes ballet; Lincoln Presley lives and breathes baseball. That is until the two meet and everything changes. Tally and her twin, Holly, are driving home on a rainy Valentine's Day when they are in a car accident. Linc is passing by and stops to help, he pulls Tally out of the car. Tally doesn't remember any of this. Tally and Linc meet at a party and after a night of passion, everything changes. They want to be together but there are so many obstacles in the way. Tally moves to New York with her best friend Marla for ballet and Linc moves to Los Angeles to play baseball for the Dodgers. After the things that Tally keeps from Linc, she is sure that there is nothing between the two of them anymore. Marla moves back to San Francisco to be with Charlie, Linc's cousin, leaving Tally all alone in New York. Well, except for Holly's ex-boyfriend, Rob. There is so much drama packed into this story that at times I felt lost. Katherine Owen definitely has a way of tying several storylines together by keeping the main characters involved in the lesser storylines. This is such a great book that deals with a variety of relationship issues and life issues. But, there were times when I was screaming at my Nook because of things that the characters did or said. I wanted so much more information about what happened to the characters at the end, even the characters that I didn't like. I would love to read more about Tally, Linc, Marla, Charlie, Rob and even Nika.
bhillson83 More than 1 year ago
Katherine Owen hit this book out of the park as it surpassed my expectations and captured my heart and full attention. At first glance, I didn’t know if I really liked Tally Landon, as she comes off snooty, entitled and a liar …. However, as the storyline moved on I really enjoyed Tally and absolutely loved Lincoln (or as he is known Prez). The life lessons that the characters experience, the life altering moments will capture your heart and soul and leave you with all sorts of emotions. I laughed, cried and was angry all at the same time … Owen is a talented writer who will grip your very soul, drag you into Tally’s web of lies that will consume both her Lincoln, until the lies consume their lives. This is a definite must read as Owen’s latest novel will leave you with an everlasting imprint.
Lisa-Lou More than 1 year ago
This Much Is True by Katherine Owen is a heart-wrenching, staggeringingly tragic yet beautiful romantic tale of two people brought together by tragedy and loss. This story is very well-written, perfectly paced, and for the emotional depth of the story, the depth of the characters is well matched. You will cry and you will laugh but most of all you will be awed at the realness of these people. My usual recommendations for a book like this...Wine, chocolate and a good snuggle spot/reading nook. Oh, and tissues. You'll definitely need tissues.
RoxyKade More than 1 year ago
From the tragic opening of this book, I knew I was in for an emotional ride of devastation and heartache, but one filled with love and hope as well. This was a long book. A story that could have easily become boring because of its length, but Owen did such a brilliant job of capturing my attention that I couldn't put it down for a second. It was well paced, with characters who reached into my soul, and latched onto my heart. Tally's life was filled with one tragic event after another. She was forced to make difficult decisions; life changing decisions that may have cost her all the success she so obviously deserved. She also had to deal with lost love, all the while trying to keep her head above water. The teen we're introduced to in the beginning of the story transforms into an amazing, strong woman. She's always been determined and quite fierce, but the occurrences in this story forced her to grow up quickly, and she seemed to lose a bit of herself each time. She showed tremendous strength and perseverance, though. She could have easily become an emotional mess, but she held it together pretty well. That's not to say she wasn't having an internal emotional meltdown. She just seemed to always find a way of soldiering through it all. Each love story (yes, there are more than one, and each has it's own complexities) was wrought with pain and heartache, but again, there was plenty of hope that everything would work out in the end; even for those characters who were clearly not meant to be together. The few love triangles in this story were not of the cringe-worthy kind. They were actually quite fascinating. This story was filled with mixed signals, missed opportunities, and power struggles as each player of this game called love fought to win the ultimate prize. Some may have gone about it the wrong way, while others manipulated it to best suit their needs. In the end, when something is real, nothing can stand in the way of it. This book was a stellar read.
OldVictorianQuill More than 1 year ago
Reading ‘This Much Is True’ was such a heartfelt and stunning experience. From the beautiful writing style that blew me away from the first page, to the fantastic character and story development that kept me hooked throughout, this really was a very special book, but beware, you are in for a hard, long, tear-jerking, rage-filled, heartbreaking journey. But I would not have missed it for the world! I connected immediately to the characters whose story I would be following. Katherine Owen very cleverly crafted this novel so that we witness the pain of the past alongside our heroine Tally Landon. I never felt any anger or annoyance towards Tally throughout the years that the novel covered. She loses her twin sister in a car accident, an accident of which Tally escapes with her life, but broken from the loss of her other half. I knew that it would be a hard, long road for Tally to become her own person. I loved how Tally escaped her pain by pretending to be her sister. It really made me think of the psychological trauma that Tally suffered, and how pretending to be Holly helped keep her alive, as well as helped Tally feel more confident and more perfect by acting like the sister she thought was always the better one. Our introduction to Linc was superb. I loved the instant connection they shared, the way that they opened up to each other, even whilst keeping an emotional distance. The relationship that they built, and the way it continued on through every day of their life, even when they were parted, with other people, and fighting their own battles, as they thought of each other, and felt bereft at having lost something so wonderful before it could ever really start. There is some real emotional issues that are raised in this novel, and I don’t want to spoil any of them for potential readers because they really held a huge wow factor. There were so many times that I cried and felt my heart ripping in two. There was times that I really debated putting the book down, knowing that as I suffer from depression, this extraordinary but emotional journey may just be too much for me to cope with. I was constantly tempted to check goodreads reviews to see whether Tally and Linc would get their happily ever after (This is from the girl that lined up for the last Harry Potter book at midnight with her fingers in her ears to avoid any of the buyers in front of her telling her the ending!). But I persevered, and boy was it worth it! Even in the darkest parts of the books, when Tally and Linc’s lives became so far removed from each other, the powerful writing style just kept me reading, determined to get through this journey and see the outcome of these characters. There were characters I loved, characters I empathised, characters I admired, and there were those that I loathed. I was always firmly on Tally’s team throughout the novel even when her decisions broke my heart. I felt angry at those who took advantage of Tally’s pain, and used guilt-trips to get to her. Rob in particular was a character that I disliked from the get go. Being Holly’s boyfriend before she died, I felt ashamed of him when he began a relationship with Tally, a girl identical to his dead girlfriend. Whilst Tally grieved for her sister, I understood her desire to be with Rob, as though her being with him would keep Holly alive, and would give Holly the chance at a future with Rob through Tally. It was Rob’s insistence that it had ‘always been Tally’ that upset and infuriated me, insinuating that Holly was an unimportant part of his past. I felt so desperate for Tally to escape from his grasp, and wished more than anything that Tally could be with Linc, if only to see how much she was worth, and that Rob’s desire to keep her to himself, made her less able to be the amazing person she had the potential to be. This story was a rocky one, with highs and lows, moments of pure bliss, and then utter heartbreak, but throughout it all I kept hold of the hope I had that Tally would be reunited with Linc and that as a family they could overcome anything. This book really is a gem, and it is one that has wowed me in so many ways. There are some beautiful storylines entwined within Tally and Linc’s journey to find themselves, and each other, and I haven’t even hinted at one of the monumental storylines that will break your heart and take your breath away. I wouldn’t want to spoil that amazing story for anyone. If you are looking for a book with raw emotion, loss, love and the power of hope, then this is the book for you! A 5 star read! WARNING: Have a box of tissues handy…
mutmainna_ivbooks More than 1 year ago
This book is one of the finest NA romance books I’ve read recently. I’d heard a lot of things about it from many of my friends previously. So when the opportunity to participate in its book tour came, I couldn’t help grabbing the chance. Tally and Lincoln make such a wonderful pair! After reading it may sound like that it’s another mushy gushy fairytale-ish love story, but let me warn you that it’s not. It’s romantic, yes, and not only that; it’s charming, surprising, emotional, touching, heartbreaking and may leave you wanting for more. But it is a standalone and that’s why for those of you who don’t like to delve into NA romance series, it is a really good one to get along with. Personally, I didn’t like Tally at first. I don’t really like characters with such attitudes and philosophies. But then again, She’d lost her twin sister, and at her age it takes time to heal such wounds. So gradually I got used to it and was okay. Now as I think of it, I believe the author has done a very good job because if Tally was a character acting otherwise, it would have appeared less convincing, at least to me. So yeah, Tally’ is really good, even if she isn’t ;) . As for Lincoln, he is a great character, with his own qualities and flaws. I really, really liked him ( is that even a surprise:p?) Though in the book there are moments when I felt like throwing something at him still he makes it up to me pretty well :D And I like the chemistry of him with Tally. However, the thing that slightly bothered me is the lack of that ‘X factor’ within their relationship. I mean, at times they didn’t appear as a couple at all and I get sad when that happens to my leads :( They seem to be destined for each other but all other silly things keep coming in the way: "Being together is all we ever wanted." And as for the ending, I liked it. Though it seems a tiny bit abrupt, I still like it. REALLY LIKE IT. So yeah, I strongly recommend the book for anyone who has a thing for an amazing NA read :D *Received a review copy in exchange for an honest review*
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved, loved, loved this book. The story line is amazing. The characters are perfect. The chemistry between Linc & Tally is off the charts right from the very begining. It takes them a really long time to figure it all out but when they do , OH MY FREAKIN WOW! I didn't want this story to end. 1190 some pages was well worth the money. BUT I wanted the story of Tally, Linc, and Cara to continue. I extremely recommend this book to everyone. I experienced such a plethora of emotions reading this story and they were all so wonderful. Even the tears.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I Katherine Owen let me just say you have a new fan. Just finished reading " This Much Is True" and now I want to read all of your books, Thank You
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I just do not understand how anyone couldn't fall for each of these characters...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I dont recommend this book. Its too depressing. I wont read it again or anything from this author.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this story, and watching the two characters with diverse lives struggling to find out who they were, and trying to be in each other's lives.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
When I started reading this book, I had seen the comments about it being an overwhelming and heartbreaking story so I braced myself and dove headfirst into the darkness, expecting the worst. Well I must say I rather enjoyed the darkness. I liked the tragic story of Linc and Tally in all it's ill-fated glory. These contemporary star-crossed lovers stole my heart with the impossibility of their fate in true Romeo and Juliet fashion (minus the ending, of course). I loved the intensity of the characters.  "Liquid fire burns through me. I struggle to breathe. He is steel. I am the magnet that holds him here. I am here. He's here most definitely. He's alive. I must be, too."  Sometimes love stories can be predictable and maybe even trite. This Much is True was probably the complete opposite in every way. It never failed to surprise me. When you read as much as I do, you develop a sort of intuition and you can usually guess what's going to happen next. Up until now, I had missed the feeling of not knowing at all what would come next and this book filled that void for me. There is no gray area when it comes to Linc and Tally. It's either black or white.  "This feels good. Dying feels fine and I welcome the blackness with open arms."  "Closeness erases the many secrets still held between us although the important ones remain. No longer strangers, we venture to a secret place where just the two of us exist. This connection of continuity seems to contain a degree of permanence, but that's further up ahead."  Reading this book was like riding a rollercoaster with a blindfold. It was a wild and crazy ride but the thrill was absolutely worth every tear I shed along the way.  *I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What can I say this book was an emotional roller coaster. I lovedeverh minute of it. I loved this book!! Great read.
KathywithaK27 More than 1 year ago
After a horrific car accident claims the life of her twin sister, Tally Landon has to begin a life without her other half. Being 17 years old and on a fast track of becoming one of the greatest ballet dancers, this is a wrench in her life she never though possible. One night however, changed everything when she hooked up with an up-and-coming baseball star that seems to not just get under her skin but thaw her frozen soul and let her feel for the first time This Much Is True follows Tally on her journey through life with all the ups and downs that comes with it, but will it lead her to the arms of Lincoln Presley? I loved that this book was a complete novel. No cliffhangers to deal with and 6 or 7 books to come in the future keeping you waiting around for years, it's all right here. That is so refreshing to see in a literary world with everyone wants to stretch a story out to create more books. To its' credit, This Much Is True is also paced remarkably well for a book that goes through about 10 years worth of material and almost nothing is left out. The two main characters were awesome, from the always self-deprecating Tally to the seemingly perfect, good guy Linc, it is clear that they are meant for each other from the second they meet, even if they make stupid decisions. Those twists and turns in relationships are what made this story stand out to me because it is a narrative that makes you want to throttle someone at points but then kiss them both at others. Along with these intricate main characters, you have a whole slew of supporting characters that make this book flow with ease and keep our main characters grounded. My only real problem with This Much Is True is simply that it repeats itself too much. For example, I get that Nika is a tall beautiful Russian, I didn't need to hear about 12 times throughout the story. This happens with more than just character descriptions too which bothered me. It didn't dampen the story but it made me feel like I was a little kid that needed to be told things over and over. Again, touching and amazing story it just put a damper on the ease of reading for me. I thought overall that it had a solid story line grown from grief and loss to be saved by love, and that was truly an accomplishment.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
***Arc provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*** I had high hopes for a good read with This Much Is True. It has such a great and new storyline tragedy mixed with romance. Once I started I couldn’t put it down then once the storyline was established it seemed like it drug on and went of on another tangency and was hard to follow. Tally just got annoying with her childish thoughts and actions. Everyone goes through hardships but you deal with them and make the best of things. Lincoln was very hard to dislike. He tried many times to work things out with Tally and it would have been really nice if the story would have spent more time with them together than fighting to get together. Granted the ending came around and Tally got her happy ever after..
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago