Through Kestrel's Eyes

Through Kestrel's Eyes

by Yvonne Hertzberger

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Through Kestrel’s Eyes, the sequel to Back From Chaos in the Earth’s Pendulum trilogy begins seventeen years later. The peace that followed the end of the Red Plague is shattered when the lords of Gharn and Leith are toppled by traitors, throwing the land into chaos

Liannis, the goddess Earth’s seer, her apprenticeship interrupted by the death of her mentor, must help restore the Balance. Until it is, Earth’s power is weakened, preventing Earth from sustaining the rains needed for good harvests. Drought and famine result.

Liannis battles self-doubt and the lure of forbidden romance and deep loss as she faces tests that take her to the brink of her endurance.

But Earth sends a kestrel that allows Liannis to see with her eyes and a white horse to carry her, both with the ability to mind-speak.

Time is short. The people with starve if Earth cannot heal and the Balance cannot be restored.

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BN ID: 2940033267064
Publisher: Yvonne Hertzberger
Publication date: 05/30/2012
Series: Earth's Pendulum , #2
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Yvonne Hertzberger is a native of the Netherlands who immigrated to Canada in 1950. She is married with two grown children, (one married) and resides quietly in Stratford, Ontario with her spouse, Mark in a 130 year old, tiny, brick cottage, where she plans to live out her retirement. She calls herself a jill-of-all-trades and a late bloomer. Her many past paid jobs included banking, day care, residential care for challenged children, hairdressing (her favourite) retail, and customer service. She enjoys gardening, singing, the theatre, decorating and socializing with friends and family Hertzberger is an alumna of The University of Waterloo, first with a B.A. in psychology, then and Hon. B.A. Sociology and stopped ½ a thesis short of an M.A. in Sociology. She has always been an avid student of human behaviour. This, and her personal experiences are what give her the insights she uses to develop the characters in her writing. Hertzberger came to writing late in life, hence the label ‘late bloomer’. Her first Fantasy novel “Back From Chaos: Book One of Earth’s Pendulum” was published in 2009. The second volume in the planned trilogy “Through Kestrel’s Eyes” is available currently and the third book in the trilogy “The Dreamt Child” was published in December 2013.

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Through Kestrel's Eyes: Earth's Pendulum, Book Two 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
wazi More than 1 year ago
With this installment, the Earth’s Pendulum series has turned into a sweeping epic, as we are following the political workings of at least three different demesnes (kingdoms). Bargia and Catania are doing well, with strong leadership and good harvests; Gaelen has proven to be a good king. Liethe, however, has been overtaken by a ruthless overlord, and Liannis has succeeded in spiriting the remaining family away into safe houses. Gharn’s leadership is threatened by traitors and Lord Dugal pleas with Bargia for assistance in regaining his deposed title. Gaelen must choose which problem to address first while trying to prepare for the impending famine caused by the on-going drought. We are told this story through the eyes of Liannis, who has been thrust into her seer position too soon, after all, she is only seventeen. However, Earth is the most important character in this story. Leithe ends up being a festering boil that affects all the surrounding kingdoms as Earth is the living embodiment that these kingdoms live on. As a result the whole One Isle suffers from drought and Liannis must figure out how to cleanse and heal Earth with Gaelen’s help to restore the sociological balance of the inhabitants.  I found a couple significant editing issues. At the beginning of the story Gaelen’s inner council room in Bargia is booby-trapped and that issue was never resolved, the problem was just dropped. Secondly, there were so many players and kingdoms that even the author gets confused at one point; Klast was not sent to Leithe, but to Gharn. It was hard to keep track of these and when this happened it threw me out of the story because I had to go back and check whether I was mistaken or not. The environmental topic is timely and the series name, Earth's Pendulum, is intelligently relevant. The implications of this story should be heeded. This book has it all: conflict, strife, mystery, politics, drama, heartbreak, tragedy, and joy. I could have used a little more romance, but that is just me. I do feel like that will happen in the next story, which I am looking forward to despite the issues I had with this installment. FYI: I would highly recommend reading Back From Chaos (the book in the Earth’s Pendulum trilogy) first. Format/Typo Issues: A small number of copyediting and proofing issues. **Originally written for "Books and Pals" book blog. May have received a free review copy. ** October 3, 2013
RJKeith More than 1 year ago
As with the first book we have murder, romance, intrigue, a coup-de-etat and chapters that are really too short for this reader. Not only that, but I’m terribly mad at this book. Not that it was horrible, or badly written, or that it made me roll my eyes and curse any and all indie-writers. Far from it. Left field far from it. This story rejoins our characters seventeen years later. Klast has since retired from his position as master spy and has a seer daughter, Liannis, with Brensa. Gaelen and Marja are older both with children of their own and Bargia and Catania are at peace with a good harvest. But, all is not well. In the kingdom of Liethe, there is unrest that quickly festers into a open wound that must be cleansed. The story is told from Lianna’s point of view introducing new characters and new dangers that must be overcome to see the Earth restored to her natural Balance. Again, another quick read that focuses on the characters, allowing the plot to build through them rather than the usual plot/character development seen in most books. Through them the reader is able to understand the world and the part she plays in the goings on of the books. A great story that had just one flaw. It Sopranoed me. Right in the middle of the damn plot. Has Earth’s balance been restored? What’s going to happen to Merrist and Liannis (Klast’s and Brensa’s seer daughter)? What about Lieth, the demesne whose corrupted leader wound up getting his country infected with the Plague and burned to the ground? What’s going to happen to it? What about Brensa? I know what happens to Klast and I cried like a little kid. These are the questions that must be answered, that have me hoping the third installment comes out rather quickly. The wonderful thing about the series is it’s just not about the characters driving the story. Earth, the Mother, is a living breathing thing, that feels pain and acts accordingly. If she is hurt, she cannot give. The people inhabiting her have to learn to live in harmony with her in order to ensure plentiful harvests. It’s phenomenal the way the author weaves the story as an action/consequence. Aptly named, the ‘Earth’s Pendulum’ series is just that, a pendulum. If it swings in balance the Earth is at her best, loving and giving. But, knock the weight even gently, and the world falls into chaos. It’s a lesson wrapped up in a novel. The author should be proud of her psychologically complex characters that are a joy to read and a world with a depth of her own, that is just as much human as those on two legs walking her surface. I wait on pins and needles for the third book.