Through Other Eyes: 30 short stories to bring you beyond the realm of human experience

Through Other Eyes: 30 short stories to bring you beyond the realm of human experience

Through Other Eyes: 30 short stories to bring you beyond the realm of human experience

Through Other Eyes: 30 short stories to bring you beyond the realm of human experience


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Stories take us beyond the bounds of our own lives-into new worlds and new situations. Perhaps most importantly, they invite us into new minds. Through the eyes of the characters we temporarily become, we not only live other lives, but discover new ways of looking at our own. Speculative fiction takes us a step farther-beyond the bounds of humanity, itself.

In Through Other Eyes, the first All Worlds Wayfarer anthology, immerse yourself in 30 unique stories featuring non-human protagonists, from aliens to dragons and monsters to mythical beings. Become someone-and something-else.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781736150504
Publisher: All Worlds Wayfarer
Publication date: 12/15/2020
Series: All Worlds Wayfarer Anthologies , #1
Pages: 358
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.94(d)

About the Author

All Worlds Wayfarer is a quarterly literary magazine specializing in character-and-theme-driven speculative fiction. We celebrate stories that take readers on tours through wonderful and terrifying realms, evocative visions, and eye-opening new lives. When our readers come home, they should return ever so slightly changed for having made the journey. After all, the most powerful stories transcend, enlighten, and entertain at once.

Geri Meyers is an LGBTQIA+ fantasy fiction writer. Growing up in New Hampshire, Geri wandered the woods fighting off enemies and rescuing princesses, crafting homemade bows and arrows from downed tree branches and absorbing the magic of the mysterious lady slipper flower. Geri has carried that need for wondrous adventure into adulthood and strives to share it with others through writing and storytelling. Currently living in New Jersey, Geri works full time as a library assistant preparing books for circulation while dreaming of one day opening a fantasy-themed book store. Geri has a passion for writing stories full of vibrant characters, magic, sparkling things and intelligent dragons. You can follow Geri on Twitter (@Siobwen), support Geri on Patreon (, or read Geri's work on Wattpad (

Rowan Rook is an agender, asexual, and aromantic speculative fiction author, editor, poet, and game designer/writer. They see the world through a lens of plot ideas and armatures, and storytelling is their passion. They are also an introvert, night owl, music lover, anxiety sufferer, and cat guardian. An indie soul, they prefer the strange and provocative to the familiar and safe. Rowan lives for stories that inspire wonder, evoke deep thought, offer exhilarating experiences, and leave lingering emotions. They live in a rural lakeside house while dreaming of the city. You can read their work at their website ( or follow them on Twitter (@xRowanRookx).

Table of Contents

A collection of 30 short stories featuring non-human protagonists:

The Night She Joined the Stars by Catherine J. Cole

What Time Is It, Mister Fox? by Stephen McQuiggan

Of Mud, Of Water by Matthew Gomez

Sookie at the Beginning by Frances Pauli

Safe Haven by Chrissie Rohrman

The Vampire Jesus by Garrett Rowlan

Ad Infinitum by Carson Winter

Sacrifice by Geri Meyers

The Cannibals of Ice-Sky-Warm-Ocean by Joel Donato Ching Jacob

The Harpy's Son by Jessa Forest

Come to Me by Britt Foster

Waiting by E. Seneca

Ghost Writer in the Machine by Steve Haywood

Wolf's Bane by Roni Stinger

Single Planet in a System of Eight by Dave D'Alessio

Cephalopod Dreams by AE Stueve

The Fire Demon's Daughter by Lisa Short

Outpost of the Empire by Aviel McDermott

Watchful by Simon Brown

The Seer by Carol Holland March

The Garden by Nicola Kapron

Wyrm Tale by Julie Cohen

On the Table by Coleman McClung

The Puppet Beast by Rowan Rook

Newton's Cradle by Carla Durbach

The Deep Sun by Spencer Mann

To Touch Creation by Kathrine Machon

The Longing by MM Schreier

The Prince of Murk and Rot by Erica Ciko Campbell

Gentle Deserter by Anna Ziegelhof

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