Time Zone Hedge Parlay Sports Betting

Time Zone Hedge Parlay Sports Betting

by Jim Oddo


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This is the describes a parlay system that helps keep losses down. Large losses are what doom most players, and this book will teach the most conservative method available to maximize profits while limiting losses. Complete details of how to place these parlays!

As a 20+-year sports veteran I am revealing my system, using the start time of games, to help turn a profit at betting sports. Of course limiting your losses is the key to successful gambling, and this book will help you accomplish that. Using a conservative style of play, I have been able to grind out wins on a regular basis, for the past decade. The use of Time Zone Hedge Parlays has been a big part of that success.

What is a Time Zone Parlay?

Simply put, a Time Zone Parlay is a multi-team parlay bet where each game in the parlay must end before another game in the parlay starts. This gives the sharp bettor a chance to hedge off, or bet against the play in the parlay. By doing this the bettor is accomplishing the most important aspect of gambling which is minimizing losses. The really sharp player can set up middles where the potential of winning both bets arises.

This is a patient method, not some get rich quick scheme. The goal is to preserve bankroll and wait for the times we are correct cashing in on our Time Zone Parlay. You can use any sport in your Time Zone Parlays as long as the starting and end times give you enough time to hedge the next open play.

When playing Time Zone Parlays you can use as little as a 2-team parlay, but the system is best suited for 3-team and 4-team parlays. The book explains in great details how to layout your plays, when and how to hedge and minimum expected returns. This is a must have book for the conservative sports bettor!
This system of play accomplishes two of the most important aspect of gambling; keeping risk low and preservation of capital. The Time Zone Hedge Parlay book will keep you from over betting, the nemesis's of most sports gamblers. You will learn and how to accept smaller, but more consistent wins.

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ISBN-13: 9781478224310
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/11/2012
Pages: 52
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